"A Moist Barrel of F*ck"
Season Survivor: Game Changers
Episode Number 5/15
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A Moist Barrel of F*ck is the fifth episode of Survivor: Game Changers.


Reward Challenge: S.O.S.
The tribes must construct an S.O.S. signal that can be seen from the air at their camp. The most effective signal wins.
Reward: A crate full of supplies.
Winner: Legrengetti

Immunity Challenge: Blind Leading the Blind
One castaway from each tribe would work as a caller to direct their tribemates, who would be blindfolded, in collecting ten large puzzle pieces from a field. Once all of the puzzle pieces were collected, the entire tribe would work together to assemble the puzzle. The first tribe to complete their puzzle would win.
Winner: Ikino, Legrengetti


Night of Day 10Edit

Returning to camp, Reagan felt on the bottom opposing the alliance of Claire, Moira, and Sue Ellen. He figured that the only way to ensure his survival was to become Cloira's number three and convince them that Sue Ellen is disposable.

Last night I was forced to vote with the girls, and found myself in a very familiar position. Now, it's me against Cloira and Sue Ellen knows them so much better than I do. I can't risk going to rocks, so I have to convince them that I'm worth keeping.


Reagan talked to Moira, who understood where he was coming from and lacked trust in Sue Ellen, herself. Moira talked to Claire, who said that it did not matter if Reagan or Sue Ellen left, as long as the two of them stuck together.

I'm all for voting out Sue Ellen next. I doubt her loyalty to the end of the Earth. But would it be better to keep Reagan and risk him going back to his Verona friends? I mean, he seemed to be on the wrong end of the spectrum there. But I don't know.


Resting in the shelter, Sue Ellen whispered to Reagan that they need to stick together as soon as they get off the tribe. Reagan agreed to it, though he was still uncertain.

Day 11Edit

Receiving tree mail, the tribes were surprised to discover that their next challenge would be taking place at their camps, making an S.O.S. signal for a plane to see. Ikino did not waste any time before Lelouch proposed a large fire circle. Lucy backed this up, and added that they should stick large beams of wood in the ground around the fire.

A challenge at camp? Yes please! This is something we have in the bag, I am an expert on all sorts of designing strategies. If we need to attract a plane to us, we will shine brighter than both the other tribes!


On Reconciliation, Simon suggested creating a formation with wood. Kurt seconded that, also suggesting that they move around in a circular formation around some center piece. Fortunately, Emma claimed to be good at art, so she got right to work at making a large wooden man.

This is going to be big. Bigger than life, and I just might be able to manage it. I know I'm on a tight schedule, but I've made things quickly with such short notice in the past, I can do it again.


Legrengetti wasn't entirely sure of what they should make, but Ronald suggested that they make use of leaves and stones, while Sue Ellen suggested fire. The four combined their ideas and decided to make a message with rocks and leaves while surrounding it with fire.

We don't have too many materials to work with here, but we can make this work. I don't know if what we're going for is too far fetched, but it just might work.

–Sue Ellen

Ikino's plan went well under Bilbo and Lelouch's advisory. Pooh and Squidward started setting fire all around an open space on the beach. Lucy and McCartney collected wood and stuck them around the fire, but the two disagreed on placement and started a small argument. Reconciliation experienced difficulty when parts of Emma's creation began collapsing. Time was running out, and Emma could not fix her mistakes. She put the last minute pieces together as quickly as possible before the judging began. Legrengetti went finely, but Sue Ellen had trouble keeping the fire at bay. Claire and Reagan brought a ton of leaves and stones to the center of the fire circle, spelling out "Save Our Asses". The judging then started, as Luke flew in an airplane overhead with a pilot who judged the signals.

The pilot decided the winner, as Luke dropped the crate of supplies into the ocean by Legrengetti's camp. The four of them were overjoyed to have won, as the other tribes accepted the fact that nothing was going to drop down for them.

I would seriously like to see the tribe that won's signal, because I have a very hard time believing that it was any better than our's. We were by far the best, no questions asked. At least, with what we had to work with.


Emma blew it. Well, things aren't looking too good for her right now. She better pull herself together soon or she won't be sticking around. Not if I have anything to say about it. Where I come from, we have a policy about disposing of people who do nothing but bring us down. Ms. Stone here looks to be fitting the bill.


Claire retrieved the crate from the ocean and began emptying it at camp, revealing many boxes of food, tarps, sheets, and even some fishing gear. While rummaging through the stuff, Claire spotted a scroll and slipped it into her shirt pocket. Nobody else noticed, except for Moira.

While Claire was going through all the junk we won, I saw her slip a piece of paper into her pocket. I'm thinking "Claire, what in a moist barrel of f*ck are you doing?!


Claire took Moira aside in a private place and revealed the scroll to her, as the two read it together. The scroll revealed where a Magic Wand was hidden at the challenge, giving the two joy.

So the Magic Wand is hidden in the challenge... I have a feeling very few people know about this, and that gives Moira and I the perfect advantage to search for it. If one of us has the wand, we can rule more than we already do.


Sue Ellen noticed the two girls talking, and grew suspicious, believing that Claire grabbed an artifact from the box. She interrupted the conversation, as Claire quickly stuffed the clue into her pocket. Claire and Moira claimed that they were just talking strategy and left. Sue Ellen was even more worried now about the possibility of Claire having a ring or idol.

Claire looks through a box of things we won and immediately takes Moira to the beach alone to talk? That's not normal, she clearly found something. I need to know what it is, but I'll need the luck of a thousand leprechauns to find out. Either way, I'm doomed.

–Sue Ellen

Day 12Edit

The tribes met for their Immunity challenge, as Luke took back the pieces of the idol. Lucy and McCartney sat out for Ikino, while Kurt, Simon, and Scrooge sat out for Reconciliation. Bilbo acted as the caller for Ikino, Reagan for Legrengetti, and Tullius for Reconciliation.

The challenge begun with Reconciliation taking a quick lead, with Jill moving fast. Ikino stayed close behind, but Legrengetti could hardly get anywhere. Claire and Sue Ellen continually bumped into each other, while Moira kept going the wrong way. Reconciliation fell behind when Emma went off track and tripped, but Prince brought them back to the lead and to the next puzzle part. Ikino reached that part next with McCartney's fast work, but Legrengetti could not get passed the blindfold part.

At the puzzle, Ikino took a lead with Lucy and Lelouch finding where every piece fit in, but Reconciliation could not get it together. As soon as Legrengetti made it, Claire and Moira did not have time to look for the Magic Wand, having to complete the challenge quickly. Ikino soon completed the puzzle and won Immunity. Making fast work, Legrengetti made a come from behind and seized Immunity, sending Reconciliation to their first Tribal Council.

Luke awarded the idol pieces to Ikino and Legrengetti, as they headed back for camp. Reconciliation returned to their camp feeling melancholy.

I can't help but feel responsible for our loss today. I'm scared of how things will go at this vote, I haven't had to vote anyone out since my last season! I don't care who goes now, as long as it isn't me.


Saddened by their loss, Emma apologized to the tribe upon returning to camp. Privately, Kurt and Prince assured each other that Emma would be voted out.

We tried to give you a chance, girl, but you are just irredeemable at this point. You're dragging us down like an elevator.


Jill met with Emma, who still wanted to vote Scrooge, and told her about a plan to blindside Kurt. According to Jill, Kurt was secretly running the tribe and had everyone around his finger. Emma approved of the plan, believing Prince would go along with it, as Jill went to talk to Prince and Scrooge about it. Scrooge was in favor of overthrowing one of the powerful voices, but Prince wasn't.

Jill says that it would be in my best interest to take out Kurt, and that cannot be farther from the truth. Prince is too good for challenges to vote out so soon, and Kurt is the best alternative to changing the flow of this game. I'm just happy to see that Jill and I are not targets despite being the newcomers.


Prince went to Kurt, telling him about Jill's plan. This angered Kurt, who demanded that Jill be voted out. Prince agreed, as the two men went to talk to Simon and Tullius.

Why do you gotta be a game changer now, sister? Jill, just let the game flow! You were just fine, we were all just fine, until you decided to start yammering about voting me out. Now I understand why you were on the Verona tribe. You're unpredictable, and I don't like that.


After hearing from everyone, Simon was left as the swing vote after Tullius decided to go along with the plan to vote Jill. With that much power, Simon felt strong and knew he had to think it through before reaching his conclusion.

Guess who the power fell to for this vote? Yours truly. I love the taste of everything being in my favor, but which side will I choose? I need to think about the benefits and disadvantages of choosing one side over the other, then I can make my decision. So who's it gonna be, gun girl or grunge boy?


At Tribal Council, everyone did their best to keep their plans secret from the others. However, Kurt muttered that he would not be surprised to see his name come up. With that, the voting started. Emma, Jill, and Scrooge stuck with their plan to vote Kurt. But Simon chose to side with Kurt, Prince, and Tullius - eliminating Jill in a 4-3 vote. As Jill's torch was snuffed, Emma and Scrooge were left completely baffled as Kurt and Prince high-fived each other. As Luke dismissed the tribe, he commented on how lines have been clearly drawn. Reconciliation grabbed their torches and headed back to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 9:
Jill (4 votes)
Kurt, Paul S., Prince, & Tullius
Kurt (3 votes)
Emma, Jill, & Scrooge

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Time for some new leadership. Rock on, dude.


I won't let you run this tribe. Your friends may, but I won't.


Come after me, you get the knife.


I wish this could be for Emma, but I guess you'll just have to do.


Final WordsEdit

Down and out. I only have myself to blame, I tried to play rough too soon. Well, I hope my tribemates don't mind living under a dictatorship as they get picked off one by one. I played hard, I played how I play life, and it got me here. Oh well, their loss.


Still in the RunningEdit

Paul M.
Sue Ellen
Paul S.