"Bad Move, Big Boy"
Season Survivor: Second Chances 3
Episode Number 4/14
Episode Chronology
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Bad Move, Big Boy is the fourth episode of Survivor: Second Chances 3.


Reward Challenge: Weight for Me!
The tribe members must race to a boat full of bags one at a time before returning to their tribe's respective scale. They must try to balance the scale by placing an even amount of weight from the bags on each side. The first tribe to balance their scale and raise their flag wins.
Reward: A coffee set with donuts and cookies for first place. A plate of cookies for second.
Winner: Nitoda, Ishinomaki

Immunity Challenge: Boulder Smash
The rival tribes must wrestle each other for a boulder-sized rattan ball and bring it to their tribe's goal. The first two tribes to two points win.
Winner: Nitoda, Ishinomaki


Day 9Edit

Morning rose on the Oodomari beach, with the four members quietly sitting around. Batman went to tend to his normal obligations of fishing, while Barry asked April and Kitana how they felt. The girls replied by saying they felt horribly, and desperately wanted to win something.

How can our tribe be sad? We're all close together, our strongest member is our Chieftain, and I have the Ring. Everything is going greatly, I hope it stays that way. If I had my druthers, I would get rid of Kitana next. I trust April, and I trust Batman. I do not trust her.


Barry talked to April about sticking together to the end, which she agreed to do. When Batman arrived, Barry suggested his plan to go against Kitana next.

Isn't this funny? Kitana wants Barry, and Barry wants Kitana... Things are coming full circle... I can't wait to see how it plays out.


On Ishinomaki, Bob and Tom conversed at the campfire. Tom said that he would like to get rid of Ulfric next, but Bob proposed taking out Stone Cold instead, knowing the wrestler would be a threat.

So Bob is now playing the game all of a sudden. He wants me to vote out Steve Austin, which on paper might sound good, but he's a freaking monster in challenges. Plus, I think he's loyal to me. Getting rid of him might not be a good idea just yet.


Tom went to speak to Phil about Bob's idea. Phil was quick to shoot it down, claiming that it was too early to make a move that would benefit Ulfric. This worried Phil, fearing that Bob was starting to become a threat. To give himself less reason to fear, Phil began searching for an artifact. After a short time searching, he discovered the Fatality Ring.

Perfect! A ring that can answer all my prayers. With this, I now control the game. At least on this tribe. Even if Bob succeeds in flipping Tom, maybe this will be what I need to get the votes going in my favor.


Ulfric brought Mileena and Stone Cold together in an attempt to convince them that Phil and Tom could not be trusted. His pleas came across as pure paranoia, but Mileena wasn't dismissive of them.

Am I paranoid? Well, yes, but reasonably so. If I cannot succeed in flipping Mileena and Steve Austin, then I am done here. Them and Bob would be all that I need to take over this tribe once again, and regain my title as Chieftain.


Stone Cold, not trusting Ulfric, told Phil and Tom about his plans. The two men both came to the conclusion that Bob and Ulfric were not on the same page. That gave Phil hope that he could potentially flip Bob.

Ulfric is going down! His ass belongs to me!

–Stone Cold

At Nitoda, Beorn grew suspicious of all the talk around him and Aela. The two spoke to one another and realized that they were out of the loop.

I am concerned that my tribe fears me. With good reasoning, but that is not a good thing. I need to make sure that they know I cannot be voted out so easily.


Beorn called the tribe together for an important meeting. When he had everyone's attention, he pulled out the Magic Wand and announced to the tribe that he had it. Confirming this, he verified that nobody could strike him.

Uh oh. Bad move, big boy. Thank you for confirming our presumptions that you had the Wand, now voting you out will be a cinch. You and your werewolf friend may be safe for one Tribal, but not for long.


C.C. and Faye talked about Beorn's Wand, with C.C. wanting to blindside him with it. Faye agreed and went to talk to Paige. Paige could not stop laughing about Beorn's confession, calling him stupid for it.

Okay, who tells the entire tribe that they have a Magic Wand? Do you want to be voted out? Hahaha, you idiot! All we need to do is vote you so you flush that Wand and then we dethrone your partner, put me in her place, and we destroy the both of you without any trouble whatsoever. You basically guaranteed yourself one more Tribal in this game, maybe? Stupid, stupid, stupid idiot. Even if you switch to a new tribe, we now have that dirt on you. Beorn can not win. He just gave up his million dollars right here.


Jimin talked with Aela and Beorn, informing Beorn that his choice might not have been smart. However, he does offer to help vote out C.C. with Donna's help. Aela and Beorn agreed to it.

태어나다의 실수로 인해 실제로 그와 더 일하기를 원하기 때문에 이것은 아이러니합니다. 나는 그가 어리 석다는 것을 안다, 그리고 그것은 내가 모든 것에 그를 위로 할 수 있다는 것을 의미한다. 가장 멍청한 동맹국은 항상 여기서 나가는 것이 가장 좋습니다.
Rough Translation: This is ironic, because Beorn's blunder actually makes me want to work with him more. I know he is stupid, and that means I can one up him in everything. The dumbest allies are always the best to have out here.


Day 10Edit

The tribes gathered for their reward challenge, with some minor shock at the sight of Fluttershy gone. Luke announced the challenge and the reward, which everyone looked forward to. Phil and Tom sat out for Ishinomaki, while Aela, Faye, and Paige sat out for Nitoda.

Mileena, C.C., and April started off the challenge; C.C. struggling to carry her load. Bob, Jimin, and Batman went out next, with Jimin making up for lost time. Ishinomaki fell behind after a while, but Stone Cold managed to bring them ahead of Oodomari. With Kitana tripping, both Nitoda and Ishinomaki had a strong lead. After many back and forth runs, Nitoda finally balanced the scale and won reward thanks to Donna. Ishinomaki finished right after thanks to the work of Mileena. This left Oodomari in last place.

Luke awarded Nitoda with their reward, and Ishinomaki with their second place reward. Oodomari won nothing, and returned to camp empty-handed.

Wow, I actually won a challenge for this tribe! Yeah baby! We are so strong, nobody even comes close to taking us down! Nitoda for life!


Shortly after returning to camp, Donna fell in love with the new coffee machine.

So Donna kind of has a new romance out here. I suppose this is what happens when you give a woman coffee.


Everyone happily shared in the coffee, but Aela simply watched.

I'm not entirely sure if I should take pleasure in this or not. It's great that my tribe won, but it's not great that most of them want to cut my throat. Should I really be enjoying their happiness?


C.C. talked with Jimin away from the others, asking if he's heard her name. Being honest, he told her that Aela and Beorn were after her. This was news to C.C., but she kept calm.

Oh, so Aela and Beorn want me out. That's fine, you know why? Because I want them out too.


C.C. told Faye and Paige about Aela and Beorn's plans to vote her out, but Paige assured C.C. that she's got her. With her hatred for Aela, Paige began working on a strategy to flush out Beorn's Wand without losing C.C..

Aela and Beorn have a Wand on their side, and they can easily use it to get rid of C.C., but I won't let that happen. C.C. is my pal out here, and I'm not letting her go that easily. If I can devise a perfect strategy to make Beorn use his Wand, and then take out Jimin or Donna, everything would be just dandy.


Day 11Edit

The tribes gathered for their Immunity challenge, where Luke took the idol pieces back. After the challenge's reveal; Bob and Ulfric sat out for Ishinomaki while Beorn, Donna, and Jimin sat out for Nitoda.

The first match-up paired Stone Cold, Paige, and Kitana. The girls tried to bring Stone Cold down, but found it futile as Stone Cold easily scored the first point for Ishinomaki. The next three were Phil, Faye, and Barry. Phil and Barry attacked each other, allowing Faye to get a head start with the ball. Barry pushed Phil away and tried to steal it from Faye, but accidentally pushed it into Nitoda's goal, scoring a point for Nitoda. The next match-up was Mileena, Aela, and April. Aela restrained Mileena, ripping off her mask on accident and causing Mileena to bite Aela. Aela let Mileena go, but April had a huge head start. Aela shoved April away and stole the ball, but Mileena tackled Aela and ripped part of her clothes off. April tried to take the ball back, so Mileena released Aela and attacked April. This allowed Aela to get the ball and bring it to Nitoda's goal, winning Immunity for Nitoda again.

The next pairing was Tom against Batman. Batman grabbed the ball and pulled it close to the goal, but then he tripped and Tom succeeded in snagging it. By the time Batman could reach his feet, Tom scored the final goal for Ishinomaki and won Immunity. Oodomari had lost yet again.

Luke awarded Nitoda with the Immunity Idol, which they were getting very used to. Ishinomaki received the second piece, with Nitoda returning to camp devastated.

This is not funny. Not funny at all. We are physically incapable of winning anything. Every season has that one tribe, and it's us this time. I don't know what's going to happen tonight, but I'm prepared to pull out my ring if need be.


Oodomari was quiet for a while, before Batman and Kitana stood up to go talk in the woods. Barry asked April if she would be willing to dethrone Batman and vote out Kitana, which April agreed to do.

This is actually the first vote that I don't really know what I want in. Barry may be a good ally, but I might want to work with Kitana. Who knows?


Kitana asked Batman once again if he would be willing to vote Barry, which he agreed to do. To prove her loyalty to him, she revealed the Legacy Destroyer and gave it to him.

Since we now only have two people to chose from, I would like to get rid of Barry. I know he is going to come for me tonight, and I am hoping he doesn't have an artifact of some kind. If Batman stays on my side, we can easily get rid of April after Barry, but hopefully we will not lose again after this vote.


April asked Batman where his head was at, which Batman wasn't sure himself. Barry and Kitana, both being strong players, had cases against one another. Barry spoke to Batman to make sure they were good, while Kitana did the exact same with April. Although everyone pretended to be good with each other, nobody knew for sure.

Tonight, Hell will rise... Who will meet their fate? There is no way one can tell...


At Tribal Council, the tribe admitted that they were horrible and would probably be disintegrated soon. Kitana openly stated that Barry was targeting her, as both her and Barry pleaded their cases on why the other should go. Luke then revealed that because there would only be three members left after the vote, the tribe would no longer have a Chieftain at the end of Tribal Council. Without wasting any time, the tribe members voted. After the votes, Barry did not play his Fatality Ring.

Kitana cast her vote for Barry, but April and Batman stuck with their ally and eliminated Kitana in a 3-1 vote. Kitana's torch was snuffed as she left the game. Batman then removed his necklace and returned it to Luke, before the host dismissed the three back to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 5:
Kitana (3 votes)
April, Barry, & Batman
Barry (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Good game, girl. I just want to say, this would never have happened had we won more challenges. Goodbye.


I respect all you do for the world, STARS unit and all that, but you need to go away from here.


Final WordsEdit

Damn, did not see that coming. Well, I kind of did. I just didn't want to accept it. That's why I gave Batman the Destroyer, in case I ended up going. I wanted a good and strong player to have it so it wouldn't leave with me. Either way, I'm out and I wish those still in the best of luck. Even Barry.


Still in the RunningEdit

Stone Cold