"Flesh is What I Crave"
Season Survivor: The New All-Stars
Episode Number 12/15
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Flesh is What I Crave is the twelfth episode of Survivor: The New All-Stars.


Survivor Auction

Immunity Challenge: Spoon Man
Each person will use two very small paddles to maneuver a ball through a series of obstacles. If at any point the ball drops, they will have to go back to the start. The first person to transfer three balls wins.
Winner: Luka


Day 28Edit

After the previous vote, Luka and Miku were left depressed and on the outs, blaming Mileena.

Mileena betrayed us! I don't know why we didn't see it coming, she's never loyal. Working with her was a gamble from the start, now Luka and I have to fight to stay in with only two worthless sticks to protect us.


Mileena did us dirty at this last vote. Gah, I want revenge so badly. I do have my Fatality Ring, but I don't know if using it on her so soon would be smart. I don't want to act purely out of spite.


On the other hand, Goro thanked Mileena for flipping to his alliance. Mileena felt prideful in her move.

Oh boohoo, did poor little Miku and Luka not get their way? How sad for them... Flipping at the vote was mandatory. I had to show these people that I'm still the same Mileena as I've always been. I fight for myself, I work alone. Flesh is what I crave...


Barry and Ron discussed what to do with Mileena. Ron was insistent that Mileena proved herself to be disloyal to her previous allies, meaning she would need to go soon before history repeated itself.

We have Mileena on our side now, but is she really on our side? I'm doubtful, because she is an independent type. She would make a great voter, but a damn scary opponent.


Around the fire, Miku noticed Barry and Chuck talking to Mileena. Miku asked why they talked with Mileena but not her, with Chuck simply replying with "When you decide you want to be part of the group, then we'll talk to you." before going back to ignoring her.

Miku complained that we were giving Mileena attention, but none to her. It comes down to simple fact. Miku doesn't want to be part of the family, so we shouldn't treat her as such. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31.


Even if they get me out, they're going to regret ignoring Luka and I like this. Have they forgotten there's a Jury in this game? I need love too!


Goro and Ramsay talked in the water, planning their next move to take out Miku. However, Ramsay was wary of Mileena.

Right now, things could not be better. Mileena is on our side, Miku and Luka are in the dust, and nobody seems to want to betray our pact. Finals, here we come!


I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, yes I do that. If Mileena was not loyal to her first alliance that she had since the beginning, what makes us think she'll be loyal now? Maybe Luka and Miku could stay for a bit longer.


Day 29Edit

On the morning of day twenty-nine, the New Age tribe found wallets in their tree mail full of cash, signifying that an auction was coming.

Oh yeah, auction time! I can't wait to see what's offered, we're starving out here.


The tribe met Luke for their auction, each with $500. The results of the auction can be seen here: The New All-Stars Auction.

An awful lot of goodies were given at that auction. I have an Immunity advantage, and Miku has a secret advantage of her own. Things worked out pretty well for us, I'd say.


Upon returning to camp, Barry and Chuck went to bathe. While in the ocean, they took guesses as to what Miku's advantage could be. They both assumed it to be a double vote.

The auction; a time for joy, and a time for panic. Miku got an advantage in the game, Luka got an advantage in the challenge. Our two enemies had more benefits than any of us did. Luckily I sent Goro to Exile Island, so I'm hoping he finds something of use to us.


Miku went into the forest to read her advantage, discovering it to be the ability to steal a vote from another player. Thrilled by this, she brought the information to Luka.

Two women, two fake Magic Wands, one Fatality Ring, and one vote-stealer. We're in the minority, but we're really on top here! This can be so useful when it comes to overthrowing the big guys.


Ramsay and Mileena strategized together, where Mileena suggested voting one of their own next to lessen the competition. Ramsay surprisingly agreed.

Mileena and I think alike sometimes, which is strange. Either way, we think it best to turn on our allies for the coming vote. This way, we can vote out Luka and Miku consecutively and not worry about being overthrown.


Meanwhile, Luka went deep into the woods to see her advantage. She found a setup for the upcoming challenge, where she could practice well before anyone else.

Ah, yes. I get to try the challenge out before anyone else even gets the chance. This will give me a good grasp on what I need to do, and maybe I can put icing on the cake by winning Immunity. How can a minority alliance have this much power?


Elsewhere on Exile Island, Goro started digging up the island searching for any sort of advantage. He failed to find anything, venting his frustrations on a nearby tree. Taking a moment to relax, Goro went to meditate atop a hill.

Nothing here, nothing there. You can dig up a whole island, but not a thing in sight. I may have gotten a little tense, so I'm taking some time to myself to meditate and find peace with myself; something I don't get to do often.


Day 30Edit

Everyone gathered for their next Immunity challenge, rejoined by Goro. Luke then took the necklace back from Chuck, as Goro left camp without it. With Immunity up for grabs, the challenge begun.

Barry, Goro, and Luka sped ahead of the others. Chuck and Ramsay took it slow, while Miku kept dropping her first ball. Goro scored the first one, as Barry and Luka simultaneously dropped their's. Mileena then scored her first ball, followed by Ron. Luka worked fast and scored her first ball, as Chuck and Barry finally scored their's. After much struggling, Miku scored her first ball, followed by Ramsay. Everyone had one point each.

Goro was next to score, with Chuck following, followed by Luka. Miku worked fast and caught up, but it became a tight race for victory between Chuck, Goro, and Luka. Using all of her experience from having played before, Luka scored her final ball and won Immunity.

Luka tackled Luke before proudly receiving the Immunity necklace, excited about getting the chance to stay. As for everyone else, Tribal Council loomed over them.

Luka won Immunity, which is great for her! Sadly, this means I'm going to be the target tonight. I hope I can use my cute smile to convince them to keep me, hehehe!


After the challenge, Luka and Miku were left alone at camp as everyone else went to strategize together.

Wow, this is literally unbelievable. In my last season, we would have been destroyed for doing this. There is little to no acknowledgement of Miku or I's existence at all out here. I wonder what that says about the vote.


The other six planned to vote Miku, but Chuck suggested spreading that they're voting Mileena to make Miku think she's safe. This slightly upset Mileena.

My deal was fair. Mileena's the alliance newcomer, so we make it a known fact that we're blindsiding her, then we vote out Miku. Plain and simple.


I understand the gist of Chuck's plan, but I don't like being bait... If they want my trust, they shouldn't be saying "Let's make them think we're getting Mileena" in front of my face as soon as I join up with them...


Mileena and Ramsay had a conversation elsewhere, bringing up the plan to betray their alliance. Ramsay was certain that he could persuade the others to vote Goro, who was a threat to be carried to the finals.

It may be surprising, but I would like to try and take a stab at Goro tonight. He hasn't done anything, nobody will vote for him to win, so that makes him the best option to vote out. Otherwise the unlikely winner will suddenly become the top of the alliance, which I can't allow to happen.


Ramsay explained his plan to Barry, but the police officer was hesitant to accept it.

Most major alliances see their end because they decide to vote out one of their own before they finish off their enemies. I don't want that to happen to us this late in the game, but Ramsay is pretty insistent that Goro will win if he doesn't go now. I'm going to say straightaway that Chuck and Ron will sooner die than go along with this, so that leaves me in between. Do I want to risk rocks for Goro of all people?


Chuck talked with Luka and Miku, insisting that they join up with them to blindside Mileena, but Miku called him on his bluff in secrecy.

Ha ha ha, we're voting Mileena all of a sudden! We haven't spoken to you once until now, but believe me! Yeah, just keep talking Chuck. I'll pretend to eat up every one of your words as if it were a fruit parfait. But hey, at least he's talking to me again.


Mileena and Ramsay talked with Luka and Miku, telling them about their plan to vote Goro. The girls were hesitant to accept it, but had nothing else to go on.

Believe us or not, vocal girls, you have nowhere to run... Either join us or enjoy your spots on that Jury. It's a fair request, really.


At Tribal Council, Chuck played it up that people in the alliance were "disloyal", with Ron misunderstanding the bluff and arguing with Chuck on the matter. It eventually reached an end when Chuck pretended to call Mileena out on disloyalty, causing her to bark back. Luke commented that this must be good news for Miku, as Ramsay stated that an alliance member would "certainly be going tonight."

Chuck, Goro, and Ron stuck to the plan and voted Miku. However, Mileena and Ramsay's plan worked as Barry flipped to them, along with Luka and Miku, eliminating Goro. Shock resonated among the tribe and Jury members alike as Goro's torch was snuffed. Luke once again reminded the cast that anything could happen in this game, and there was still much to be played. The final seven grabbed their torches and returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 15:
New Age
Goro (5 votes)
Barry, Gordon, Luka, Miku, & Mileena
Miku (3 votes)
Chuck, Goro, & Ron

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

I hope everyone sticks to the plan.


This goat is so under-cooked that people want to take it to the end. Time to trash it.


Final WordsEdit

Well it appears there was a traitor in our midst. Regardless, I'm out. I came in full-force, ready to destroy them all, but that proved harder than expected. It's not as easy here as it was in Earthrealm, so whoever comes out on top is the true champion.


Still in the RunningEdit

New Age