"How Did I Get Surrounded By Such Losers?"
Season Survivor: Game Changers
Episode Number 7/15
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How Did I Get Surrounded By Such Losers? is the seventh episode of Survivor: Game Changers.


Reward Challenge: Dear Liza
Each tribe will carry a large bucket to a water tower where they will fill it. They will then race back and work together to plug as many of the holes as they can in their bucket to keep the water from leaking out. Then they will empty what's left into a barrel and head back out. The first tribe to fill their barrel and raise their flag will win.
Reward: A cheeseburger party and a luxurious room for the night.
Winner: Ikino

Immunity Challenge: Shut Your Trap
Luke would show them a series of items in a specific order. Once they have the items memorized, they will pull a lever to drop the curtain and recreate it. The first person to get it right scores a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score 3 points wins Immunity.
Winner: Ikino, Reconciliation


Night of Day 14Edit

The members of Reconciliation were relieved that they all voted together, but felt that the playing field was unpredictable now. Scrooge thanked everyone for keeping him, but he knew that he was going to be next.

Blessings like these come once in a lifetime. Never in any of my seasons have I had an easy time getting through the pre-merge. But I endure and I work hard, so I will keep fighting to make sure that I win. Don't worry, I have no intention of leaving so soon.


Kurt and Simon talked away from the others, discussing plans to vote. Both agreed that Scrooge would be the biggest threat, to which Kurt affirmed with Prince. Simon insisted that they not tell Tullius, because of his connection to Scrooge.

Scrooge may have survived this time, but his days are numbered. If we lose again, I'm pretty damn sure we have the numbers to take him down. We gotta keep our original tribe strong, and we can't let strong people merge.


Day 15Edit

The tribes arrived for their reward challenge, with Moira gasping at Emma's absence. The challenge was announced with Luke revealing the reward, which everyone was excited for. Lelouch and McCartney sat out for Ikino, while Prince sat out for Reconciliation.

Reconciliation started with a lead, but Ikino kept close behind them. Legrengetti took their time, trying not to rush. Reconciliation nearly had it, but it was just barely enough. Ikino took over the lead and won reward. Luke presented a helicopter to the winners that would take them to their reward, while the other two tribes returned to camp empty-handed.

Winning is so much fun, there is nothing I like more than enjoying a nice smackeral of food with good friends. This challenge was worth winning.


At their reward, Ikino was welcomed by a native who showed them to their hotel. They had a great feast while Lucy enjoyed the scenery. Bilbo and McCartney bonded over drinks, while Lelouch and Pooh reclined by the pool. Squidward was quick to jump in the nearest shower. While relaxing, both duos talked strategy. Bilbo and McCartney were eyeing Lelouch, but considered the fact that Pooh may be unreliable. Meanwhile, Lelouch continued trying to convince Pooh to go against Bilbo, which he started to consider.

As threatening as Lelouch is, I really haven't considered the threat level of Pooh in full. He's the first bloody winner, and he has it so easy. No one is after him, no one even acknowledges him as a threat, when in actuality he's the biggest one there is. He has nothing to lose no matter who he aligns with, so maybe my priorities need to be rearranged.


Bilbo and McCartney do appear to give me a hard time. I don't know if it would be smart to go against them, but I have to think it over. Think, think, think...


That night, everyone prepared for bed in their nice hotel room. Lucy snuggled up to Lelouch, something that caught the attention of everyone else. The man welcomed it, as the other four discussed the possibility of Lelouch and Lucy being a power couple.

Lucy is all over Lelouch like there's nothing to it! This isn't a dating show, stop making yourselves look dangerous! Jeez, how did I get surrounded by such losers?


Day 16Edit

On Legrengetti, Sue Ellen bonded with Claire over by the beach. After talking things through, Sue Ellen felt more comfortable around her enemy.

Claire and I maybe got off on the wrong foot, she really is a nice woman to talk to. I know she's a huge threat, and I'm sure she feels the same way about me, but she's not someone I would mind working with. Especially since I'm ninety-nine percent sure she has a ring or idol.

–Sue Ellen

Meanwhile, Moira did some bonding with Reagan, who she began to view as a fatherly figure.

Talking with Ronald, he really stood out to me like a father. My father and I never got along too well, so it's nice to have someone to fulfill the role out here. I've grown to like the guy.


On Reconciliation, Tullius went out fishing and came back with five large fish. Enthusiastic about his catch, the tribe cooked the fish and commended the general.

Out here, survival should be top priority. Can't vote people out if they're all dead, now can we?


Simon talked with Kurt along the beach, proposing the possibility of turning on Prince, who was very powerful in the game. Kurt was baffled, but knew that Simon had a point.

If Prince goes, this game is mine. I hope to use my charm to bring his number one guy Kurt to my side, then I should take the man down without any trouble. Right now, he's a lot more dangerous than Scrooge. If he can rally the entire tribe against Scrooge without any problems, that just proves how dangerous he is. I can't let someone like that merge. That's how I lost my first two games.


The tribes met for the Immunity challenge, as Luke took the idol pieces. The challenge was announced, putting several people on edge. Bilbo and Pooh sat out for Ikino, while Simon sat out for Reconciliation.

The challenge began with Lelouch, Sue Ellen, and Prince facing off. Lelouch scored the first point for Ikino. Next was Lucy, Reagan, and Tullius. Lucy scored the second point for Ikino. McCartney, Moira, and Scrooge were next. McCartney scored another point, winning Immunity for Ikino. Claire and Kurt fought for the next point, with Kurt scoring for Reconciliation. Moira and Tullius were next, with Tullius scoring a point for Reconciliation. Reagan and Prince were next, but Prince took the point and won Immunity for Reconciliation.

Luke gave the idol pieces to Ikino and Reconciliation, as Legrengetti returned to camp defeated.

I don't know what's going to happen tonight, and I don't know where I stand, but I have a feeling that I should be very afraid. Whatever happens happens.


At camp, Sue Ellen was afraid Cloira taking her and Reagan down. She went to Reagan and proposed forcing rocks by voting Claire but spreading that they're voting Moira in order to get Claire to use her advantage on Moira.

Right now, my only hope for survival is to pull off some sick move and get Cloira to vote either myself or Reagan. Then we tie Claire up and whichever of us they vote for draws rocks with Moira. This way, we at least have a fifty-fifty chance of success. It's not a plan that I wanted to have to ever resort to, but right now we have no choice.

–Sue Ellen

What Sue Ellen is basically telling me; it's rocks for a possibility of victory, or it's voting each other for an assured failure. Let me tell you, a "possibility" of victory isn't enough. I need assurance, and I will make sure that I have that.


Sue Ellen talked to Cloira and told them that she would vote Reagan, while Reagan told them the same about Sue Ellen. In private, the two girls discussed who would be better to vote off. Claire wanted to vote Reagan, but Moira wanted to vote Sue Ellen. This led to a dispute between the duo.

Here I am thinking we'll have an easy vote, but now I got Moira telling me that she doesn't want to vote Reagan. Come on, Moira, work with me here! I don't know how much I can trust someone who won't stick to the plan.


At Tribal Council, everyone was on-edge, but Sue Ellen and Reagan were convinced that it would be one of them. However, Sue Ellen called Moira out on being a huge threat, trying to convince the others that she would be voting her. Once the voting commenced, Reagan cast his vote for Sue Ellen to avoid drawing rocks. Claire and Moira also voted Sue Ellen, unanimously eliminating her.

Sue Ellen's torch was snuffed, as Luke informed Legrengetti that they would have to be careful with only three members left, as the game would not get any easier. They grabbed their torches and returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 11:
Sue Ellen (3 votes)
Claire, Moira, & Ronald
Claire (1 vote)
Sue Ellen
Sue Ellen

Voting ConfessionalsEdit


Final WordsEdit

Phooey, good game! I thought I had a chance, but I guess I was in way over my head. I have nothing to be ashamed of, I've had my share of fun in this series, and we all gotta crumble and fall sometime. My plan was a stab in the dark, and I don't blame Reagan for skipping out on me. I just wish I could have gone farther.

–Sue Ellen

Still in the RunningEdit

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