"I'm Liar Girl"
Season Survivor: The New All-Stars
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
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I'm Liar Girl is the season premiere of Survivor: The New All-Stars.


Immunity Challenge: Relay Race
The castaways will be in teams of two. The first person will race through an obstacle course to tag in their partner. Their partner will then untie a series of bags and throw balls ten targets. The first person to knock down all ten wins for their duo.
Winner: Gordon, Kyary


Day 1Edit

Luke P arrived in Green Island, Taiwan on a boat to introduce the twenty-four new All-Star Survivor players competing for a chance to win the title of Sole Survivor and a million dollars. The players were divided into duos, partnered with another person from their original season. All on separate ships, they had no idea who else was playing.

Second place isn't enough, I need that victory, I crave it! This time, nothing will stop me. After all, I'm the number one princess of the world.


I don't hold anything back when I play games like this. I want to win as much as anyone else, and I know what not to do this time. No one will stand in my way.


First time was for fun, second time was for family, now it's time for fun again. I have nothing to prove, but I would still like to show people that this fat man can run this show.


Isn't this beautiful? Another chance to show the world what this beautiful witch is capable of! I shall enchant everyone with my grace and work my way right back to the finish!


The boats each arrived at their respective beaches, letting all the duos off and leaving. At Barry and Mileena's beach, the two were not thrilled to be working with each other again. Mileena blatantly told Barry that she would have to vote him out quickly.

I am the true mastermind of this game... I lost fair and square last time, as a warrior I can accept that. However, nothing says I can't desire revenge on Barry here...


Barry began working to set up a small camp, but Mileena figured it would be a waste of time, since they would probably be divided into tribes soon.

Good ol' Mileena, just the same as I remember her. Outspoken, blunt, not exactly the biggest worker around. That might have done her good in Second Chances, but this is All-Stars.


IA and Lily arrived at their beach, hugging each other happily, knowing they would work together once again.

Lily and I are apparently "wildcards", but I'm honestly fine with that. Any way to get me into this season is a great way. We haven't met any other players yet, so we're both a little on edge for what's to come.


IA and Lily sat at the beach, taking guesses at who else would be playing. They concluded that Miku and Luka would be back from their season, agreeing to oust them this time.

I'm not going to be shown up again. If Miku and Luka are back, they are going down. IA is someone I love working with, and I would gladly work with her again. This game will be our's.


Glinda and Valjean arrived on their beach, as Glinda instantly took to reclining. Valjean scouted out the perimeter, seeing everything around them.

I'm happy to be paired with Valjean, but I could be happier. He's not exactly the most trustworthy person I know, but hey, we're alone on a beach together. I might as well get along with him.


Bruce and Chuck arrived on their beach, greeting each other before getting straight to work.

Coming out here, I have nothing to prove. I already won this game, I would just like to show these new folks how it's done. Bruce is a great guy, I'm glad he's out here too. We didn't really get along last season, but times have changed. Let's see if the former enemies can become friends.


After working on their small camp, Bruce and Chuck pondered how long they would be living on the same beach.

Chuck is someone I am actually afraid of. I know this guy, he can destroy me with the flick of a finger. If he wants to work together, I'm down, but I won't hesitate to turn on his ass if I need to.


Kyary and Ramsay reached their beach, happy to be reunited. As they walked around to get a feel of the place, they discussed strategy and sticking together.

わーい! 私はここに戻ってきてとてもうれしく、特にラムゼイさんにはうれしいです。 今回は私が大まかにプレイしたくないので、他の人にキラーの動きをさせてもらいたいです。 誰もがそれを期待していないとき、私はゆっくりと亀裂を突き抜けてストライクします! ハハハ、私は結局問題の女の子です。

Rough Translation: Yay! I am so happy to be back here, and especially with Ramsay-san. This time I don't want to play so rough, I would like to take it easy and let the others make the killer moves. I slowly slip through the cracks and strike when no one expects it! Hahaha, I'm Problem (Mondai) Girl after all.


Lancelot and Morgan hiked around their beach, as Lancelot checked the surroundings and insisted that Morgan rest.

Ah, it is good to be back in the wilderness! I have taken it upon myself as a Knight of the Round Table to ensure nothing but the best for the fair Morgana, who appears to be my partner in this conquest for glory! This time, I shall prevail! My honor demands it.


Corphish and Mudkip did not touch their beach, both preferring to stick in the water. They were the only two to have abandoned their boat at sea and swim the rest of the way. Mudkip was wary of Corphish, remembering his vicious gameplay.

Here comes the king of the beach again! Why did I lose last time? Well, because everyone else idiotically voted me out. Mudkip didn't deserve the win as much as I did, and I hope she knows that I will do everything in my power to make sure that she does not win again. Last season was my island, this one is too!


Goro and Reptile reached their beach, and instantly practiced sparring with one another to get the blood running. After the match, Reptile swore loyalty to Goro.

How nice that I get to win once again. I have a lot of skills that I do not often show, most of which come from my mind. No playing with my heart, I eat hearts for breakfast.


I am a big man, make no mistake about that. But I need to learn how to be more... compassionate. What does that mean again? I wish I knew.


Arriving on their beach, Ron refused to speak to Tammy 1. She did not mind, as she expected it.

Ron better get used to seeing my face, it will be the last thing he sees before he dies. I can say right now that my only reason for coming back out here is to show Ron just how weak he is compared to me.

–Tammy 1

Ignoring Tammy 1, Ron began building a shelter for himself. Tammy 1 told him not to bother, since they wouldn't be on that beach for long, but he continued to ignore her.

I don't play Survivor to play a game. To me, Survivor is a test of manliness and adaptability. Any chance I get to show my survival skills, I will gladly take. However, I do have one thing to say to Luke P for pairing me with this bitch... F*ck you.


Reaching their beach, Luka and Miku embraced each other. The friends talked about how great it was to be back and all the things they wanted to do in their new season.

Luka is my best bud, and I am so happy to be out here with her! All-Stars or not, we're going to steal the show just like we did last time! I can bet my singing career on that.


Bass and Leifang arrived on their beach, as Bass instantly shouted in excitement toward the wilderness, prompting Leifang to giggle.

Being out here is a real treat! I would love to show these men what this little girl can do! Bass is also really cool, he's like that one cool father everyone wants to have. I train my whole life to survive, and these games are just another test of skill for me.


Man, it's great to be back! I'm ready for another popping season where I can destroy everything! I always give my all and nothing short of it. Maybe I can actually win this time.


Finally, Kano and MAYU arrived at their beach. They both instantly got to talking with each other and working hard, both admiring the other's strength.

I'm back in action! Kano is back, baby! Last time, everyone was out to get me. I set a new record for most votes survived in the pre-merge, and I intend to follow that up with a win! I know what to do, what not to do, and who to trust now. Maybe this time I should get on MAYU's good side.


Kano and MAYU set up camp and wore themselves out, taking a break and joking with one another.

With only one other person, there's no one to betray or lie to yet. I'm taking advantage of this moment to joke around and have fun. The moment those buffs for tribes are drawn, it's kill time.


Day 2Edit

Lancelot watched Morgan awake on their tribe, having stayed up all night and let her sleep in the small shelter that he built.

As part of my code of honor, I respect a woman's right to decency. I will not let my fair maiden rest in the bare, cold land. I did not rest, myself, but I am all too used to staying wide awake.


I appreciate Sir Lancelot's caring attitude, but I can take care of myself. However, nothing says that I cannot flaunt his attention and use it to advance myself.


While Goro went out fishing, Reptile collected food from the nearby forest, not being picky about eating insects.

I have a small advantage coming out here. I can eat almost anything, so starvation has not even crossed my mind. There are probably others out here who are too picky to eat anything they find laying around. I'm not.


Luka and Miku awoke, having slept on the sand. Luka attempted to go fishing with a spear she carved, as Miku watched. Ultimately, Luka failed to catch anything.

I'm a singer, not a fisher. I eat fish, but I've scarcely had to catch my own food before. Our best bet now is to wait for a reward challenge and hope Miku and I get some grub.


Meanwhile, Barry had a lot more success with fishing, bringing a pack of fish back to camp. When he got back, he noticed Mileena was not there.

I woke up, grabbed my spear, and went out to catch some breakfast. When I came back, my partner was MIA. Knowing Mileena, that's never a good sign.


Mileena was out in the wilderness searching for an advantage. When she failed to find any, she returned to camp and told Barry what she was doing.

I did not think they would hide anything on an island of two... But it never hurts to check. I just hope big worrisome Barry doesn't distrust me after I went on a little hunt...


Corphish and Mudkip slept in the water, still having not stepped foot on land. They played around and made small talk, working out and preparing for their first challenge.

Corphish is probably the last person in the world I would want to be stranded on a deserted island with, but at least he enjoys water as much as I do. I'm hoping that I can get on his good side and stick with him for a while, but he is not someone I want to go all the way with. Not so much that I don't think I can beat him, but that I just don't like him very much.


Valjean worked hard to build up a shelter and keep it from collapsing, while Glinda insisted that it was a waste of time. Valjean assured her that momentary comfort can go a long way.

Glinda is clearly not a hard worker, that is why I did not vote for her to win last time. We are two days in, and she will not work because "it is not necessary." It is hard to respect that mentality, I will admit.


Kano and MAYU did some fishing together, both catching their fair share. The two started a playful argument debating who caught more, which MAYU won, but Kano claimed that his fish had more substance.

Out here, all you have are your wits and instincts. It's helpful to have allies too. And fish. Yummy yummy fish.


I think I've been surprising Kano more and more. I don't come across as the type of person to be really strong or good at surviving, but when push comes to shove, I'm one vicious woman.


Bass and Leifang started their day with a workout session, making sure that they would be in shape for the upcoming challenges. Bass worried that they did not have enough protein to work on.

It's good to have muscles out here. You're going to need them to survive. I believe that strength and success go hand in hand.


I don't know if burning all my precious calories this early is such a good idea. I mean, we're not going to be eating much. It's probably best to conserve our energy. But I never turn down the chance to get a good workout.


Bruce spent the morning trying to make fire, succeeding with little trouble.

Making fire is child's play for me. I've done much harder things in my day. Even if we're not on this island for long, I can easily make fire again on my next tribe.


Chuck was out hunting, but could not find any animals. Carving a spear, he decided to go fishing. In good time, he returned with a bundle of fish.

This old cowboy's still got it in him.


Ron had built an entire shelter in the span of a couple hours, something that annoyed Tammy 1. Ron grumbled about the lack of food, but Tammy 1 told him to settle down, as it would only worsen as the days went by.

Every day I wonder why I once married this man. Ron is such a pig, I feel that any effort I make to better him will end in failure. He's beyond help.

–Tammy 1

IA and Lily bonded by meditating together, preparing for the havoc that would soon unfold.

Last time I played, I wasn't ready to win. This time, I am ready to win. I'm going to be prepared for everything, and face it all with Lily at my side. Look out, Survivor, here I come.


Having started a fire with little difficulty, Ramsay began cooking fish that he caught. He gave Kyary cooking lessons as he roasted the fish over the fire.

Even out here, you got to know how to cook. I would rather starve to death than eat an improperly cooked fish. I may be a famous chef, but I can't be expected to do everything, you know? Teach others how to cook, and we'll all have a good time.


ラムゼイさんは非常にインスピレーションです。 彼は小さな火で生の魚を調理する方法を教えてくれました。それは信じられないほどです。 それはよく知られているシェフと提携する大きな助けです。

Rough Translation: Ramsay-san is very inspirational. He has been teaching me how to cook raw fish with only a small fire, it's incredible. It's a great help to be partnered with a well known chef.


Day 3Edit

All twenty-four castaways gathered to meet Luke for their first Immunity challenge. Many laughs and intense glares were passed as everyone saw the others they would be playing with for the first time. Luke announced a major twist of the season: They would compete with their partners for Immunity, and then all twenty-four contestants would attend Tribal Council together to vote out two people. Everyone gasped in both fear and excitement at this new twist.

Mileena, Leifang, Bruce, Corphish, Glinda, Kyary, Reptile, Miku, Lily, MAYU, Lancelot, and Tammy 1 started off the relay for their duos. Due to her nimbleness, Kyary made it through first and allowed Ramsay to begin the second part. Lancelot and Glinda fell behind, while Tammy 1 refused to start the challenge to prevent Ron from winning Immunity. MAYU made after Kyary, allowing Kano to start. Leifang and Lily then made it, allowing Bass and IA to begin. Reptile made it next, allowing Goro to go. Mileena, Bruce, Corphish,and Miku struggled to get past the same obstacle. Mileena eventually pulled ahead and finished, allowing Barry to start throwing. However, Ramsay had a heavy lead and managed to knock down all the targets, winning Immunity for himself and Kyary.

Luke placed two necklaces around Kyary and Ramsay's necks, ensuring that they would be immune for the full cast Tribal. He then gave the contestants directions to their new camp, where equipment was waiting for them. They only had a couple hours to figure out who to vote. With excitement and tension both high, the twenty-four castaways returned to camp.

Twenty-four people at one Tribal?! Not only that, but two people voted out? And only a couple hours to figure it out?! This is All-Stars, alright. If there was any doubt in my mind about that, it's gone now. Let's see who needs to bite the dust first...


Returning to camp, everybody greeted each other warmly. However, it wasn't meant to last. Kano was the first to get to work, bringing Goro and Reptile together to discuss voting.

What do I want to do? Of course, I want to band together with the people I know to come to a conclusion! Of course, Mileena is an exception. Nobody in their right mind would want to work with her.


MAYU was brought into Kano, Goro, and Reptile's trio, naming themselves "The Mortal Kombatants." They agreed to target Mileena first. Meanwhile; Bruce brought Barry, Bass, and Chuck into a foursome of four tough men to reach a conclusion. They also had their hearts set on Mileena.

What I would like to do is gather Barry, Bass, and Chuck into a quartet of four tough men. When we strong guys work together, the impossible is possible.


Word began spreading around camp that Mileena was the prime target. When word got to her, she went to Barry for help.

So... They want me out already, do they? Smart ones, they are... But I'm not going anywhere.


Luka and Miku came together with IA and Lily to settle their differences from their past season. Luka suggested bringing in MAYU and creating a Vocaloid alliance, but IA and Lily were still iffy on trusting the duo. Miku then dropped a bombshell by stating that she wants to vote out the arrogant Corphish.

How do Miku and Luka expect us to trust them after playing with our emotions so badly last season? I guess it would be stupid to lie to people at a vote with twenty-four people, but still.


One thing is certain. I want Corphish gone. I saw how he played, and I don't like him. If I need to play it gently to deliver his execution promptly, then so be it. I'm liar girl.


Miku talked to Bruce and Chuck about voting Corphish, before bringing it up to MAYU and bringing her into the quintuplet alliance. Bruce and Chuck debated it with Barry and Bass, before Bass mentioned it to Ron. Ron, however, had other intentions to vote out Tammy 1.

Right now everyone is ganging up on the crab. That's all well and good, but I'm not hearing enough of Tammy's name to suit my interests. I want to do everything I can to prevent this from being a living Hell, so I need to eliminate her.


Tammy 1, just like Ron, campaigned against him. She spoke to Morgan, Mileena, and Mudkip about it. The four women talked it through, but Barry and Mileena were now unsure. Morgan talked to Lancelot, who in turn talked to Ron.

I know Ron is throwing my name out there. All I can do is throw out his right back. He's definitely more of a burden than I am, and everyone should know that.

–Tammy 1

Mudkip told Corphish that his name came up, prompting the crab to target Mileena. The Pokemon went to Ramsay and Valjean, but the two men found themselves confused. Ramsay and Valjean met up with their partners Kyary and Glinda to form a pact. They concluded that the four names being thrown out were Corphish, Mileena, Ron, and Tammy 1.

Hell opened its gates at our tribe today. We have very little information to go on entering this vote, and nobody is prepared in the slightest. It is safe to say we are in serious trouble.


The castaways met Luke at an extra large Tribal Council, dipping their torches into the fire to get light. Tammy 1 called out Ron for targeting her, which Ron owned up to. Luka and Miku openly stated that they would be voting Corphish, inviting the others to join them. However, Corphish made his case by arguing that Mileena was far more of a villain than him. Mileena then snapped back and argued with the crab, starting a ruckus at Tribal Council. When the air calmed, Luke explained the rules. Each contestant would put two votes in the urn, each with a different name. He would tally the votes and give the final result, without reading every single vote. With that, they began.

With the most votes in Survivor history ever cast a single Tribal, Luke tallied them and gave the results. Corphish and Tammy 1 cast their votes for Ron and Mileena, with Morgan casting her votes for Corphish and Mileena. Everyone else cast their votes for Corphish and Tammy 1, sealing the deal and eliminating the two from the game.

Luke snuffed the torches of Corphish and Tammy 1 in that order, before stating that the intensity of the vote was only a preview of the horrors to come. The twenty-two surviving castaways grabbed their torches and returned to their massive camp for the night.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 1:
Full Cast
Corphish (22 votes)
Barry, Bass, Bruce, Chuck, Glinda,
Gordon, Goro, IA, Jean, Kano,
Kyary, Lancelot, Leifang, Lily, Luka,
MAYU, Miku, Mileena, Morgan, Mudkip,
Reptile, & Ron
Tammy 1 (21 votes)
Barry, Bass, Bruce, Chuck, Glinda,
Gordon, Goro, IA, Jean, Kano,
Kyary, Lancelot, Leifang, Lily, Luka,
MAYU, Miku, Mileena, Mudkip, Reptile, & Ron
Mileena (3 votes)
Corphish, Morgan, & Tammy 1
Ron (2 votes)
Corphish & Tammy 1
Corphish & Tammy 1

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

I hope it's you and not me.


If all goes well, bye bye crabby.


If my reasons for voting her aren't obvious, nothing is.


Ron, you are a stuck-up, disgusting, atrocious man. I hope to see you in Hell.

–Tammy 1

Final WordsEdit

Argh, darn it! Darn it, darn it, darn it! Those vocaloids pulled a fast one on me! Looks like the king has fallen, may my crown be taken by a more deserving holder. Whoever wins this season will certainly deserve it if it's anything nearly as intense as tonight. One thing to be happy about though, guess who just joined Lincoln's placement club? Hehehe.


I am not surprised, but I am disappointed. I assumed better from a group of individuals considered the "best." If they would like to play with a repulsive pig of a man, more power to them. I'm out of here.

–Tammy 1

Still in the RunningEdit