"I'm Ready to Destroy Everyone"
Season Survivor: Second Chances 3
Episode Number 12/14
Episode Chronology
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I'm Ready to Destroy Everyone is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Second Chances 3.


Reward Challenge: Survivor Smorgasbord
Castaways must eat a variety of nasty food items from previous seasons. The last person to finish each dish is out, the last player remaining wins.
Reward: An overnight trip to a Survivor spa with a person of the winner's choice.
Winner: Paige

Immunity Challenge: Get a Grip
The castaways must hang onto a pole as long as they can. The last person left hanging without touching the ground wins.
Winner: Mileena


Day 31Edit

As Paige sat petting Lucas, she couldn't help but feel in danger at the loss of Aela.

Stupid, stupid Aela! Mileena and I were so ready to flip, then she was just like "Nah, I'll take the rocks, thank you very much." Now she's gone and Mileena and I are on the outs. One thing's for sure. I'm ready to destroy everyone.


Paige asked Mileena what their next move should be, with Mileena continuing to want to go after Phil. However, she brought up a new idea of getting rid of Jimin, who seemed to be bringing them down.

Boo hoo, Aela's gone. Who cares? I'm still here, and I'm not going anywhere... Right now I think it would be fun to go after Jimin. After all... Nobody is going to bring Barry or Phil to the end anyway... Might as well get rid of the pop singing pest right away.


The worst part about being stuck with Mileena, she can never target one person and be happy with it. She's always gotta be changing her mind.


Barry and Phil discussed strategy, talking about whether to continue trusting Tom or not. Barry was insistent that Tom would be loyal after his dedication to keeping him at the previous vote.

I trust Tom now. Who else would stare rocks in the face and stay true to their word after just making a deal with someone? Having this extra ally can be really useful.


Tom is a wild card, that's why I have trouble trusting him. One minute he's with me, next minute he's not, then he's with me again. If I didn't know any better, I'd assume his strategy was to flip alliances at every Tribal Council. That can only get you so far, my friend. But Barry seems to trust Tom after he refused to vote him off last night, which is as good a reason as any. It's just that the boat is really shaky now.


Jimin spoke to Tom, trying to convince him that Barry and Phil were not worth working with.

나의 주요 우선 순위는 톰이 다른 동맹국들 대신에 나를 붙잡을 것을 납득시키는 것이다. 나는 그가 어젯밤에 나를 투표하기로 결심했다는 것을 알고있다. 그러나 나는 다른 사람들이 그의 머리 속에 들어가고 있다고 생각한다. 그는 눈을 뜨고 내가 이길 수있는 유일한 사람이라는 것을 알아야합니다. 슬프게도 나를 위해, 그는 나의 유일한 희망입니다.
Rough Translation: My main priority is to convince Tom to stick with me instead of his other allies. I know he was determined to vote me out last night, but I think that the others are getting into his head. He needs to open his eyes and see that I'm the only person he can win this game against. Sadly for me, he's my only hope.


Tom went to talk to Mileena, with the latter telling him about her idea to vote Jimin. This only confused Tom.

Wait wait wait... Jimin wants to work with me to vote out Barry and Phil, but Mileena, who was just against Barry and Phil, wants to vote out Jimin? I think there's some conflict in the camp here. Maybe I can use this information to my benefit. Depends on who I want to work with.


Barry had a brief conversation with C.C. to see where the witch's head was at. C.C. was determined to stick together to vote out either Jimin, Mileena, or Paige next.

At this point, sticking with Barry, Phil, and Tom may be the obvious choice for me to make... Which is why it is conflicting. It is true that I trust Barry and Phil the most, but I have done some thinking since last night's vote... Would those be the two I want to sit next to in the finals? I'm honestly not sure... I need some more time to think.


Day 32Edit

The Thunder-Kill members arrived to meet Luke for their next reward challenge, discovering that the reward would be a relaxing trip to a spa. However, nobody looked forward to the fact that the challenge required eating nasty stuff.

The first food item was a Fairy Muffin from Dimmsdale. The Magic had been removed from it, but the repulsive taste remained. C.C. and Tom gobbled it down first, followed by Barry and Paige. Jimin finished it next, but Mileena took a long time due to its taste. Despite that, she finished before Phil and eliminated him from the challenge.

The next item were frostbite spider eggs from Skyrim, with the poison cooked out of them. C.C. and Jimin finished first, followed by Mileena and Barry. Tom refused to eat, eliminating himself from the challenge. The next item was cow cutlings from Arklay Mountains. Mileena, C.C., and Jimin were quick to eat, but it took longer for Paige to finish. She still finished before Barry, eliminating him.

The next item was Poop candy bars from Irk. Mileena was first to devour it, followed by Paige, and then C.C.. This eliminated Jimin. The next item was Mabel Juice from Gravity Falls. C.C. and Paige were quick to finish, eliminating Mileena. The final item was electrifying candy from Retroville. Both women received electric shocks from eating it, but Paige finished first and won reward.

As Luke congratulated Paige on her win, he gave her the option to bring one extra person with her to the spa. After some careful consideration, she selected Jimin to join her. As Jimin and Paige left for the helicopter, the rest of the tribe returned to camp.

Jimin? After I told her that I wanted him out? We do not share rewards with the enemy, Paige. What are you doing? It seems the true people I can trust are slowly revealing themselves...


Jimin and Paige arrived at the spa, happily awaiting their treatment.

I am so happy that I won this reward. I chose to bring Jimin with because I know that a lot of people are gunning for him, but I may want to work with him for these last few days if I can see what he has in mind. But gameplay aside for now, time to relax.


Jimin and Paige both received massages and great treatment from professionals, before taking it easy and resting.

나는 보통 마사지를받지 않는다, 나는 내가이 여행에 대해 선택되었다고 실제로 놀랐다. 그것은 좋은 대접이었습니다. 분명히 더 자주해야 할 일입니다.
Rough Translation: I don't usually get massages, I was actually surprised that I was chosen for this trip. It was a nice treat though, definitely something I should do more often.


Reclining in their seats, Paige looked over and started a strategic conversation with Jimin. She mentioned how Mileena was after him, which was news to the pop singer. Paige then offered her loyalty if Jimin would vote with her, to which he agreed.

Am I taking a risk by telling Jimin about Mileena's plan? Hell yeah, I am. But Risk is my middle name. If Jimin trusts me more than he trusts Mileena, I'm in good shape.


At the Thunder-Kill camp, Mileena was angry about Paige taking Jimin on the trip, taking her anger out by chopping at a tree. Barry and Tom supposed that Mileena was jealous about losing the spa trip.

I guess you can't take women away from their spas. Mileena went pretty hog wild on the poor trees near our camp, so I can only assume she's mad at Paige for not bringing her. Some ally.


Barry thought Mileena being angry at Paige would benefit him, meaning that Mileena could easily turn on the wrestler for revenge. Barry talked to Mileena, as the latter explained that she told Paige that she wanted Jimin out, and now she suspects that Paige is bonding with Jimin to turn on her. Due to this, Barry welcomed Mileena into his alliance, claiming she would be safe with them.

Mileena hates Paige now, that is perfect. Heaven has smiled down upon me. Now I can turn her against her closest ally and add an extra vote to my alliance. Funny how one small decision just might have cost Paige this game.


Any alliance that focuses on taking out Paige is a friend of mine... Paige double-crossed me. I want her gone.


Away from the others, Phil tried his hand at fishing. C.C. watched from afar and mocked his poor attempts, as Phil returned with nothing in tow.

There's a reason that I'm not the resident fisherman of the tribe. I haven't gone fishing in so long, it seems I've lost my touch.


C.C., in an attempt to show Phil how it was done, tried fishing herself and came back with three medium-sized fish, greatly impressing everyone.

I don't know why I hadn't tried fishing earlier... It would appear that I have a talent not even I knew about... I guess this means we won't need Paige much longer, hmhmhm.


Day 33Edit

The Thunder-Kill members met up with Luke for their next Immunity challenge, as the host took the necklace from Phil and once again put it up for grabs. Without wasting any time, the castaways grabbed their poles.

After holding on for ten minutes; Barry and Jimin experienced some discomfort. After a short while, Barry dropped out. C.C. and Mileena held their ground the best, but Paige dropped out next. An hour and sixteen minutes passed, with everybody holding on tight. Phil and Tom both began slipping, as Phil lost his grip and dropped. Soon after, C.C. dropped too. Jimin, Mileena, and Tom continued holding on. Mileena maintained balance perfectly, but Jimin and Tom both wobbled and sunk lower on the pole, until Tom dropped out. Mileena assured Jimin that she would not let go, but the pop singer did not give up. After a few more minutes, Jimin dropped out and Mileena won Immunity.

Luke placed the Immunity necklace around a very excited Mileena's neck, reminding her that she was safe and everyone else was up for elimination. The tribe then returned to camp.

Mileena is immune, so this should start up a few fireworks at camp. If all goes according to plan, Jimin or Paige will be leaving here tonight. Can't get too cocky though, there's no telling what could happen.


Returning to camp, Paige noticed that Mileena had been ignoring her. Worried about losing her ally, Paige took the assassin aside.

I can't help but get the feeling that Mileena is pissed at me for taking Jimin on the reward trip. I feel the need to explain myself to her, because I don't want anyone targeting me tonight. Even if it is someone I intend to betray.


Paige explained to Mileena that she took Jimin on the trip to make him feel safe so he would not campaign too hard. Mileena didn't buy it, but Paige insisted and told Mileena to trust her.

I don't trust Paige for a minute... I can't believe she went behind my back and took my target on a reward trip. However, what she's telling me does make sense... Maybe I overreacted just a bit.


Mileena asked Paige if she would still be up for voting Jimin, which the wrestler gave consent to. Jimin was quick to talk to Paige, asking her what to do now that Mileena had Immunity. The two discussed either Barry or Phil, but they decided that Barry would probably be the better vote.

우리가 단지 전략을 세우기 시작했다는 것을 알고 있기 때문에 페이지에 대한 나의 의존을 어렵게 만든다. 그녀가 저와 함께 기꺼이 투표한다면, 꼭 그녀를 붙잡고 싶습니다.
Rough Translation: Putting my reliance in Paige is difficult, since I know we only just begun strategizing together. If she is willing to vote with me, by all means I would like to stick with her.


Barry, C.C., Phil, and Tom talked about voting Paige, with everyone being in on the plan. Barry then told the plan to Mileena, who now opposed it and insisted that Jimin was the bigger threat. This caused confusion among the alliance.

Can Mileena please make up her mind? Lives are at stake here! I don't want to be telling everyone to vote one way if she wants to vote something differently. She is so hard to work with, it's not even funny.


Jimin talked to C.C. and Tom individually, asking if they were up for voting Barry. The two considered what he was saying, but knew that the upcoming vote would be a tough one regardless.

If I had a nickle for every name that's come up tonight, I'd have the million dollar prize already. There really is no telling who's going to stay true to who tonight, we'll just have to wait and see.


At Tribal Council, Phil and Tom pointed out Mileena's rage after the reward challenge, which Mileena lied by saying she was jealous of not being chosen. In the middle of Tribal Council, Jimin called Barry out on being a threat, which Barry argued against the singer. With everyone else staying relatively quiet, Luke allowed the players to vote.

Jimin cast his vote for Barry, but the others unanimously eliminated Jimin. As Jimin's torch was snuffed, Mileena thanked Paige for sticking with her. As Luke wished the tribe luck in the coming days, they grabbed their torches and returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 15:
Jimin (6 votes)
Barry, C.C., Mileena, Paige, Phil, & Tom
Barry (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

I like you, but you refuse to be cooperative. Where I come from, people who refuse to cooperate get the ax. Good luck in your life, and goodbye.


Final WordsEdit

아야, 만장일치. 오 잘, 나는 두 번째 시간 동안 놀고있는 많은 재미를 가지고 있었다! 이번 시즌은 너무 강렬해서 나 자신을 간신히 믿을 수도있었습니다. 나는이 일원이 될 수있어서 기쁩니다. 위대한 선수들이 멀리까지 도울 수있게 도와주었습니다. 그리고 나는이 행운의 친구 중 한 명에게 백만 달러를 줄 배심원으로 일하기를 고대합니다. 평화!
Rough Translation: Ouch, unanimous. Oh well, I had a lot of fun playing for my second time! This season was so intense I could barely even trust myself. I'm so happy that I could have been a part of this, and helped these great players make it far, and I look forward to serving on the Jury where I will give one of these lucky friends of mine a million dollars. Peace out!


Still in the RunningEdit