"I Could Kill With My Voice"
Season Survivor: Second Chances 3
Episode Number 7/14
Episode Chronology
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I Could Kill With My Voice is the seventh episode of Survivor: Second Chances 3.


Reward Challenge: Jail Break
Shackled by locks, each tribe would be placed in a jail cell. Using the resources on the ground, the Survivors had to escape the cell by reaching for the keys that hung on posts outside of the cell. First tribe to have gathered the keys, unlock their shackles, and dig out of the jail would win.
Reward: The winning tribe wins a barbecue set with sausages and vegetables, while the runner-up wins a wok and vegetables.
Winner: Oodomari, Ishinomaki

Immunity Challenge: Pilfering Pirates
A narrow series of bamboo walkways connect four boats, two for each tribe. The tribes race to steal items from the opposing tribe's boats, with the first two tribes to steal twenty items winning the challenge. In a specified "attack zone" in the center of the course, contestants are permitted to physically engage their opponents and push them off the course.
Winner: Ishinomaki, Oodomari


Night of Day 16Edit

Upon returning from Tribal Council, Ishinomaki felt empty, especially Tom.

I did not like having to betray Stone Cold at all, but I really didn't have a choice. It was either vote him and betray my closest ally here, or vote to keep him and be the outcast of the tribe. Even still, I think I'm on the outs here.


Tom talked with Mileena, ensuring that he was on good terms with her. She told him that they would have to wait and see how the next few days go.

I do have to commend Tom for keeping me over his friend... He's a smart one. But he might have only done it because he knew he would be on the outs if he didn't... Whatever, I'm still in and I'm not going anywhere.


On Oodomari, Beorn sassed Jimin immediately after getting to camp. Seeing where C.C. and Phil stood, Jimin knew he was on the bottom.

I am still clueless in regards to what happened at our vote. Jimin threw a ring at me, and now I am cursed to receive a vote at every Tribal Council that I attend. This will not pass, Jimin will not go any further than this. He dug his grave, now he must rest eternally.


마지막 투표는 완전히 역효과를 탔고, 이제는 내가해야 할 일을 모릅니다. 나는 내가 옆에 있다고 생각한다. 그리고 나는 그것을 어떻게 고칠 수 있는지 모른다. 내가 할 수있는 것은 내 모든 것을 제공하고 그것이 충분하기를 바랄 뿐이다.
Rough Translation: The last vote completely backfired, and now I do not know what I am supposed to do. I think I'm next to go, and I don't know how I can fix it. All I can do is give my all and hope it's enough.


C.C. thanked Phil for sticking with her, as the two swore loyalty as long as they were in the tribe. The agreement seemed to be to vote Jimin out next.

I survived, how nice... I only have Phil to thank, as well as Jimin's stupid move... As long as I can trust Phil, I should make the merge without a problem.


On Nitoda, April complimented Barry on his move. Paige, however, now felt uncomfortable in the tribe and asked April and Barry if she was good with them. They assured her that Ulfric would go if they are to lose again.

Yeah, I voted with everyone else last night. Doesn't mean I'm happy about it though. Now I need to suck up to April and Barry to make sure that Ulfric is kissing his ass goodbye next instead of me. But don't worry. After the merge, I will have my revenge.


Ulfric also felt uncomfortable with the tribe, even after Barry assured him safety. He could not escape the feeling of being on the outs.

Last vote probably did a lot more harm than good. They better watch out for me, though. I could kill with my voice if I wanted to. If I hear my name come up so much as once, I am raising Hell on this tribe.


Day 17Edit

The tribes gathered for their reward challenge, with mutual shock felt at the sight of all the eliminations. C.C. expressed disappointment upon seeing Faye gone, but knew that it was in the spirit of the game. Phil gave Tom a glare when he noticed Stone Cold's absence, receiving a shrug in response. After Luke announced the challenge, it begun.

Barry acted as the main man for Nitoda, grabbing the keys and freeing himself from his shackles first. Aela grabbed the keys, but did not focus on freeing herself just yet. Tom was the first of Ishinomaki to free himself, then Aela afterwards. Beorn was the key key-grabber for Oodomari, freeing himself first and Jimin next. After getting another key, Jimin helped Phil out, leaving C.C. as the last shackled Oodomari. Without much trouble, Beorn got the next key and freed her, leaving only the key to unlock the cell. Without any trouble, he grabbed it and opened the lock, winning reward for Oodomari.

Ishinomaki and Nitoda competed for second place, with Aela and Barry in tight competition. Barry grabbed another key and freed Ulfric, but Aela grabbed another one and freed Mileena, leaving Bob as the only one shackled for Ishinomaki. Aela grabbed the next key and freed Bob, only leaving one key left, which she struggled to snag. After Barry took too long and dropped the key he grabbed, Aela got the final key and unlocked the cell, winning second place for Ishinomaki. April muttered "We are cursed." as the challenge concluded.

Luke awarded Oodomari and Ishinomaki with their rewards, sending them back to camp. He also sent Nitoda back to camp empty-handed.

April and I must be cursed. I really blew this challenge for everyone. Damn, it must feel great to win something for once. This competition is really weighing heavy on us.


Returning to camp in high spirits, Phil fired up the grill for Oodomari.

It's great to win a reward. It's not quite Immunity, but I will take any challenge wins I can get just to take them away from my competition.


While enjoying the food, Beorn and Jimin sat on opposite sides, trying their best to ignore each other. Noticing this, the mood became much more awkward for C.C. and Phil.

Beorn and Jimin won't even speak to each other anymore... I'm not even going to try and fix this, I would be happy to vote either of them out next. I know that neither of them have any protection now... So yes, they're gone.


Beorn met with C.C. and Phil personally to ensure that they are good with voting Jimin. Meanwhile, Jimin watched as Beorn campaigned, growing aggravated at the sight.

I will see the day where Jimin's torch is snuffed. He crossed me, he is done for. I will not take no for an answer, C.C. and Phil will join me in voting the music boy out.


태어나다이 정말로 나를 악화시키고 있습니다. 나는 그를 기음 두와 필에게 보내어 그들이 나를 투표한다고 확인합니다. 나는 그와 똑같이 하는게 어때? 두 명이 게임을 할 수 있습니다.
Rough Translation: Beorn is really aggravating me. I see him going to C two and Phil to make sure they're voting me out. How about I do the same for him? Two can play your game, bear man.


Away from the others, C.C. and Phil discussed which one would be better to vote. They agreed that Beorn was stronger, but Jimin was more charismatic. On paper, Beorn seemed to be the bigger threat, but C.C. suggested voting him out later when his cursed votes hurt him the most.

I thought that coming into this tribe as one man against a bunch of people from the same one would be a death sentence, but they're practically eating each other alive right now! I don't even have to do anything. Beorn and Jimin will tear each other apart. C.C. and I just have to sit back and watch.


On Ishinomaki, Bob gave a prayer of thanks to the Lord for allowing them to win second place. Seeing the tomato pray, Aela also sent a prayer to her god Hircine. After they finished, the two bonded by making conversation about their personal religious beliefs.

I was always taught to be respectful of those who disagree with you, but I've never really been outside of a Christian community. Meeting someone who believes in something completely different is new to me. However, it was really nice to get to know about Aela's beliefs and her god. I won't convert, of course, but it's fun to hear about.


Christianity has always interested me, but I've never taken it upon myself to study it. Hearing it from the preacher tomato's mouth was a nice lesson in religion. I'm not too religious of a woman, but I will never turn down an opportunity to talk about the great Hircine.


Later, Aela and Mileena went for a walk. Mileena brought up the possibility of going after Tom, which Aela liked.

Right now, I think the best thing to do would be to get rid of Tom. He's a threat, he has friends, he's likable... He cannot stay. If we can get Bob behind the plan, Tom is done here...


Bob and Tom talked at camp, with Tom explaining how to play a guitar. Bob enjoyed the lesson, despite not having any hands.

I like everyone out here, losing would be such a drag. Every time I've voted someone out, I've nearly regretted it right afterwards. I would like to not have that burden on my conscious. Bob is such a nice guy, Aela and Mileena are strong women... It's tough.


On Nitoda, depression hit the tribe from their challenge loss. After a moment, Paige stood up to go fishing.

I hate losing. I don't think there's anything I hate more. But it's okay, because I'm winning this game in the long run. Sometimes you need to take a few hits to make the final punch.


Taking April aside, Ulfric asked her if she ever considered turning on Barry. Being blunt, April said no. Ulfric attempted to convince her otherwise, but she ignored him and walked away.

This is not good. April won't even listen to me, she is so close to Barry that it would be easier to remove a bone from a dragon's mouth. Changing the tide of this tribe is going to be a lot harder than I expected.


At camp, Paige returned to find Barry alone. She took this opportunity to discuss strategy with him, asking if she was higher in his pecking order than April. He responded by telling her that the answer will reveal itself with time. Before the conversation could get any further, the two were visited by a pack of wild kittens meowing at them.

So a nice discussion of strategy was interrupted by a barrage of baby felines. I gotta say, they were adorable. Nobody would have been able to resist the sight of them.


Barry and Paige both took to petting and feeding the cats, until April and Ulfric returned and joined in. The tribe that was once depressed had a happy moment playing with the little kittens.

After losing so much, you'd think we would just give up hope. But I know we are in Japan, and cats are a symbol of good luck in Japan. Maybe this is exactly what we need to further ourselves in the game. I feel confident about our upcoming Immunity challenge. Even if we lose, we can finally get that obnoxious Ulfric Stormcloak out of here. I hate politicians.


Day 18Edit

The tribes arrived for their next Immunity challenge, where Luke took back the necklaces and revealed the two piece Immunity Idol once again. With everyone excited to try out a classic challenge, it began.

Bob, Paige, and Jimin started off. Bob slid by quickly and scored the first point for Ishinomaki, with Mileena jumping in to take over. Jimin and Paige took so long that Mileena was able to grab another point for Ishinomaki before the others could do anything. Aela took over, but landed in the attack zone with Jimin, who knocked her off before scoring the first point for Oodomari. Beorn took over after Jimin and scored another point before Aela or Paige could. Phil took over, but Aela scored another point and Tom took over. Tom ended up in the attack zone with Phil, knocking Phil off before scoring another point for Ishinomaki. Ishinomaki led with four against Oodomari's three and Nitoda's zero.

After an elapsed time of twenty-four minutes, Ishinomaki led with nineteen, Oodomari was right behind with eighteen, and Nitoda held up last with sixteen. Phil succeeded in knocking Tom out of the attack zone before scoring a point for Oodomari. C.C. took over to go for the winning point, but Barry made a come from behind after Tom knocked C.C. off. Barry scored for Nitoda, allowing April to take over. Tom finally pulled through and scored the final point, winning Immunity for Ishinomaki. It was a close match, but C.C. grabbed the final point and won Immunity for Oodomari. Once again sending Nitoda to Tribal Council.

Luke presented the Immunity Idol pieces to Ishinomaki and Oodomari, reminding Nitoda of their next date with him at Tribal Council. Feeling destroyed, they returned to camp.

This was not a challenge I wanted to lose. We have lost literally every single challenge up until this point, and I am sick of it. It's too much...


At camp, April was near the point of tears at the fact that her and Barry could not win. Everyone tried to cheer her up, but she refused it.

This is a cruel, cruel joke. The gods of Survivor hate us. It's not like we're weaker than anyone else, it's just that we're very very unlucky. Has anyone even attended this many votes in a single season before?


Soon, it started to rain for the first time in eighteen days. According to Ulfric, it set the mood. Ulfric, knowing that it would be either him or Paige, went to April and Barry by the beach to convince them that Paige had more friends and would be a physical threat later on.

The only thing to do now is convince April and Barry that Paige is the greater target. It would be impossible to work with Paige, considering how stubborn she is and the fact that April will not turn on Barry, nor the other way around. If everything goes according to plan, we will see the name "Paige" written three times tonight.


Paige talked to Barry in the woods, trying to convince him that Ulfric was the more strategic and likable threat in contrast to her.

It's me vs. Ulfric Stormcloak tonight, and I don't intend to lose. April and Barry are clearly smart players if they've survived for this long. They know it's in their best interest to keep me.


Barry asked April for her opinion on the vote, receiving the answer "I don't know, and I don't care.".

Even though we may have bombed every single challenge, it's not April or I going tonight. It's the wrestling diva and the rebellious jarl that need to fear. Only thing is, we don't know which one we want out.


At Tribal Council, April and Barry expressed disdain for their continual losses. Paige and Ulfric revealed that they knew it was between them, and gave their cases to stay in the game, starting an argument with one another. April and Barry did not interfere, enjoying it and taking mental notes. On that note, April and Barry knew who they were voting for.

Paige and Ulfric cast their votes for one another, as April and Barry joined Paige and eliminated Ulfric, who became the first member of the Jury. Ulfric's torch was snuffed as he left the game, leaving Paige on the tribe with the two former Oodomari members. Luke warned the three that if they didn't pull together, the game would only get harder and harder. April, Barry, and Paige returned to camp with their torches.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 10:
Ulfric (3 votes)
April, Barry, & Paige
Paige (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

For the record, I liked the Empire better.


Would it kill you to cover up some more? Such an unsophisticated woman.


Final WordsEdit

Ahaha, a wise choice. Barry is a fierce warrior, I wish him nothing but the best. Same goes for April and Paige, and everyone who managed to outlast me. I hung in there for much longer than anyone expected, and I made it to the Jury. I am satisfied, and I have no regrets.


Still in the RunningEdit