"My Feathers Are Ruffled"
Season Survivor: Game Changers
Episode Number 12/15
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My Feathers Are Ruffled is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Game Changers.


Survivor Auction

Immunity Challenge: Spoon Man
Each person will use two very small paddles to maneuver a ball through a series of obstacles. If at any point the ball drops, they will have to go back to the start. The first person to transfer three balls wins.
Winner: Moira


Day 28Edit

Near defeat and without an alliance, Lelouch was hit with depression. Having gone from running the game to fighting for his life without any of his friends, he knew he would have to rely on winning Immunities and using his Magic Wands to survive.

All alone. Dammit, I was doing so good! But I suppose you can't expect to rule a game full of Survivor royalty. There is a small advantage to this though, I don't need to play my Magic Wands on anyone besides myself. I hate having to utilize them to survive though, I'd prefer to survive on my own volition.


Kurt approached Claire with the idea of turning on Bilbo, who was becoming a huge threat. Claire considered it, but insisted that Lelouch go first.

Kurt has a point. Bilbo really is running the game now. We knock one dictator off his rocker and another one takes it up. We certainly cannot have this, but should Bilbo really go before Lelouch? I don't think so.


At camp, Bilbo killed the last chicken for food, as Moira squeamishly watched. Knowing how close they were to the end, disposing of the chicken was a small sacrifice.

We're having chicken tonight. We've been holding off on killing this one, but today was the day to do it. Our food sources are running low, and I don't see any wild animals running amok.


Returning to camp from a fishing trip, Prince and Scrooge were not happy about Bilbo killing the last chicken. Scrooge, being a duck, was hesitant about eating the chicken and never wanted to kill it in the first place. Prince, on the other hand, wanted to save it for the last few days. Prince began arguing with Bilbo in front of the other tribe members, but Scrooge ended the argument.

That pesky little hobbit killed our chicken! I told him to hold off, so it's not like he can say I didn't. Does he really think he has so much power that he can do whatever he wants without any repercussions? I don't accept that.


My feathers are ruffled.


Day 29Edit

On the morning of day twenty-nine, the castaways were excited to find wallets filled with five-hundred US dollars for each of them. They knew that a food auction would be coming up.

Food time! Perfect, we're starving out here. I'm really getting sick of rice and fish.


The tribe arrived at the auction and met Luke. The results of the auction can be seen here: Game Changers Auction.

Returning to camp; Claire, Moira, and Scrooge were saddened that they did not get to see their letters from home. Lelouch, on the other hand, was happy about his new advantage and felt that his friends at home could wait. Bilbo, Kurt, Simon, and Prince read their letters from home and felt rejuvenated, ready for anything that the game had to throw at them. As they read their letters, Lelouch read his advantage, discovering that he now possessed a double vote. Meaning he could either vote the same person twice or two different people.

Those letters from my family were exactly what I needed to get through this. I know they're cheering me on, and I won't let them down.


This game's almost over, I'll see my family and friends then. Right now, I need to make sure I stay here. I'm sure C2 and Nunnally would be more proud of me for spending five-hundred bucks on this advantage than on letters.


As per Scrooge's advantage, his scroll bought from the auction led him to a small setup in the middle of the forest. This allowed him to try out the challenge before anyone else could, giving him a head start on understanding it.

This is perfect! I get to figure out how to play the challenge before anyone else even gets a chance to look at it! This is a huge advantage, and I think I'll do well in Immunity tomorrow because of it.


Day 30Edit

Arriving at the sight of the Immunity challenge, Luke took the necklace back from Lelouch and put Immunity up for grabs. After explaining Scrooge's advantage, the castaways began the challenge.

Due to Scrooge's advantage, he was able to take an early lead, but began messing up. Bilbo, Lelouch, and Prince could barely get started. Kurt placed one ball, but kept dropping his second. However; Claire, Moira, and Simon were neck and neck for most of the challenge. After an hour of struggling, Moira managed to place all three balls and win Immunity.

As Luke presented Moira with the necklace, everyone else prepared for an intense night.

Yes! Immunity is mine! I knew that food from the auction would give me the mental strength needed to claim this victory. Now, the moment of truth. Is it time for Lelouch to go? We'll see...


At camp, Lelouch seemed to be the target on everyone's mind. However, he took Moira aside and spoke with her in the forest. He explained that he trusts her more than anyone and is willing to put his trust in her to save him. Moira, liking Lelouch enough to give him a chance, told him to let her see his advantage to win her trust. After seeing his double vote, Moira decided it might be best to help Lelouch out.

Everybody's gunning for Lelouch, and for good reason. But I do like him a lot, and he really can't do anything when he's all alone like this. Now with his double vote, that is something I can use. If I can save Lelouch, his double vote will be on my side. Then I can overthrow Bilbo and take charge here!


Bilbo and Kurt discussed the vote, as Kurt pointed out that Lelouch's advantage scared him. He said that the plan should be to spread that they're voting Lelouch to get him to use the advantage, and then for them to vote Claire because of how tight her and Moira are.

I would like to see Claire go, because she's such a threat but no one realizes it. She has so many people on her side, everyone loves her, and her and Moira are easily two people who can overtake the game. I would like for some of that power to be transferred over here, thank you.


Kurt brought Prince and Scrooge in on the plan, both of which agreed that it would be a good idea. When Prince told Moira that she would have to betray her friend, Moira went to Claire and Lelouch to expose the plan. Claire then decided that they should target Scrooge, who is the biggest threat going after her. Lelouch and Moira then tried to talk Kurt and Prince into going after Scrooge instead of Claire.

Nice to know that my target completely disintegrated the moment I lost Immunity. Don't they know you can't run a game when you're this dysfunctional?


At Tribal Council, Bilbo and Prince played it up that they were gunning for Lelouch. Lelouch didn't buy it and did not play any of his advantages. Once everyone voted, only Claire voted for Scrooge, while Lelouch and Moira flipped on Claire without having much of a choice. With this major betrayal, Claire was unanimously eliminated.

After Claire's torch was snuffed out, Luke noticed that a unanimous vote may show just how divided the tribe is, rather than unified. The Besuto members grabbed their torches and returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 18:
Claire (7 votes)
Bilbo, Kurt, Lelouch, Moira, Paul, Prince, & Scrooge
Scrooge (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Nice knowing you, but you can't stay here.


I'm hoping this will be enough. You're too hard to beat.


Final WordsEdit

I do feel very betrayed that Moira voted against me, but I know she had no choice. It was a desperate move for me to go after Scrooge, and I guess I let the others have too much power. This game is consistently changing, and I look forward to seeing the rest of it unfold. It truly is unpredictable.


Still in the RunningEdit