"My Intense Voice is Unheard"
Season Survivor: The New All-Stars
Episode Number 13/15
Episode Chronology
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My Intense Voice is Unheard is the thirteenth episode of Survivor: The New All-Stars.


Reward Challenge: Bone to Pick
The castaways will have one hand tied behind their back, and they have to start off by making a hook with 3 pieces in order to hook a bag of puzzle pieces. They will then take the pieces and begin working on the lower portion of a fish skeleton. They must repeat this process for the middle and upper portions. First castaway to assemble their puzzle wins.
Reward: An overnight trip to a spa with two players of the winner's choice.
Winner: Miku


Day 31Edit

Chuck and Ron went back and forth, wondering what had happened at the previous vote.

That did not go as planned. Barry, Ramsay, and Mileena all jumped ship. I expected this from Mileena, but not Barry or Ramsay. Time to do some damage control.


I'm sorry, I thought I heard the sound of disloyalty for a minute there. Oh wait, I did. I thought Barry was a respectable man of his word, but I guess I was wrong.


Barry attempted to explain his reason for flipping to Ron, but the government worker would not listen.

The reason I flipped is because I know Goro would have easily made the finals over me. It wouldn't take any convincing to make people carry him. While we had the numbers to vote him out, we had to seize the opportunity. We could not let that go to waste.


Miku and Ramsay talked strategy, as Ramsay told Miku that he would rather go to the end with her and Luka than Barry and Chuck.

A little white lie every now and again can't harm anybody. I told Miku that I would not mind at all going to the finals with her and Luka, but that's only to keep them from using their all-powerful Wands against me. In all honesty, I would like to have a go against Mileena and Ron. Who in their right mind would vote for either of them?


Luka and Mileena talked while bathing. Mileena assured Luka that she was still loyal, saying that she would not have flipped if the vote was against Luka at any point.

Mileena basically told me that I could have her loyalty in exchange for my cooperation. She said I'm her number one, it's us to the end, etc. etc.. I somehow doubt that, but there's no denying she'd be an easy beat.


Don't mind me, just buttering up my Luka toast...


Barry and Chuck conversed, as Barry explained his thought process behind flipping to Chuck. The Texas Ranger understood, but asked for Barry's word that it would not happen again, which he received.

I made up with Chuck, can't have him angry with me. Especially since I actually do want to stick with him, I just knew he wouldn't flip and couldn't tell him about the last vote. I think we're all well and good now though.


Miku and Mileena made sure they were on the same page, as Mileena told Miku the same thing she told Luka.

If what Mileena says is true, we may be seeing another girl-takeover this season. I doubt it though, she's backstabbed us in the past. Also when it comes to this tribe, my intense voice is unheard. So we're lucky if we can stay together.


Day 32Edit

The seven New Age members arrived for their next reward challenge. With a huge reward at stake, everyone was determined to succeed.

Ron worked fast and snagged his bag before anyone else, but Barry caught up soon after. As everyone else struggled to grab their bags, Barry finished the first part of the puzzle. Ramsay and Luka grabbed their bags, allowing Luka to quickly finish the first part of her puzzle. Ramsay followed her, but Ron had a lot of trouble with his. Mileena finally snagged her bag, leaving Chuck and Miku in the dust. Mileena completed the first part of her puzzle, snatching her next bag quickly. Mileena worked rapidly, completing the second part of her puzzle and going for her final bag. Miku and Chuck finally grabbed their first bags, but figured it was too late. Ramsay finally snagged his second bag, Luka right behind him. Ron finally finished the first part of his puzzle, moving on to grabbing his next bag. Ramsay completed the second part of his puzzle and went for his final bag, neck-in-neck with Mileena. However, Mileena got her bag first. Miku completed the first part of her puzzle and rushed to catch up, as Ron grabbed his second bag. Miku snatched her bag quickly, as Ron completed his second puzzle quickly to join Ramsay in going for his final bag. Ron grabbed his, catching up to the struggling Mileena easily.

Chuck finally completed the first part of his puzzle, and Barry finally grabbed his second bag. Miku then completed the second part of her puzzle, going for the final bag. She grabbed it, facing off against Mileena and Ron. Luka then completed the second part of her puzzle, going for her last bag. In a shocking turn of events, Miku completed her puzzle and won reward.

Luke asked Miku to choose not one, but two people to join her at the spa. She opted to bring Luka and Mileena along, as well as sending Ramsay to Exile Island. The three women headed for the spa, Ramsay headed for Exile Island, and the last three men returned to camp.

Miku is a serious force in challenges, that's something to make a note of... Hey, I'm not complaining. If it gets me a free trip away from these clowns, I'm all for her winning rewards.


The three girls rushed into the spa, full of excitement. They instantly took to different beds, ready for their treatment.

I'm so happy that I won! Not just because of the reward, but also to take a win away from those who oppose me! Ha ha ha! Either way, I'm ready for some R&R.


Luka, Miku, and Mileena received Taiwanese massages before reclining. Minimal conversation was made, with all three completely entranced.

I haven't gotten a good massage in so long, it felt so good to finally ease up my tense muscles.


That night, the women each took showers and dried off together, laughing and talking about their lives.

Never did I ever expect to share such a tender moment with two others... Come to think of it, I never find time in my life to just take it easy. I'm always fighting or running, I spent my whole life up until now doing so. It may be time to turn over a new leaf. The feeling of happiness is a true blessing, but I've never known it too well...


At camp, Ron went fishing. He caught a reasonable amount, before returning.

I have taken it up as my duty to provide fish for the tribe. We don't have much food here, and relying on rewards is crap. However, fish is strictly for survival purposes only. Fish is practically a vegetable.


Chuck mentioned to Barry and Ron that they should go to the final three together, but Ron openly stated that Barry broke his word. Chuck countered this by reminding Ron that everybody else did too, meaning he wouldn't have a choice but to go to the end with someone who betrayed the alliance.

It sure is promising knowing that Ron doesn't want to go to the end with me. At this point, I really don't have a choice but to go to the end with him though. He's just someone I have to endure.


Ron is a real loose cannon. I don't mind so much that he's not the most PC person out here, but speaking your mind can cause some serious harm if not controlled. I don't want Barry or Ron distrusting my ideal final three. I wouldn't want to be there with anyone else.


On Exile Island, Ramsay created his own fire and rested out in the sun. He took time to do some self-reflection and thinking out loud for the rest of the game.

I'm finding myself sandwiched between two potential alliances. I would like so much to stick with Barry, Chuck, and Ron. But I'm finding it tempting to side with Miku, Luka, and Mileena. Who can I trust the most, who can I win against? Better yet, who is willing to take me along for the ride? These are questions that need to be answered before I can make my decision.


Day 33Edit

Luka and Miku cuddled overnight, with Mileena joining in. Upon awakening, the women were full of embarrassment and laughter.

I tend to get very huggie-huggie when I sleep, and Luka just so happens to be super warm and snuggly. I was surprised to see Mileena cuddling with us too. Even a kunoichi needs love!


I swear, I was asleep and had no idea what I was doing... Although, I cannot deny that Luka and Miku are surprisingly comfortable... No wonder they have their faces all over body pillows.


On Exile Island, Ramsay finished scouting the entire island for anything useful, finding nothing.

This island is bloody empty! I am certain that if something were hidden here, I would have found it by now. This clearly means that somebody else found something here. But who?


At camp; Barry, Chuck and Ron sat around the campfire awaiting their next challenge. However, they were soon surprised to see Luke approaching the island on a boat.

We were just sitting around like we do every morning, then suddenly we see Luke coming over. We're all thinking "There is no way this can possibly be good."


Luke stepped ashore and asked Ron to come over to talk. Cutting to the chase, Luke explained to Ron that the production team received a phone call that Ron's wife Diane was in the hospital, in a serious emergency. Without a second thought, Ron asked to be pulled from the game to see his wife.

Luke got off the boat and came up to me, and told me that Diane was in the hospital. I don't need to hear anything else. Get me off this island and to my wife's side right now.


After the exchange between Ron and the host, Ron went to Barry and Chuck to explain to them his situation. The two were completely speechless, giving Ron their condolences.

Hearing about Ron's wife broke me. I can't imagine how I would feel if I heard that about my wife or daughters. It's horrifying, nobody should leave the game like this. As a fellow husband, I can't help but feel absolutely horrible for Ron.


Luka, Miku, Mileena, and Ramsay were soon brought back to camp; completely in wonder about what was going on. Ron explained his circumstance, causing grief to strike his tribemates.

Hearing about Ron's wife was terrifying. Someone you love is suffering on the other side of the planet, it's unfathomable. Words can't express how terrible I feel for Ron.


I have nothing but the deepest sorrows for Ron, having a beloved relative in such suffering is far from a good scenario. I wish her the quickest recovery, and I wish the Swanson family the best of luck in coping with this difficult time.


Everybody gave Ron a hug as he said farewell to his fellow tribemates, boarding the boat to head back to America. The tearful final six waved goodbye to Ron as he left both the game and the Jury. Luke told the castaways that there would be no Immunity challenge due to the circumstances.

Watching Ron leave in the way that he did was upsetting. Loved ones are everything, nothing is scarier than knowing they're in pain and you can't do anything. Ron is a tough man, and I have the highest respect for him. I hope he and his family can get through this dark time.


I'm leaving without any regrets. I went on this journey the same way I go about life. I don't care what people think about me, I stick to my own work and do what I have to do to survive. It's a day-to-day battle, just like life. Especially working for the government. When my wife needs me, my personal life takes precedence over a game. All I care about now is making it back to Pawnee and helping Diane get through this. I need to be by her side, and that's exactly where I am going to be.


On the beach, the remaining six castaways knew they had to get back to the game despite the trauma, knowing everything would continue the very next day.

Ron will stay in our thoughts as we continue this quest for glory. We must work past this horror and continue, as hard as it may be...


Everyone agreed to get along for the next few days, regardless of allegiances. Chuck led the tribe in a prayer for Ron's wife and family.

We may be against each other and constantly lying and stabbing each other in the backs, but at the end of the day; we are a family out here. I pray that God will be with Ron's family through this dark time, and we will play out here in their honor.


For the first time in a long time, the six New Age members shared a conversation and ate together around the campfire. It was the most peaceful moment since the game began.



Final WordsEdit

Still in the RunningEdit

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