"Ninja Re Bang Bang"
Season Survivor: The New All-Stars
Episode Number 10/15
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Ninja Re Bang Bang is the tenth episode of Survivor: The New All-Stars.


Reward Challenge: Sacrificial Lamb
The castaways will be split into two teams of five. One player from each team will be deemed the "sacrificial lamb." The sacrificial lamb must wear a harness with their hands tied. The other four team members must guide the sacrificial lamb through an obstacle course. First team to get their sacrificial lamb to the finish line wins.
Reward: A trip to a Taiwanese village for celebration and food.
Winner: Barry, Chuck, Gordon, Goro, Miku

Immunity Challenge: Touchy Subjects
Every player must answer questions about the players in the game, then try and guess the answers most commonly given for the same questions. For every correct answer, a player is allowed to chop one of three ropes belonging to another castaway. Once all three ropes belonging to someone are cut, that person is eliminated. Last person standing wins.
Winner: Miku


Day 22Edit

The night of the vote was quiet, nobody from either alliance spoke to anyone in the opposition. Barry and Chuck were especially torn up.

Well, Barry and I were called out at this last vote. I didn't even think I was playing that hard. But either way, we need to get back in charge. There are two Magic Wands against us, and we have no idea how to handle them. Luka and Miku always seem to be two steps ahead of us.


IA and Kyary joked about seeing Luka and Miku cuddling in the shelter overnight, so IA assured Kyary that she would keep an eye on them.

ここで、いくつかの忍者を感知しています。 ミクとルカは、あたかもあたかもあたかもあたかもあたかもあたかもあたかもあたかも、あたかもあたかもあたかもあたかもあたかもあたかも、 私は認めなければならない、それはかなりかわいい。

Rough Translate: Sensing some ninja re bang bang around here. Miku and Luka are getting awfully close, as if they weren't already. I have to admit, it's pretty cute.


Miku and Luka blew up Tribal last night, which is cool for the time being. I may be aligned with them, but I do fear the possibility of them becoming a showmance like last time. Power couples are to be feared, I'm not playing third wheel to them.


Goro and Ramsay reclined on the beach, as Ramsay asked Goro if he would be willing to stick together. Goro agreed.

There is a clear division. We have to cut the women down to size, and I think Goro is my man for the job. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but that only makes him better to work with.


I have so many allies now, I don't think there's anything to fear. Except for the Wands, yes I fear those. I don't see myself being a target before Barry, Chuck, Ron, or Ramsay, so I don't think I have to worry.


Day 23Edit

Arriving for their first merged reward challenge, the ten castaways were split into two teams of five. Barry, Chuck, Goro, Miku, and Ramsay were the blue team. IA, Kyary, Luka, Mileena, and Ron were the green team. Miku was the lamb for blue, Kyary for green.

Blue team sped ahead with quick work with Goro's four arms. Miku proved to be slim enough to slip through most obstacles. The green team fell behind, allowing for blue team to seize the victory.

In addition to their reward, the blue team had to choose one person from the losing team to visit Exile Island. After some discussion, they decided to send Luka to prevent her from socializing with her allies. Barry, Chuck, Goro, Miku, and Ramsay received their reward; heading for a helicopter to the Taiwanese village. IA, Kyary, Mileena, and Ron returned to camp empty-handed. Luka headed off for Exile Island.

報酬を得られなかったことは残念ですが、とにかく問題はありません。 とにかく私の同盟国とプロットをする必要があるので、これは完全に機能します。 特にミクもルカもそこにいないからです。 彼は彼です。

Rough Translation: It's a shame that we didn't win reward, but those don't matter anyway. I need to do some plotting with my allies anyway, so this works perfectly. Especially since neither Miku nor Luka will be there. He he he.


As the winners boarded the helicopter, they were in for a fun ride as they looked over the seas of Taiwan.

I've rode in a lot of helicopters in my day, but never to just sit back and enjoy the scenery. It's a welcome change of pace, let me tell you.


Upon landing in the village, the natives welcomed the castaways and brought them in for a feast, as kids played in the streets and festivities raged all around.

We picked the right day to visit this village, that's for sure. Everyone looked so happy and joyous, it was quite a pleasant sight to see. Then we were treated to a fine meal, I'd give this one five stars.


During the meal, the five made conversation. However, not one of Miku's remarks was met with an answer.

I got the silent treatment, hooray! Not one word I said got any reaction, this is just like back in high school. Gee, I wonder who their current target is.


We're not speaking to Miku on friendly terms. She's not friendly to us, we won't return it.


After dinner, the village held a celebration full of partying and festivities.

This reward was a much needed one. Being able to see some real natives of Taiwan, enjoying their food, partying with them. Not what I expected when I came out here, but I'll gladly take it.


At camp, Ron got into a discussion about hunting with IA and Kyary. During this, he trailed off into a political rant criticizing the non-Capitalist forms of government in certain countries. IA and Kyary were slightly taken aback.

Ron is a bit of a non-PC guy. I can respect someone who doesn't care what others think about their beliefs, but I think he needs to watch his tongue while criticizing our "socialist" governments. He needs to remember that there are three Japanese girls on this beach right now.


Upon awaking from her nap, Mileena started a private conversation with Ron. Ron stated that if Mileena was willing to surrender and join his side, she could help vote out her allies.

I don't like the tone of voice Ron uses with me. "Surrender" to him? This may be war, but I don't surrender... That just might kill any possibility I ever had of flipping to him.


On Exile Island, Luka got right to work with searching for the next Holy Grail. Overturning stones and looking through trees, she eventually found a stick formation that resembled an arrow pointing to a patch of sand. She began digging and dug up what turned out to be a Fatality Ring, allowing her to "curse" someone with one extra vote for every Tribal until the final three. Content with her find, Luka relaxed in the sunlight.

I'm stranded on Exile Island, so my first order of business is to find the Holy Grail. Now that it's out of Ramsay's possession, I can find it for myself. I'm searching for a while, but I can't find anything. Eventually I see these sticks that look like their forming an arrow, and they're pointing directly at this spot in the sand. I start digging, and surely enough... I find this little ring here. Now I definitely have the power with my fake Wand and Fatality Wing-- Ring, oops. Hehehe.


Day 24Edit

The two reward teams came together, rejoined by Luka, for their next Immunity challenge. Luke took the Immunity necklace back from Ron, before announcing the popular Touchy Subjects challenge. Everyone received their notepads and took down their answers.

The challenge results can be seen here: The New All-Stars Touchy Subjects.

After a very interesting challenge, Miku won Immunity. For all we know, Luka is safe tonight too. Our best bet is to go after IA or Kyary and hope some Magic Wands spread some false magic tonight. I just hope nobody took the answers too personally.


Back at camp, everyone assured each other that their answers were not personal. Goro was especially surprised that his allies teamed up against him in the challenge.

I was a little surprised at Barry, Chuck, and Ramsay teamed up against me in the challenge. I thought they were my allies. Maybe I'm not as high on their pole as I think I am.


IA and Miku discussed voting on the beach, debating between Barry and Chuck. IA, however, was getting tired of working with Miku.

Miku is a huge threat, it doesn't take a genius to see that. She was voted most likely to win in the challenge today! That's the sign that I might need to jump ship. If I can side with Chuck, Barry, Ramsay, and Goro to blindside Luka, Miku's power will significantly drop. Not to mention it will be great for my reputation out here.


IA did some talking with Goro, explaining her plan to vote Luka. Goro went to Ramsay to talk about it, but Ramsay didn't buy it.

Goro says that IA is willing to vote Luka. Here's what I think; she's a smart girl. She wants us to vote Luka to make Luka use her Wand and save herself, that way she and the others can throw their votes on one of us. It's a smart move, but I don't buy it. We need to vote out either her or Kyary.


Ramsay told Barry about IA's plan and how he did not believe it, but Barry was more willing to believe it.

IA opened a door and is basically letting us in. Ramsay thinks it's a trap though. It would be too easy for her to manipulate us into throwing our votes on Luka. While he has a point, I don't think it's a realistic possibility that the girls thought of all that. I think we need to go with Luka.


Barry spoke with Chuck and Ron about voting Luka, bringing up what IA said as well as Ramsay's argument. Chuck was insistent that they vote IA or Kyary, while Ron agreed they all needed to go so the order didn't matter.

Whichever way we vote, one less opponent will be here tomorrow. That is beautiful. I don't care if it's IA, or Kairi, or Luke-ay or whoever. These men just need to stop bickering and reach a conclusion.


Luka and Mileena tried to swing in Goro by bringing up what happened at the challenge. Goro was interested. The girls then met up and agreed on how they would vote. IA was now reconsidering her plan.

At this vote, we have to be certain that we have majority... I know IA and Kyary can flip at any given time... Hell, I can flip at any given time. Our trust is heavily based on Goro right now. If he doesn't pull through, ha ha we're screwed.


At Tribal Council, there was a big fuss over the challenge. Miku stressed that Goro's allies turned on him, showing their disloyalty. Goro was confused and unsure, but Barry and Chuck pleaded with him to stick to their alliance. Everyone admitted that Luka and Miku were threatening with their Wands, but seemed to know how to handle them.

When the voting occurred, IA stuck to her plan and voted for Luka. The other four girls stuck to their plan and voted Chuck. However, Goro sided with his fellow men and eliminated IA in a 5-4-1 vote. As a shocked and confused IA got her torch snuffed, the girls began whispering asking each other what happened, with Luka asking "Who voted for me?" The men were also a bit confused, but satisfied that the vote went their way. As Luke commented on the fact that the votes are not getting any less interesting, the tribe returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 13:
New Age
IA (5 votes)
Barry, Chuck, Gordon, Goro, & Ron
Chuck (4 votes)
Kyary, Luka, Miku, & Mileena
Luka (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Good riddance.


Final WordsEdit

Can I say "stupid?" Oh my gosh, I totally orchestrated my own elimination. I thought if I got Luka I would improve my game, but it only got me a one-way ticket to the Jury. I've been such a fan of this show for so long and it has been an honor to get to play it not once, but twice. I had so much fun, it couldn't have been better.


Still in the RunningEdit

New Age