"Oust the Expendables"
Season Survivor: The New All-Stars
Episode Number 3/15
Episode Chronology
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Oust the Expendables is the third episode of Survivor: The New All-Stars.


Reward Challenge/Hero Duel: Parallel Universe
One person from each tribe would balance a ball on a disk attached to a pole as they maneuver through a series of obstacles. If the ball drops, they must go back to the start. Once they finish that phase, they must roll three balls and land them in a series of targets. The first person to finish wins.
Reward: Fishing gear.
Winner: Zhongliao

Immunity Challenge: Yank Your Hank
Six members from each tribe would race across a series of three wooden A-frames carrying three coils of rope. At the end of the course, the six would use the rope to pull a heavy wooden crate across a ramp and up to the finish platform. The four remaining tribe members would disassemble the crate to use as puzzle pieces. The first tribe to solve the puzzle would win.
Winner: Gongguan


Night of Day 6Edit

After Tribal Council, Valjean was upset with the three who voted for him; Goro, Kano, and Lancelot. Kano attempted to explain his reasoning, but tripped over his own words.

Last night showed who could be trusted and who could not. Kano, Lancelot, and Goro have already established themselves as unworthy allies, therefore I am forced to align myself with either the strong men or the two women.


Lily and Miku celebrated their successful move, but Lily was wary of Miku's growing power.

So far I've been going along with everything Miku wants to do, but I think this needs to end soon. So far she's controlled every vote, playing the exact same way she did last time. If nothing is done, history will repeat itself. At least last night was the right move, we have a strong group here. If Lancelot can keep himself together, we might actually be able to win something.


Day 7Edit

Arriving to their reward challenge, the tribes noticed a small setup in front of two benches. Luke announced that the tribes would be competing in Hero Duels from the Blood vs. Water seasons, where two paired up people would compete against each other. The winner would win reward for their tribe and pick someone to join their partner on Exile Island, where they would be away from the rest of their tribe until the Immunity challenge.

Bass and Chuck stepped forward to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine which tribe would choose the players. Bass won, prompting Ramsay to volunteer for Gongguan. As such, Ramsay competed against Kyary. They both had rough starts, but Kyary got ahead when Ramsay dropped his ball. However, Kyary struggled to reach a target and allowed Ramsay to catch up. Ramsay then scored his first point, but Kyary soon tied it. Kyary then scored another, but Ramsay tied it. It became an intense match for the final point, but Kyary scored it and won reward for Zhongliao.

Luke told Ramsay that he would be going to Exile Island, but Kyary had to choose someone from her tribe to join him. After consulting her tribe, Glinda volunteered to go. Luke gave the directions to the exiled couple, before giving the fishing gear to Gongguan. The tribes then returned to camp.

The vibe I got from Glinda was... interesting. I feel as though she wanted to get away from us... Good on her. We don't want her around anyway.


On Zhongliao, Chuck and Ron grabbed the new fishing gear and went out for a fishing trip.

It's great that we won the fishing gear, because that will make this job a lot easier. Fishing relaxes me. It's like yoga, except I still get to kill something.


While out fishing, Chuck and Ron compared notes on their fellow tribemates. They agreed that the vocaloids were threatening, but that Glinda and Morgan were weaker physically.

Ron and I have a lot in common. He's a real gentleman, and he knows what he's doing out here. If he and I can work together, we can run this tribe and oust the expendables. Having a fishing partner is great too.


In the woods, Reptile and Leifang discussed working with Kyary, but Reptile was hesitant about it because Ron would likely not allow it.

I'm all for more allies, but I'm worried about Ron. He's a lot less open to newcomers than I am, and I know he was wanting to write Kyary's name down the other day. It can't hurt to have an extra vote though.


Leifang returned to camp to talk with Kyary and MAYU. They agreed on Glinda and Morgan being weak links, but Kyary feared IA and Luka. MAYU also mentioned how they seemed close, lying about being involved with them.

It would seem that the vocaloids are in the headlights right now. How cute. At least Luka and IA will be targeted before me, since they're a lot closer to each other than they are to me. I'm probably the only one who knows that they aren't close at all.


Morgan met up with Mileena to discuss strategy, tossing out the names of Luka and MAYU. Mileena openly told Morgan that she would rather go for Glinda or Kyary first, which was a turn-off for the woman.

I went to Mileena to see where she stood, and she told me that she wants to eliminate my two allies before anyone else. Perhaps it would be best to put my sights on her before worrying about Luka and MAYU.


Mileena brought Morgan's information to Luka, who brought it to IA and MAYU that Morgan was gunning for them. They agreed to bring Mileena in as their fourth and work to take out Morgan.

Aligning with Mileena is really paying off. Now that I know where Morgan's head is at, I can cut it off. IA and MAYU should be smart enough to know they need me, so I'm feeling on top of the world right now.


On Gongguan; Goro tried to reason with Valjean. He explained that the first vote did not mean much to him, and he did not want Valjean to feel attacked. Valjean appreciated Goro's explanation.

I made a bad mistake going after Valjean. I don't want him to come down on me, so I'm working on my... charisma, I think is the word, to make Valjean like me again. I don't want any enemies this soon.


Goro impressed me today. Out of him, Kano, and Lancelot; he was the last person I would expect to come and apologize for voting against me. Good on him.


Going for a walk together, Barry and Lancelot bonded over stories. Growing closer to the knight, Barry offered a pact with him.

Barry and I are both men of justice. I respect his lifestyle, as he respects mine. Out here, respect must be earned. This early, having mine will be most beneficial.


Meanwhile, Bass and Bruce spoke to one another. Bruce mentioned how he feared the possibility of Ramsay finding an artifact, but Bass was convinced that he could earn Ramsay's trust.

With Exile Island in play, you can expect a ton of twists to come with it. I don't want to be blindsided because Ramsay pulls out a Power Ring or something. I also don't want to put my complete faith in Bass, because well... He's not the most elegant of people.


Bruce is worried about Ramsay finding an artifact, I'm not. If there's an artifact out there, I'll be the one to find it!


Lily brought Lancelot and Kano together to talk about her fear of Miku's growing power. The three agreed, and they decided that Miku would be the best person to vote out next.

So it's a vocaloid war now. We were worried about Lily and Miku being best pals, but they actually hate each other! At least, Lily hates Miku. That can really work in our favor. We take Miku out, then we control the tribe! Is it sexist to vote out another woman when we're a predominantly male tribe? Ha ha, the real questions.


On Exile Island, Ramsay felt horrible about losing the challenge, but Glinda told him to simmer down with his complaints.

I'm used to failure, yes. We all make mistakes. What I'm not happy with is the fact that I have been exiled with this stuck-up, disrespectful woman who expects everyone to praise her. I will make it my personal goal to try and ignore her, as I do not want to flip out on a member of the other tribe just yet.


Ramsay is such a ball of fire. I do not like him at all. He's so quick to criticize, I've seen his shows. That's not someone I can enjoy being alone on a deserted island with. This is going to be one horrific day.


Glinda instantly found a spot to recline, as Ramsay went out in search of materials to make a fire. While out, he decided to start searching for an advantage, believing that there must be something hidden on Exile Island. After spending most of the day digging around, Ramsay finally found something stuck in a low tree. Using his limited abilities, he climbed it and pulled out the package. Unraveling it, he found it to be a Holy Grail artifact with a note. Reading it, he discovered that the artifact grants him Immunity up until the merge unless someone else finds it in an even harder spot next time. If he were to find it again, he would keep it until the merge. Now giddy about his discovery, Ramsay returned to find Glinda napping.

So I'm thinking that there has to be something hidden here. We can't just be thrown on a remote island without any benefits. I decided to start looking around while Glinda lazed about, and... I found the Holy Grail! Unless someone else finds it, I have Immunity until the merge, which is bloody brilliant! If I get exiled again, I intend to find it a second time so nobody else can get their hands on it. I do not plan on losing my privilege.


Day 8Edit

The tribes arrived for their next Immunity challenge, where Luke took the idol back from Zhongliao. Glinda and Ramsay returned from Exile Island and rejoined their tribes. Once the challenge was announced, Leifang sat out for Zhongliao.

Barry, Bass, Bruce, Goro, Kano, and Lancelot started off against Chuck, Luka, MAYU, Mileena, Reptile, and Ron. Gongguan overcame the first two frames, but MAYU struggled and held Zhongliao back. By the time they made it over the first frame, Gongguan reached the second part of the challenge. MAYU once again struggled up the second frame, allowing Zhongliao to reach the puzzle. Ramsay, Valjean, Lily, and Miku took on the puzzle. Zhongliao made progress to the second part of the challenge, but Ramsay and Valjean very quickly figured out the puzzle's solution and won Immunity for Gongguan.

Luke acknowledged how Gongguan dominated the challenge as he gave them the idol. He reminded Zhongliao of their date with him at Tribal Council, as the tribes returned to camp.

We lost because MAYU couldn't perform. That's not promising, and right now we need all the challenge strength we can get! If I need to turn on an ally to keep our tribe strong, I will.


Immediately after returning from the challenge, MAYU apologized for her poor performance and promised to do better in the future.

Well we lost. We didn't just lose, we were destroyed in that challenge. Who else to blame other than myself, the girl who held everyone back? Ugh, they might as well just vote me out tonight.


Luka brought IA, MAYU, and Mileena together to get their opinions on the vote. The consensus seemed to be to get rid of the lazy Glinda, but IA had second thoughts.

The easy vote is Glinda. She's not really close to anyone, she never does anything, she's annoying... but is that really the smart vote? Someone who everyone hates could be someone very useful.


IA informed Glinda that she was the target on everyone's mind. However, IA recommended making a move to get rid of MAYU. Glinda thought about it, but then had a fear that the men would pick them off. As such, she recommended going after Reptile, who appeared to be the ringleader.

IA comes to me and tells me that everyone wants me out. Uh, why? What did I do? I wasn't even here yesterday! I guess they're just afraid of a magical witch like myself. IA wants to get rid of MAYU, but I want to get rid of Reptile. I guarantee that he's the one leading the charge against me.


Glinda brought Kyary and Morgan together to tell them about her plan, which the latter two agreed to go through with.

私たちは爬虫類さんに投票しています。私はこれで完璧です。 私は今シーズン何をすべきか言われたくはありませんが、今のところは低く抑えることが最善です。 まだ10億人もの人が残っています。

Rough Translation: We're voting Reptile-san out, which I'm perfectly fine with. I don't want to be told what to do all season, but for now it's best to keep low. There are still like a billion of us left.


IA told Luka, Mileena, and MAYU about the plan, which the three were considerate of. The four suspected that Reptile, Chuck, and Ron had an alliance. IA and Glinda then went to talk to Leifang, mentioning how the men would stick together.

All of a sudden, IA and Glinda came to me with a plan to vote out Reptile. I was a little shocked, but they had a few good points. The men could potentially stick together and get rid of me. This may be the right decision for now.


Chuck, Reptile, and Ron agreed on Glinda, with Leifang hesitantly agreeing as well. When the three went to talk to IA, Luka, and MAYU; the women were uncertain.

There are going to be fireworks tonight. If all goes well, Glinda goes home. If not, who knows what will happen?


At Tribal Council, Luke asked MAYU how she felt after her challenge performance. MAYU admittedly felt bad about it, but also said there were bigger threats than her. This sparked a conversation where Glinda called out Chuck, Reptile, and Ron for being in an alliance. Reptile argued right back, claiming that Glinda had not done anything. Glinda then made a plea to the women of the tribe to stick together to get rid of the men. With that, voting began.

Leifang betrayed her alliance and cast her vote for Reptile. The men stuck to voting Glinda. Glinda, Kyary, and Morgan also cast their votes for Reptile. IA, Luka, Mileena, and MAYU made their decision. In a 7-4 vote, Glinda was eliminated. Her torch was snuffed, as Reptile commented "Thanks for the vote, Leifang." Luke stated that a clear line was now drawn, as the tribe returned to camp with their torches.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 3:
Glinda (7 votes)
Chuck, IA, Luka, MAYU, Mileena, Reptile, & Ron
Reptile (4 votes)
Glinda, Kyary, Leifang, & Morgan

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

I hope your little alliance crumbles tonight.


You can't just not do anything then come full force at me. Better luck next time, sweetie.



Rough Translation: Goodbye.


If you tried just a tiny bit harder, I would be more willing to keep you around. Where I come from, it's do your part or get out.


Those who do not work don't get to stay. We are not a socialist tribe.


I used to eat lizards for dinner. Tonight will not be any different.


Final WordsEdit

Why am I not surprised? Well, you can't say I didn't try. Yes, it's true. I didn't play as hard as I would have liked to. I suppose just the atmosphere of being around so many big players made it hard to play as roughly as I did before. Either way, I'm glad I came back out here. It was a nice vacation for the time it was.


Still in the RunningEdit