"Out on Four Limbs"
Season Survivor: The New All-Stars
Episode Number 6/15
Episode Chronology
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Out on Four Limbs is the sixth episode of Survivor: The New All-Stars.


Reward Challenge: Stomp-ede
The tribes must choose one member each to run the entire challenge. They will race out into the water to retrieve a sand bag and then race back. They will then use a plank to launch the bag into the net above them. The first tribe to get all three of their bags into the net wins.
Reward: A barbecue set with sausages and vegetables.
Winner: Nanliao

Immunity Challenge: Air Raid
Each tribe will race up a tower and through a series of obstacles to the top. When they get to the top, they will launch sandbags with a slingshot attempting to hit a series of targets. The first two tribes to hit all their targets win.
Winner: Zhongliao, Gongguan


Night of Day 12Edit

Coming back from the vote, MAYU congratulated Ramsay on his Grail play.

Here's this lovely story. Ramsay wasn't supposed to be here tonight, yet here he is. Why? Because he has a freaking Holy Grail! Now we have no choice but to vote out Reptile if we lose, so we need to pick ourselves up.


Ramsay told Reptile that he would be the next target, which Reptile was well aware of. The lizard explained that he voted with the girls to avoid going to rocks, since none of them would flip.

Even though I'm immune, I don't want to get cocky, since someone else can find the Grail any time in the near future. I would like to hang onto it, since that would keep the target off of me and on Reptile.


I wasn't willing to draw rocks for Bass. I wasn't that close to the guy. I'm covering myself before anyone else, but now I'm next on the block if I can't convince the girls to turn on each other. I've always been great at short-term plans, but long-term plans really mess me up.


Day 13Edit

Arriving to the challenge, several gasps erupted when Bass' elimination became evident. Leifang hung her head low at the sight. With the challenge announced, Luke revealed that the winning tribe would choose one person from each losing tribe to go to Exile Island.

Leifang, Bruce, and Reptile were selected to compete. Reptile sped ahead, but Leifang kept up behind him. Bruce fell behind. Reptile grabbed his bag first and reached the net area. He scored the first point without trouble and headed back as Leifang and Bruce were heading for the area. They struggled to land the bags. Leifang eventually scored her first and headed off to catch up to Reptile. Bruce finally scored, as Leifang managed to get in front of Reptile and reach the net area first. Bruce finally caught up and scored his next point before the other two. Reptile then scored his next point and headed out as Bruce was returning. Before Reptile could return, Bruce made a comeback and scored the third point, winning reward for Nanliao.

Happy to have their barbecue set, Nanliao was then tasked with deciding who to exile. The tribe discussed it, as Bruce suggested Barry because he had been there before. Kano suggested also sending Miku so she wouldn't be able to strategize with her tribe. They agreed to this and sent Barry and Miku to Exile Island. After Nanliao received their reward, the tribes returned to camp.

There is some serious conspiring going on cross-tribally, which is something new to this series. I'm hoping that if something is hidden on Exile Island, Barry finds it before anyone else.


On Nanliao, the tribe celebrated their victory. Bruce fired up the barbecue and started cooking.

I'm happy that I was the one to pull off this win for the tribe. I need to prove that I'm a worthy person to have around, and I think this challenge helped my case.


While eating, Kano openly stated that he hopes Miku does not find another artifact. Lily took the opportunity to state that her and Miku had no connections.

Sending Miku to Exile Island could lead to two possibilities. One, she finds something that helps her destroy us. Or two, she gets destroyed since she can't conspire with her minions. It's Russian Roulette here.


Later, IA approached Ron to talk about voting. Ron told IA that she and Lily were threatening, but IA insisted that Kano or Valjean would be better to vote out before her.

Protecting both myself and Lily is a lot of work. I would like to shift the target onto Kano and Valjean, since those two are huge threats. I'd like to keep Bruce around for challenges, also because I don't think Ron would vote him. I need to keep playing hard. If I drop my guard, I'm done like dinner.


Kano and Valjean talked about Ron, wondering how threatening he could end up being. Kano insisted that IA and Lily did not have any ties to Miku, but Valjean was worried about their ties to Luka.

It's not Miku I'm worried about when it comes to IA and Lily. It's Luka. And MAYU, even. There are too many vocaloids still here and they are perfectly capable of bringing us down. Kano is considering a blindside on Ron, which I don't think I'm comfortable with right now. Managing allies is a hard thing to do.


On Gongguan, Goro and Leifang talked about the direction the tribe should head. Goro asked Leifang if she would vote Luka, but the girl said she wasn't sure.

I need to change the tide around here to avoid drawing rocks. So I went out on four limbs and asked Leifang if she would vote Luka. Heh, four limbs. Of course, her answer was no.


Chuck and Luka also talked on the beach, where Luka brought up voting Barry or Goro. Chuck said he would consider it, but would prefer for Luka to turn on Kyary or Leifang.

Now it's a game of seeing who can get who to turn on their allies. Chuck wants me to vote either Kyary or Leifang, but he's probably telling them to vote me too. Frankly, I think he might be the best vote-out here.


Kyary and Leifang had a brief conversation, where Kyary asked if sticking with Luka truly was a good idea. Leifang did not have a proper answer, but she told Kyary that for now it would cover them.

私は間違った人とサイディングすることによって、ここで私たちのチャンスを台無しにしたくない。 ルカちゃんを裏切る必要があれば、おそらくそれをやるべきです。 彼女は恐ろしいです、彼女は友人がいて、おそらく私にあまりにも忠実ではありません。 たぶん彼女を捨てることは良い考えです。

Rough Translation: I don't want to ruin our chances out here by siding with the wrong person. If we need to betray Luka-chan, then we should probably do it. She's scary, she has friends, and she probably isn't too loyal to me. Maybe ditching her is a good idea.


On Zhongliao, Reptile made an attempt to convince Mileena that ditching MAYU or Miku would be a good move for her.

I have to say... Reptile has brought up numerous good points in regards to my allies. Even if they are loyal, I will be a target as long as I stick with them... At the end of the day though, I'm still going to do what I want to.


MAYU and Ramsay also talked, with Ramsay telling her the same thing.

By the sounds of it, a way we could end this all-out war is by removing one of our own. If we do, we risk only making ourselves weaker, but it could be the move we need to make to keep strong.


On Exile Island, Barry took a bath in the water.

I don't mind going back to Exile Island. I'm confident enough in my allies to leave them alone for a while. Miku wasn't my first choice to be exiled with, but it will be nice to keep her away from her friends.


Miku started searching desperately for the Holy Grail, but could not find it anywhere. She returned from searching as Barry was getting redressed, making him wonder.

I know the rules of the Holy Grail. If someone else finds it, they get it. However, it's supposed to get harder and harder to find each time it's hidden. I've looked in all the most unlikely of places and haven't found anything. I don't like MAYU and Mileena being alone with Reptile and Ramsay. But if all else fails, I still have my "Magic Wand", hehehe.


Day 14Edit

The tribes gathered for their next Immunity challenge, while Barry and Miku returned from Exile Island. Luke took Immunity back from Gongguan and Nanliao, as Goro and Bruce decided to sit out for their respective tribes.

Nanliao took an early lead through the obstacles, but Gongguan and Zhongliao were neck-in-neck before they both passed the leading tribe. Zhongliao reached the top first, with Reptile starting to launch the bags. Reptile hit many targets before Gongguan made it, with Chuck manning their station. Chuck hit several targets by the time Nanliao arrived, allowing Kano to take their station. Zhongliao took a huge lead, while Gongguan and Nanliao caught up to each other. After little trouble, Reptile hit the final target and won Immunity for Zhongliao. Chuck and Kano continued to battle it out, but Chuck took the lead and won the second Immunity for Gongguan.

Luke presented Zhongliao and Gongguan with Immunity, as Nanliao prepared for Tribal Council.

We lost pretty badly that time, but no worries! Only good things can happen tonight. If Valjean and I control things, we'll either be saying goodbye to a vocaloid or Ron.


At camp, Kano and Valjean immediately evaluated their tribe members. Kano was still interested in blindsiding Ron, as Valjean was slowly starting to see his way.

Kano wants to vote Ron off. It sounded ridiculous at first, but I'm sort of seeing where he is coming from now. Ron is a major threat with more friends than IA and Lily combined. Not to mention he's not the most physically capable challenge-wise. It may be time to shank him.


IA and Lily talked about voting, with them agreeing on Kano or Valjean, but wanting to see how others were voting before making their decision.

Kano and Valjean are clearly in charge here. It would be a good idea to do something about them, but can we? We need to search for cracks. Let's expand that fault line.


Bruce and Ron talked for a bit, with Ron set in wanting to vote Lily. Bruce agreed.

It's a known fact that IA and Lily need to go. Ron and I agreed to vote Lily, but we need to ensure that Kano and Valjean are in on it too. We don't want to go in blindly.


Kano and Valjean approached Bruce, telling him about the plan to blindside Ron. Bruce found this alarming, but considered what they said.

Going after Ron is a risk, and we need to get everyone in on it so we can come to an agreement. But we don't want to spread it too far, otherwise Ron will hear about it.


Bruce mentioned the plan to Lily about voting Ron, giving Lily a spark of hope.

Originally we were going to vote for Kano, but Bruce gave us this spark of hope by offering to go after Ron. We'd honestly prefer Kano, but at least we know they have cracks. What I want to do now is make sure they know about them, so guess who I'm telling all about it? Ron Swanson himself.


Lily told Ron that his allies were coming after him, but she and IA would be willing to vote with him. Ron wasn't convinced though.

Lily is telling me that all of a sudden Bruce, Kano, and Valjean are breaking their words to come after me. I think it's a desperate attempt to woo me over, and it isn't going to work.


Ron met up with Bruce, Kano, and Valjean to verify that they would be voting Lily. At last minute, Ron's three allies reconsidered their blindside.

We've been wanting to blindside Ron all this time, but perhaps it is not the best idea. With him, we could take down IA and Lily and be the ones to slay the feared vocaloid alliance. Tonight, history could be made. Who knows what will happen now?


At Tribal Council, Kano and Valjean openly talked about the vocaloid terror, but IA and Lily backed themselves up. IA claimed that they would be loyal voters to prove that they weren't threats, to which Kano told them "Then you know who to vote.", which sparked shocked looks from everyone in the tribe. After the discussion, the voting began.

Before the votes were read, Ron stood up and revealed his Magic Wand, playing it as a Power Ring.

I've heard enough tonight. The one thing every man has is his honor, and clearly it has been broken. I believe a proper punishment is in order. Put all votes for me on Kano, please.


Kano buried his head in his hands, knowing he would receive Ron's votes. IA and Lily giggled as Bruce chuckled. Valjean kept a stern look on his face. With the heavy reactions, Luke read the votes. Surely enough, it was a unanimous vote against Ron. Every vote for Ron was cast for Kano, eliminating Kano from the game.

The laughter continued as the torch was put out, but Valjean sighed, knowing he was on the bottom. With Luke commenting on the established standpoints, Nanliao returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 7:
Ron (5 votes)
Bruce, IA, Jean, Kano, & Lily
Kano (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit


Final WordsEdit

Oh man... Horrible, horrible decision on my part. I thought making a move to take out Ron Swanson would be smart, but look how it ended up. Wow, good luck to Valjean. He's going to need it. I'm happy I got to come back out here, even if I didn't do so well this time. It's been an honor playing with everyone, and I wish them all luck.


Still in the RunningEdit