"Pomp and Circumstance"
Season Survivor: The New All-Stars
Episode Number 8/15
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Pomp and Circumstance is the eighth episode of Survivor: The New All-Stars.


Reward Challenge: Weight for Me!
The tribe members must race to a boat full of bags one at a time before returning to their tribe's respective scale. They must try to balance the scale by placing an even amount of weight from the bags on each side. The first tribe to balance their scale and raise their flag wins.
Reward: A trip to a Survivor cafe for burgers and beer.
Winner: Zhongliao

Immunity Challenge: Blind Leading the Blind
Each tribe will choose one person to be their caller. The rest of the tribe will be blindfolded. Using only verbal commands, the caller will instruct the three blindfolded tribe members to collect three bags containing one ball each. Once they have all three bags, they will take off the blindfolds and, one at a time, work to put the three balls in the center of a table maze. The first two tribes to finish wins Immunity.
Winner: Zhongliao, Gongguan


Night of Day 16Edit

After the vote, Luka sarcastically thanked Kyary. Kyary tried to explain that it was better for both of them, but Luka insisted it was a mistake.

Kyary of all people betrayed me. I'm kind of at a loss for words. This must be how it feels to be on this side of the fence. Now I'm basically a prisoner here, waiting for my execution.


On Nanliao, Bruce wondered why he received a vote. Ron told him that he told Valjean to vote for him to prove he was serious about making it up to him, but didn't think he would actually do it.

Ron was a bit... too honest just now. I was surprised to see Valjean put my name down, now I'm learning that Ron told him to? Whether he was serious or not, that says a lot about who I can trust out here.


On Zhongliao, Miku was upset at the loss of MAYU, but Mileena assured her that they would not be defeated.

I sided with Mileena to vote out MAYU, because MAYU went against us. We could have run this whole game! We could have voted out Reptile and... Ugh, why can't anyone ever stay loyal? You have the game in the palm of your hands and you throw it away! Now I know why Mileena hates working with people so much...


Day 17Edit

Arriving to the challenge, a lot of chuckles and gasps erupted upon seeing those who weren't present. With the best reward yet at stake, everyone was determined to win. Barry sat out for Gongguan.

Gongguan took an early lead by piling bags quickly, while Zhongliao took a while to get started. Eventually Zhongliao caught up to Nanliao, as Gongguan began falling behind. Zhongliao then took charge, as Gongguan fell behind. Gongguan made a comeback and caught up to Nanliao, but Nanliao eventually caught up to Zhongliao. Gongguan then caught up again, bringing the three neck-in-neck-in-neck. Reptile then placed the final bag for Zhongliao and balanced the scale, winning reward.

Zhongliao had to decide who to exile, sending Barry and IA since they had both spent a reasonable amount of time there. Zhongliao set off for their reward, Barry and IA set off for Exile Island, Gongguan and Nanliao set off for camp.

They exiled me again, which I'm not a big fan of, especially after last vote. I don't like spending so much time away from my tribe. Anything can change anytime. But I'm one to talk, this is Barry's third time.


The four Zhongliao members arrived at the cafe, all excited for their great reward.

After all the sh*t we've eaten, it's a breath of fresh air to actually eat food. I'm almost tempted to give this cafe a review, but anything tastes good when you're starving to death.


The tribe joked around while eating, enjoying their time off.

Winning this reward was great, because we were able to take a break from strategy to actually bond and have a good time together! Of course, my goals are still set. But that doesn't mean we can't get along in the meantime!


After eating, the four relaxed. Reptile talked with Mileena away from the others, suggesting that she betray Miku to side with him.

We may be on a little vacation, but that doesn't mean we can stop fighting. I need to win Mileena over, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. While she's all happy with a full stomach, she'd be more than willing to listen.


It looks like I have options here... I still hold an ounce of malice toward Reptile for, you know, voting me out... But maybe he's onto something. Sticking with Miku might not be the right choice for me.


On Gongguan, Chuck and Goro went fishing. Chuck considered that Kyary might be less trustworthy than Luka, but Goro was still angry at Luka for voting him.

I'm trying to consider whether or not keeping Kyary is our best move. Nobody saw her flip coming, which means she can definitely do it again. I know Goro is still angry at Luka, but who knows what the right move is at this point?


Chuck is confusing me by wanting to vote Kyary all of a sudden. Luka tried to vote me, I don't want her to stay! But, Kyary is unpredictable. Maybe we can do something about her soon too.


Alone at camp, Kyary tried to talk to Luka in the shelter. She gave the vocaloid her word that she would stick with her, but Luka wasn't certain that it would work. However, Kyary was certain that she could flip Barry and Chuck.

正当な理由で、ルカちゃんはまだ私に怒っている。 私は彼女にそれを作ってもらいたいですが、私が彼女に戻ると少数です。 私が試してみると、おそらくバリー様とチャック様に私たちと投票するように説得することができました。 しかし約束はない。

Rough Translation: For good reason, Luka-chan is still angry at me. I want to make it up to her, but we are the minority if I go back to her. If I try, I could probably convince Barry-sama and Chuck-sama to vote with us. No promises though.


On Nanliao, Bruce asked Lily how close she and IA were. Lily said that they were close and they would vote Ron before anyone else.

Bruce is worried that IA and I are a dynamic duo who will crush him and Ron soon. Probably because we will. But I need to remind him that Ron is our target, because then he has no choice but to vote with us. If we go to rocks, he'll be drawing. It's a perfect plan.


IA and Lily are inseparable, meaning I have no choice but to vote for Ron or go to rocks. I'm not happy with my options, so let's hope we win.


On Exile Island, Barry laughed about how it was becoming his home.

I have been exiled three times now, more than anyone else this season. I have a feeling there are a lot more to come. I'm not worried, I trust my allies enough. I should just go into reward challenges expecting to be exiled from now on.


IA started searching for the Grail, determined to find it. After an hour or so, she gave up.

That Grail is so hard to find, I wouldn't be surprised if it actually was the real grail Jesus drank from. If anyone can find that thing, there will be pomp and circumstance. I don't think it's good that Ramsay has it, but there are probably worse options.


Day 18Edit

The three tribes met up for their challenge, where Luke took the necklaces back and brought out the two-piece idol. Barry and IA rejoined their tribes, and Kyary sat out for Gongguan.

Goro was the caller for Gongguan, Bruce for Nanliao, and Ramsay for Zhongliao. Gongguan took an early lead under Goro's command, while Zhongliao struggled under Ramsay's swearing. Gongguan soon had all three of their balls before either other tribe could get any. Luka began on the maze, but found it hard. Zhongliao finally pulled together and got their first two balls, then Nanliao finally got their first. Zhongliao caught up to Gongguan, with Mileena taking on the maze. Luka finally scored the first point, allowing Chuck to take over. Mileena then scored, letting Reptile take over. Reptile scored quickly, letting Miku take over. Chuck finally scored, allowing Barry to take to the maze against Miku. Miku scored, winning Immunity for Zhongliao.

Barry had a hard time with the maze, while Bruce had a hard time calling his tribemates. As Nanliao finally got their second ball, Barry scored and won Immunity for Gongguan.

Luke awarded Zhongliao and Gongguan with their idol pieces, reminding Nanliao that they would be seeing him at Tribal Council. Defeated, they returned to camp.

We lost, now we're faced with a decision. I want to stick with Ron, but I don't think it's going to be possible. This could not be less ideal.


At camp, IA and Lily agreed to vote Ron. However, they knew they would need more people on their side.

If IA and I can get Bruce to vote with us, Ron can go. It shouldn't be too hard. For Bruce, it's either Ron or rocks.


Lily talked with Bruce again, but Bruce suggested that Lily turn on IA, bringing up that it would help her to lessen her target.

I want to continue working with Ron, and to do that, I need to turn the vocaloid girls against each other. If I can get them both to target one another, we can have our pick.


Bruce and Ron talked, deciding that whoever would flip would be the one they vote with.

Bruce and myself are now working to turn two "B-F-F" girls against each other. Frankly, I don't care which one we get rid of. I just want off this tribe of liars.


Bruce and Ron talked to IA, asking her if she would be willing to vote Lily. IA was strongly opposed to it, but the men told her the same thing they told Lily.

They're trying to turn Lily and I against each other, just what we expected. But there are a few things that could be gained from voting Lily. I could work with Miku and Luka if I chose to, because Lily won't be there to say no. I could lessen the target on the vocaloids, and I wouldn't have an ally tying me down. But I really don't want to betray her. I like Lily a lot. But would I draw rocks for her?


IA and Lily told each other about the men's pleas to them. With uncertainty in the air, the four went to Tribal Council.

I did not expect to be this scared going into this vote. I don't know what's going to happen, but I hope it turns out well in the end. *gulp*


The sides became clear at Tribal Council. Bruce and Ron wanted IA and Lily to turn on each other, but the girls didn't seem to budge. Bruce once again brought up the threat of rocks, which Lily fired right back at him. The voting then began.

The votes fell between the expected two, Lily and Ron. But in a shocking twist of fate, IA flipped and cast her vote for Lily, eliminating Lily in a 3-1 vote. After the votes were read, IA hid her face in her lap. The betrayed Lily started to cry as she left the game, with Bruce and Ron remaining speechless. Luke commented on the emotional vote, explaining how the game can control emotions. On that note, the three returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 11:
Lily (3 votes)
Bruce, IA, & Ron
Ron (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit


Final WordsEdit

*sniff* Well, I didn't expect IA to stab me in the back, but I shouldn't be surprised. It's the name of the game, after all. It's sad when you're willing to draw rocks for someone who doesn't feel the same about you. I'll get over this sometime or another, I'm sure. Goodbye.


Still in the RunningEdit