Rap Battle is the third episode of Survivor: Random

the announcer is Donald Trump (since Steve Harvey couldn't make it due to a groin injury)

Judges & Commentators
Kevin hart
Kevin Hart
Ice cube
Ice Cube
Barack obama
Barack Obama


Immunity Challenge: Rap Battle

Both tribes will duke it out in a rap battle tournament


Story Edit

Day 11: Both the tribes arrive at the main base and are introduced to Donald Trump who will be the announcer for the next few days because Steve Harvey suffered a groin injury thanks to a kick in the nuts from Justin Bieber who was previously eliminated. Obama announces that there will be a rap battle tournament within the next couple days and the contestants will be handpicked by the Judges as well as Trump.

SoFloAntonio vs Ethan H3H3, KSI vs Cory Baxter, Patrick Star vs DJ Khaled, Kanye West vs Shrek

After the announcement, the tribes go back to their respective bases. Kanye West however enters the Crips' base and starts dissing them. Shrek then confronts Kanye and gets into yet another fight with him. They both start landing lefts and rights at eachother. Meanwhile in the Bloods' base, KSI wonders where Kanye West had left. The members of the Bloods then hear some thuds as well as Kanye screaming "YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS! I'M A GOD! GOD DON'T DESERVE THIS!". After hearing all the thuds and yells, KSI along with Anders & Messi arrive to the Crips base and try to separate Kanye from Shrek.

Day 12: It's 3:00 AM and everyone is asleep. well, by the looks of it. Patrick Star has just woken up. He gets up from his bed and starts to quietly look for the immunity idol. He checks around the base. turns out that it's nowhere in the Bloods base, Patrick then leaves the base and heads to the Crips base. Patrick looks around the Crips base and the immunity idol is nowhere to be found. Patrick then proceeds to check Squidward's bed. Squidward then wakes up and yells at Patrick. Everybody in the Crips base wakes up and looks at Squidward yelling at Patrick while the latter is nagging him for the immunity idol. Shrek then lifts Patrick, takes him back to the Bloods base and throws him towards the wall, thus knocking him out. After that, Shrek then dragged Kanye West and his bed outside the Bloods base and took a shit on his face.

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