SHAP Top 20 Players of All Time is a poll run irregularly on SpongeBob Has a Podcast.

After the podcast aired, hosts SpongeBob SquarePants and Oscar held a poll to determine the top twenty greatest Survivor players of the first twenty seasons. The listeners would send their ballots of ten best players, with them receiving from ten points to one point according to their placement in the ballot. After the deadline, the twenty players who received the highest number of points would make the list.

The second was held after Survivor: Game Changers, following Survivor: The World's Second Tribal Council.

First Top 20 Players of All TimeEdit

1st Lhvv
L Lawliet
2nd Abelincoln
Abraham Lincoln
3rd Scroogehvv
Scrooge McDuck
4th Paulhvv
Paul Simon
5th Sueellenhvv
Sue Ellen Armstrong
5th Vegeta
6th Watershvv
Roger Waters
7th Elmohvv
8th Squidwardas
Squidward Tentacles
9th Shinya
Shinya Kogami
10th Mikeyhvv
Mikey Van Riper
11th Tailshvv
Miles "Tails" Prower
12th Finnickhvv
Finnick Odair
13th Plankton
Sheldon Plankton
14th Dipperhvv
Dipper Pines
15th Stan
Stan Pines
16th Akane
Akane Tsunemori
17th Dumbo
18th Meifvf
Mei Misaki
19th Blazefvf
Blaze the Cat
20th Thomashvv
Thomas Jefferson

Second Top 20 Players of All TimeEdit

1st Lelouchgc
Lelouch Lamperouge
2nd Lhvv
L Lawliet
3rd Scroogegc
Scrooge McDuck
4th Lincolngc
Abraham Lincoln
5th Ichinosegc
Haru Ichinose
6th Clairegc
Claire Redfield
7th Shakespearehvv
William Shakespeare
8th Bilbogc
Bilbo Baggins
9th Girhvv
10th Sinatrahvv
Frank Sinatra
11th Tulliusgc
General Tullius
12th Undertaker
The Undertaker
13th Jillgc
Jill Valentine
14th Marciehvv
15th Lucygc
16th Tomoyohvv
Tomoyo Daidouji
17th Moiragc
Moira Burton
18th Sakakibara
Kouichi Sakakibara
19th Libbygc
Libby Folfax
20th Sueellengc
Sue Ellen Armstrong

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