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Welcome to the Silly Survivor Fanon Wiki! The main series, hosted by Luke, can be viewed on the task bar. Everyone is open to making their own series, and taking them as far as they wish to go. Enjoy your time here!

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This fanon wiki is dedicated to people making their own Survivor fanfictions featuring celebrities or characters or whatever they wish. Or to just watch seasons and see how amazing they are. Have fun and enjoy looking through the seasons!

Rules for the WikiEdit

  • Everyone is open to creating their own fanons. However, do not edit the pages of other writers without their consent.
  • If you wish to put a great amount of detail in your series (adding a Sole Survivor/Player of the Season/etc page), you must label them as "Name's Survivor Player of the Season" or something like that to differentiate from the main series.
  • Rules are different for each person's seasons. The writer makes their own rules for their series. If they want to randomize their season or just pick how it goes, that's up to them.
  • Making a season that someone else has done is allowed, since it's a different canon.

Users' SeriesEdit

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Nathaniel's Silly Survivor:

T.K.O.E's Silly Survivor:

Miguel's Random Series:

DARealityTV's Silly Survivor:

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Player of the Season (DAR)

Jaylen's Silly Survivor:

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