"Smells Like Tribe Spirit"
Season Survivor: Game Changers
Episode Number 8/15
Episode Chronology
Previous How Did I Get Surrounded By Such Losers?
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Smells Like Tribe Spirit is the eighth episode of Survivor: Game Changers.


Immunity Challenge: Lock, Load and Light
The three tribes must run up and over two sand mounds, assemble a puzzle boat, using unique braces to hold it together, row out to a cauldron, light a torch, row back, remove the braces, and take them to the starting line. Two players will use 16 puzzle pieces to assemble blocks representing compass directions, then the tribe fits the blocks and braces into a climbing wall and climbs up to light a fire bale. The first tribe to do so wins.
Winner: Ikino


Night of Day 16Edit

At camp, Reagan thanks Claire and Moira for keeping him. However, Claire is disappointed that she gave in to Moira, and questions how long she will be loyal to her companion.

I'm not too happy with the way the last Tribal went. I wanted Reagan to go, because he really can be our downfall. Sue Ellen was a threat who was against us, yes, but we could have convinced her otherwise if we tried hard enough. Now we're hauling a load that is guaranteed to go against us. I'm beginning to doubt my loyalty to Moira.


After Claire addressed her concern to her, Moira was disappointed. She tried to argue that Sue Ellen voted against her and would without a doubt betray them, but Claire was insistent that she could have helped.

Claire, she voted you for crying out loud! She was willing to go to rocks to break us up! Please tell me you're not seriously regretting voting her out? Ugh, everything was so perfect, don't ruin it.


Day 17Edit

On Ikino, the tribe members began to notice Lucy getting extremely close to Lelouch, with her and cuddling and kissing frequently. Bilbo was especially worried about this.

I didn't come here to make love, but Lucy is all over me now. I'm not denying her, but we should probably keep the hugging and the kissing on the down-low so we don't, you know, have the entire tribe on our backs.


I'm really happy that Lulu and I are bonding the way we are. He's such a cutie, and I trust him to have my back through thick and thin. I never saw myself as the type to have a showmance, but I can make an exception this time. I'm not worried about what the others think, we're the ones in charge.


McCartney brought Pooh and Squidward to a secret conversation at the waterhole, where he brought up the possibility of an alliance. In order to swing Pooh to his side, he revealed that Bilbo was targeting the bear.

I'm hoping to work Pooh and Squidward over, because neither of them are truly threats. These old school players really do not adapt well to all this change, so they're easier to manipulate. Bilbo's playing hard, Lelouch is playing hard, Lucy is playing hard. It's time for me to take their little pawns and turn the tide in my favor.


On Reconciliation, Tullius continued to bring in the fish for the tribe. Seeing his successes, Simon started to contemplate if it would be a good idea to let him make the merge.

Allow me to go over my notes. Prince is a threat because he's a dominant force in every aspect, Kurt is a threat because he's a dominant force that's not as open about it, Scrooge is a threat because he's too good at everything and everyone loves him, and Tullius is a threat because he's a survival expert and hard worker. Everyone I'm with right now is a threat, so I can afford to lose all of them. Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to before we merge.


With the general providing our tribe with so much food, our morale is super high right now. Smells like tribe spirit.


Scrooge did some talking around to see where everyone's heads were at. He didn't mention any names, but assured everyone that he would vote who they targeted.

These desperate times call for desperate measures. I don't care who I need to cut, but I'll cut anyone to keep myself here.


Prince, Kurt, and Simon strategized together as they weighed the threat level of Scrooge and Tullius. However, Kurt and Simon continued to conspire against Prince.

Day 18Edit

Arriving to their Immunity challenge, several sinister laughs erupted after seeing Sue Ellen gone. Luke took back the Immunity Idol pieces and put them together, revealing that only one tribe can win Immunity and the other two will go to Tribal Council. When the challenge was revealed; Lucy, McCartney, and Squidward sat out for Ikino, while Scrooge and Tullius sat out for Reconciliation.

With the challenge beginning, Ikino took an early lead, but the other two tribes were right on their heel. Taking too long to assemble, they lost their lead as every tribe went for the ocean at the same time. Legrengetti took the lead, as Ikino started lagging behind. Reconciliation then took over and returned to the beach first, with Ikino and Legrengetti tied for second. Kurt and Prince worked the puzzle, while Bilbo and Lelouch did for their tribe, while Claire and Moira did for their tribe. Bilbo and Lelouch completed the puzzle first, racing off to climb the wall. Reconciliation was right behind them, but Ikino successfully climbed the wall first and won Immunity.

Luke awarded the Immunity Idol to Ikino, who was once again safe from Tribal Council. However, both Legrengetti and Reconciliation were doomed to have to vote someone off.

Another major loss, and I'm left to choose between Claire and Reagan. I don't like this, and I don't feel comfortable at all. We are so screwed.


At camp with Legrengetti, Reagan talked to Moira about potentially voting Claire out. Moira strongly considered it after her and Claire's argument.

I believe I've found tension in the Cloira alliance. I saw them arguing the other day, and I'm sure that I can use that to my advantage.


Claire talked to Reagan about voting out Moira, to which he agreed to do. Claire herself was not certain if it would be smart to betray her ally from the beginning or not. Away from the other two, Moira strongly contemplated using her Legacy advantage for Immunity.

Tonight, for the first time, I'm actually considering voting Moira. I don't know if I can trust her moving forward. I doubt she'll see it coming, so she wouldn't pull that Legacy advantage on me. We'll see what happens.


At Reconciliation, Prince continued to gun for Scrooge, as he finally talked Tullius into going through with the plan.

I stand by the fact that Scrooge has gotta go. I have reason to believe that the merge is next, and I don't want him around for that.


Simon proposed his plan of voting Tullius to Kurt and Scrooge, who both considered it. Kurt went to Prince to explain that Tullius would probably be a huge merge threat, but Prince was not convinced.

Controlling another vote is the perfect way to maintain a grasp on the game. If I can convince Kurt and Prince that Tullius is a big threat, Scrooge will go along with it because he's desperate. It's the perfect plan.


Kurt and Prince talked about whether Scrooge or Tullius would be the smarter vote, but neither could say for sure. Prince brought up that Simon might be taking charge, which was an unnerving thought for the duo.

At Tribal Council, Legrengetti came in first. The three admitted to having some tension at camp recently, and that the vote would be sad no matter what. Ultimately, Moira did not use her Legacy advantage. However, she did not need to. Reagan cast his vote for Claire, but Claire and Moira eliminated him with two votes. After Reagan's torch was snuffed, Luke told Claire and Moira that as a tribe of two, the days to come would be hard on them. They were then dismissed back to camp, as Reconciliation came in.

Reconciliation was on edge, with no one knowing who would be getting voted out. They only knew that the vote would reveal who is calling the shots. Tullius cast his vote for Scrooge, but found himself unanimously voted out. As he got his torch snuffed, he warned his tribe not to be a bunch of sheep before leaving. Luke then reminded the Reconciliation tribe of what they discussed at Tribal, that the vote would determine who is running the tribe. Simon cracked a grin as they returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit


Tribal Council 12:
Ronald (2 votes)
Claire & Moira
Claire (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit


Final WordsEdit

Ha ha, good game. I suppose it was worth a try, but a futile effort. I enjoyed playing for the time that I did, and it was nice to get back out here and have a good time. I enjoyed building relationships and being a part of this wonderful experience. Good luck, girls.



Tribal Council 13:
Tullius (4 votes)
Kurt, Paul, Prince, & Scrooge
Scrooge (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

You're a good man. Too good. Sorry to have to send you away.


Final WordsEdit

I'm not upset about being voted off, I'm upset to see how weak some of my fellow teammates are. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but most of them didn't have any good reason to vote the way they did. Either way, I'm proud of how I played, and placement doesn't matter to me. What matters is that I worked hard, survived at camp, and showed everyone how to be tough.


Still in the RunningEdit

Paul M.
Paul S.

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