In order to be the Sole Survivor, the castaway must make it to Final Tribal Council, than receive the most jury votes.

List of Sole SurvivorsEdit

Season Winner Runner(s)-up Jury Vote
Beach City Pearl (Redo) Pearl Steven (Redo) Steven 5-2
Goiky Canal Teardrop Teardrop Book Book 5-2-0
Pen Pen
Park Muscle Man Muscle Man Hi Five Ghost Hi Five Ghost 5-1-1
Gary Gary
Wawanakwa Duncan Duncan Tyler Tyler 7-2
The Union Va Virginia Id Idaho 6-5
Ruined Canvas Shapes Shapes Staar Staar 4-3-1
Hottopic Hot Topic
Gen Battle PhoebeGB Phoebe DrakeGB Drake 5-3-0
LanceGB Lance

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