Cast assessment for Survivor: Endure, by host Nathaniel Swede.Edit

Lodi TribeEdit


Swede: "The Lodi tribe is very peculiar. People known for finding Idols coming back to play is most certainly special, but putting all of them in a tribe with only one Idol is going to show who truly is the best of them at finding Idols. Whoever does find it is probably going to need it as well. I unfortunately see this tribe losing quite a few times, and in a tribe of six you can easily go home. However, the ones that do make the merge from this tribe will probably make it very far, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the winner of the season coming from Lodi."

Draco MalfoyEdit

Swede: "Draco is simply one of the best players to ever play the game. His first season, the first season ever, he found multiple Hidden Immunity Idols, calling himself "the Idol King", and made it all the way to the final 5, where he went home because of eventual winner Ron Weasley deeming him a big threat to win. He was one of the most memorable players that season, and the show's first true villain, along with Dudley. Draco returned 19 seasons later for Heroes vs Villains, where he continued his stellar gameplay from Hogwarts, finding yet another two Idols, being responsible for the blindsides of many players, and making the final tribal, where he lost due to his attitude towards his fellow contestants. However, Draco is still an amazing player, and I expect him to make it very far in the game - third time's the charm, they say, and I think it really could be just that for Draco Malfoy."

George OrwellEdit

Swede: "George is a peculiar character. He's an astonishing villain, that's for sure, and his gameplay has been strong in both of his seasons, but there's always something missing for him. In Literature, his social game cost him the game, even though he through the use of Idols and strategic prowess sent home many threats and pulled off many blindsides. In Heroes vs Villains, he and Draco blindsided Byakuya Togami, and I'm excited to see how things will look between the three of them this season, now that they're all on the same tribe once again. George is a very strong competitor, but his mastermind is often to great for his social skills - if he can change that this season, he'll go all the way, but if he can't, he'll be an early boot. Unfortunately, I don't see George making the merge this season, due to the fact that this tribe looks weak, and George has some bad blood since earlier with quite a few of the people on his tribe. I do, however, think he'll be a great character to watch, and I can't wait to possibly see the Smithwell partnership once again."

Carl von LinnéEdit

Swede: "Carl played just two seasons ago, and he's already one of my personal favourites of all contestants ever. He played like a villainous hero, getting all the way to the final 4, where he was deemed an insanely large threat, resulting in his vote-off. However, for someone to have his entire tribe decimated to only himself pre-merge, managing to make sure he'd be the last member of his tribe standing, getting alone to the merge, and still playing a stellar game, he is just wondrous. Carl used his social game to always know what was going on, and through the use of multiple Hidden Immunity Idols he was a force to be reckoned with. I expect him to thrive once again - especially since he wasn't on the Villains tribe, unlike four other Lodis, meaning he has no bad blood with anyone. I think Carl will be the last person standing from his tribe once again, and could very likely win this."

Byakuya TogamiEdit

Swede: "Oh, Byakuya. Controlling his original season Danganronpa with an iron fist, more or less deciding how every single vote would go, he lost in the final tribal due to an extremely bitter Jury. Coming back to Heroes vs Villains, he yet again took immediate control of his tribe, sending two powerful players home his first two tribals. However, the third one, he tried blindsiding Hermione Granger by using his Idol on Boba Fett, which backfired when Draco and George saw through his plan and decided to blindside him, making Byakuya the fifth boot of that season. However, Byakuya's amazing ability to find Idols, finding the two Idols in Danganronpa and finding one in Heroes vs Villains after only some days, makes him worthy of coming back to play in this season. Now, Byakuya's relationship with especially Draco and George might not be so good after the two blindsided him in Heroes vs Villains. Winston escaping the tribe early on might also not make those two get along all too well. However, I think Byakuya will take control of his tribe once again, and I think he will, in fact, reach the merge. I expect him to be an early Jury member though, unless he can dominate his way to the win he so much deserves."

Winston SmithEdit

Swede: "Winston Smith is a strange and very bright man. He is an incredibly crafty and smart player, but often has bad luck while playing. His first season, he mostly voted in the majority, but also pulled off one or two great blindsides. It wasn't until Heroes vs Villains he really got to shine, where he very quickly found an Idol, was the first person to switch tribes with someone else, then aligned himself closesly with Gil Grissom, only to play an Idol on Boba Fett to take out said ally. He then followed J.K. Rowling during the merge, making decisions alongside her, and was in the game until Draco and Ross Geller used Hidden Immunity Idols to send him home. Winston has very good awareness of the game, knows how to find Idols, and also knows how to not overplay while still playing. He takes risks, and even blindsides his closest ally if he feels the need to. However, due to his bad blood with George and Draco, as well as some possible issues with Byakuya, puts him in a bad position on his tribe. I think Winston will be a very early boot, maybe even the first one, unless he can swiftly change his game up this season."

Catherine WillowsEdit

Swede: "Catherine's a strange one. In CSI, she received many votes against her, and voted with the majority for almost the entire merge and pre-merge, only having a few stray votes that were in the minority. Her game really got to shine when she Idoled out both Gil Grissom and David Phillips, two giant threats to win the game, but other than that, she wasn't especially noticible throughout the season. However, reaching 4th is still very impressive, and I think Catherine surely does have a chance of making it far, but I doubt she will. She's likely going to clash with some of the more dominating people on her tribe, and even though she doesn't have bad blood with anyone, an advantage she shares only with Carl, I really doubt she'll make it out of the season as blood-less as she entered it. I think Catherine will be the last person voted off from her tribe before the merge comes, unless she can protect herself with Idols yet again, or bring her game up a large bit from last season."

Egnellah TribeEdit


Swede: "The Egnellah tribe looks incredibly strong. These people are some of the strongest challenge competitors we've ever had, and unless they fail to cooperate, they will certainly not lose any challenges at all. In terms of other parts of the game, I do think that while the Egnellah tribe will dominate challenges, they will fade into darkness compared to people from the other tribes. I would be surprised to see an Egnellah winner, but I do think most of them will make it far into the game."

Charles DickensEdit

Swede: "Charles currently holds the record for most individual wins in a season, not counting Redemption battles, which makes him a must-have for any tribe consisting of challenge beasts. During his season, Charles never did much to stand out, other than win challenges. Strategic thinking was often overshadowed by Orwell or Winston, and social game was ruled by Suzanne Collins and Odysseus. I do think Charles can do well this time around though - he has an ability to not receive votes, and his tribe will most likely win its way to the merge, where Charles could potentially win immunities as often as he needs to. I also don't see him rubbing the people in his tribe the wrong way, and I expect him to make it far in this game, even though he probably won't win it."

Daryl DixonEdit

Swede: "Daryl's an interesting character. He was always in the minority during his original season, yet he managed to get 3rd. He has this ability to avoid getting voted off, despite being a huge physical threat, and his many challenge wins helped him survive in his original season as well. This season, I think Daryl's unfortunately gonna get himself into the minority once again. His attitude often makes people unwilling to ally with him, however, that's also something very positive for him. People see him as someone they can easily vote off later on, since nobody would be willing to flip to help him anyway, which allows Daryl to go much further than his other allies. If he can be as strong in challenges as he was his last season, we might see Daryl in the finale, but my prediction is that he'll be voted off late merge."

John DorianEdit

Swede: "J.D. The only former winner in the cast, and probably the biggest surprise of the Egnellah tribe as well. J.D.'s remembered for his strong social game in his original season, and even though his strategic side was overshadowed by the Janitor, it was enough to, combined with the relationships he had built, allow him to win. What most people tend to forget, however, is J.D.'s challenge win streak towards the end of the season. He managed to win as many challenges as the best of the best, and that's why he is on the cast of this season. As for this season, I unfortunately think J.D. won't make it particularly far. While I don't doubt his abilities at all, he is a former winner, and even during his original season he was voted out once. He might make it far, due to the fact that I don't think Egnellah will lose any challenges, but as soon as his tribe goes to tribal, I have little doubt he'll be sent home."

Jabba the HuttEdit

Swede: "The original challenge beast, Jabba the Hutt is an iconic character from an otherwise mostly boring season. He was rude and treated people like crap, but due to his streak of immunity from the final 7 to the final 3, he managed to stay in the game. When he was beaten by Yoda in the final immunity challenge, he was sent home, although his performence did allow for him to come back for season 8. That season was much worse for him though, as he was seen as a huge threat immediately, and was sent home pre-merge. Now that he's back again, and in a tribe with other strong challenge competitors, I think Jabba has much less to fear in regards to him being a threat. However, I very much doubt that his attitude has changed, and people might not be able to stand him this time around. I think he will make it somewhat far, but probably be voted out just before the merge. If he does make the merge, I can see him making the final tribal council, but I don't think he has any chance of winning."

Ashley SeaverEdit

Swede: "Seaver is very similar to Jabba in many ways. Both are remembered for their strong challenge performences, both lost the final immunity challenge and were voted out, and both returned for season 8, only to go home pre-merge. The differences between them are very prominent as well though. Whereas Jabba came from a majority alliance and was hated, Seaver and her partner Alex Blake were outnumbered 7-2 at the final 9, when looking at members from the original tribes. Seave and Blake managed to make it past the odds though, due to their likeability and welcoming attitudes, and had Aaron Hotchner voted out Alex Blake at the final 3, Seaver very likely would've been the winner of that season. As for this season, however, I don't think Seaver will win. She has a big target on her back, and being able to win challenges easily certainly doesn't help her with that. I do think she will make it very far though, and most likely be voted out late merge for being a big threat."

Pablo PicassoEdit

Swede: "Pablo. The person with the fewest immunity wins out of everyone on Egnellah, Pablo Picasso is the challenge beast who made it to the end. For a season where 12 of the 13 people who made the merge won at least one individual challenge each, Pablo Picasso still managed to win his fair share of challenges, which not only shows his strong physical game, but also his outstanding ability to win when he wants to, while not being greedy enough to make himself seem like a threat. The fact that he managed to get two Jury votes against J.K. Rowling, who arguably had the best gameplay ever when she won her season, shows how respected Pablo managed to make himself during his season. As for this time around, I think Pablo will make it the furthest out of any member of the Egnellah tribe, and even though I don't think he'll win, his challenge abilities, attitude and strategic mindset will probably allow for him to gain yet another runner-up spot."

Setov TribeEdit


Swede: "A tribe of the people that have received the most votes ever is certainly an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how successful the tribe itself will be. These people are all survivors, cockroaches that are constantly attacked, but never die. What will happen when all these people are stacked against each other, with nowhere to hide? The result will probably be the elimination of many of them. I unfortunately don't expect to see many of the people in this tribe go so far, and if they do, I don't see them influencing the game all that much. I can't wait to be proven wrong, but if the Lodi members are the brains, using the Egnellah members as their henchmen, then the Setov members will be the ones exterminated, or at least the ones that are constantly overlooked. So, while the winner could very well come from this tribe, I certainly do doubt it."


Swede: "Smaug originates from a very early season, and it's a mystery how he hasn't returned yet. Masterfully ruling his season up until his elimination, Smaug received very many votes, due to being such a threat, and would hold the record for most votes received in a single season until Kamado Ueshita broke it 8 seasons later. Smaug was a great player, and I think he will be one in this season as well. I can see him taking control of the Setov tribe, and I think he'll be the one to control what happens there. However, he'll probably be voted out immediately when a swap or merge happens, and that's exactly where I think he'll end up."

Kamado UeshitaEdit

Swede: "Kamado is an incredibly special contestant. For one, she is one of only two people on the season to have been voted out three times before, the other being Boba Fett. Secondly, she's the only person on this cast to have been a casting option for two tribes, since she was skilled with finding Idols in season 10. Due to her holding the record for most votes cast against someone though, she's put on the Setov tribe. During her second season, Kamado's journey was short-lived, as she was on the outs on her tribe, and was voted out first. However, on her first season, she found multiple Idols, using them to take out both Muru Muru and Yuki, and she also managed to win 4 challenges, as well as some Redemption battles, proving her as a strong challenge competitor as well. All in all, Kamado is an overlooked but very skilled player, and I think she will be the Setov member who succeeds the best this season. Although she has been voted out pre-merge both times she's played, there will be bigger targets than her this time around, and I think she can integrate with her tribe very well. Combine that with her challenge ability, strategic thinking and ability to find Idols, she's the person that combines the theme of this season the best, and albeit I don't think she will win, she'll very likely make the merge, and I wouldn't be surprised if she becomes the Player of the Season."

Edgar Allan PoeEdit

Swede: "Oh, Poe. A very complex player, almost always in the majority, and just as often a target for being blindsided, he managed to make it to 6th place, where Rowling used Schubert and the Gogh/Picasso pair to finally send him home. Winning three individual challenges, the second most out of everyone on the season, as well as using his social ties to be able to make the moves he made, Poe was a serious threat to win the game. This season, I think Poe will be a good strategist, but sadly he'll most likely fall into the background. He'll probably end up being voted out early to mid-merge, but I don't see him influencing the game too much, and I doubt he'll be able to defeat the other contestants he's playing against this season, which he'd need to do to be able to claim the win."

Boba FettEdit

Swede: "Perhaps the most recognisable player to ever play, Boba Fett is with this season our first and only 5-time player, in addition to being the only 4-time player already, and is the only person to have played in every all-returnee season we've had. In his first season, he masterfully controlled the game, but lost to Yoda due to a bitter Jury. His second season he was seen as a threat, and was sent home early. His third season, he was once again seen as a threat due to being a previous runner-up, and even though he managed to make sure the other person in his situation, Voldemort, went home first, he soon followed. His ruthless nature brought him back for season 16, as a villain, and survived a very long time, due to having multiple Idols played on him by other people, but eventually went home in 8th place. This season, I think he'll be targetted immediately once again, and unless he can take control, which I unfortunately doubt he can, he'll go home the moment he goes to tribal. His best chance is making it to a swap or a merge without going to tribal, and then make himself seem as a necessary number to have. He'll most likely go home early to mid-pre-merge, but if he can take control once again, we might get to finally see a Boba Fett win."

Golden LanceEdit

Swede: "The Golden Lance. Famous for his post-merge rivalry with the Abyss Walker, succeeding with his goal became his downfall, as the Abyss Walker used Brink of Death on the Lance once he was voted out, which resulted in the Lance going home the next tribal. However, the Golden Lance was nonetheless a very skilled player, managing to get himself into the majority quite easily, and despite receiving votes, never really being a true target for elimination until the tribal he went home. This season, I don't think the Lance will go so far, due to being fresh in everyone's memory as a great player. He's playing with professionals now, and if they're smart they won't let him go far, as he can subtly take control of things, with nobody realising it until it's too late."

Mrs KoothrappaliEdit

Swede: "And finally, Mrs Koothrappali. Her first season was basically just the Koothrappalis and Barry Kripke controlling the entire game, and out of those, 'Mrs K', as she's called, managed to make it past her children to the final 4, where she was voted out. She was almost always a target, strangely enough because of her great social game, was a relatively smart player, and wasn't bad in challenges either. This season, I can see Mrs K slip through quite easily - especially with all these bigger names battling it out. She probably won't win, but she could easily reach her old placement, and maybe even a bit further than that. However, she might also go home early on, especially if people are afraid to make a move and are looking for the 'easy way out'. I don't think that will happen though, and we'll probably see quite a lot of Mrs K during this season."

Final Thoughts and PredictionsEdit

Swede: "Overall, this is how I think the game will pan out:

18th place: Winston Smith, due to an early challenge loss from Lodi.

17th place: Golden Lance, due to being too fresh in everyone's memories.

16th place: George Orwell, voted off for being on the outs.

15th place: Boba Fett, due to his enormous target.

14th place: Smaug, screwed over by a swap.

13th place: John Dorian, targetted as soon as his tribe loses due to being a former winner.

12th place: Catherine Willows, voted out for not socialising well with her tribe.

11th place: Jabba the Hutt, voted out just before the merge due to being a challenge threat.

10th place: Byakuya Togami, voted out for controlling the game up to that point.

9th place: Edgar Allan Poe, voted out for not being able to take control.

8th place: Charles Dickens, blindsided by his own allies.

7th place: Ashley Seaver, voted out for being a huge challenge threat.

6th place: Kamado Ueshita, voted out for being a threat.

5th place: Daryl Dixon, voted out for being on the outs.

4th place: Draco Malfoy, voted out for having the best winner chances.

2nd Runner-Up: Mrs Koothrappali, receiving no Jury votes due to mostly floating by.

Runner-Up: Pablo Picasso, receiving a few Jury votes for winning his way to the end, but not really being in control of the game.

Winner: Carl von Linné, receiving Jury votes due to avoiding being a target, controlling most votes, and being able to subtly manipulate both the game and the contestants the way he wants to.

Overall, I think this season can go any way though, and that's the perfect thing about it: it's so unpredictable, and can go so many ways! Anything can happen, and with the twists planned for the season, I think this truly will be one of the greatest seasons we've ever had!"