Survivor: Popular
Filming Location Orange County Day
Survivors 15
Winner Lana
Runner(s)-up Bridgitte
Tribes Orange County
Returnees Lana (10)
Brooklyn (10)
Sage (10)
Nathan (17)
Series Chronology
Previous Season Survivor: MPGIS
Next Season Survivor: Unnatural World
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Survivor: Popular is the sixth season of Purry's Survivor Series written by AmazingPurry.

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Previous: Survivor: MPGIS


  • Anarchy: All one tribe. That's showbiz baby.
  • Redemption Island: Redemption island allows voted out castaways to reenter the game after facing off against eachother until one survives.
    • On day 12, the contestants split into two tribes. The winner of the duel would join the tribe with less numbers.
    • On day 25 the winner of the duel would join the game again as the rest of the contestants had just merged.
    • The final duel was on Day 36 where the winner would join for the finale of survivor popular1!1
  • The Legacy Advantage: The legacy advantage exists, for reasons idk Path: Brigitte
  • Hidden Immunity Idols: A hidden immunity idol will be hidden at the camp(s)
  • Individual Immunity: In addition to anarchy only one person will win immunity from the beginning, much like the merge period.


Castaway Original
Finish Redemption
Island Status
Votes Against
Violettesp Violette Orange County 1st Voted Out
Day 3
1st Eliminated
Day 7
Joshsp Josh Lawrence 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
2nd Eliminated
Day 9
Genevievesp Genevieve Ryan 4th Voted Out
Day 11
3rd Eliminated
Day 13
Nathansp Nathan Campbell Catty 5th Voted Out
Day 15
4th Eliminated
Day 20
Malcolmsp Malcolm Catty 7th Voted Out
Day 23
5th Eliminated
Day 25
Megansp Megan Collins Catty Claws 9th Voted Out
Day 30
6th Eliminated
Day 31
Savannahsp Savannah Reed Bitchy 10th Voted Out
Day 33
7th Eliminated
Day 34
Tomsp Tom Dawson Bitchy 8th Voted Out
Day 28
8th Eliminated
Day 36
Angelinasp Angelina Davis Bitchy 12th Voted Out
Day 37
Aliciasp Alicia Hamilton Catty 6th Voted Out
Day 18
2nd Returnee
Day 25
13th Voted Out
Day 35
Rachelsp Rachel Rivera Bitchy 14th Voted Out
Day 37
Sagesp Sage Bond Catty 15th Voted Out
Day 38
Brooklynsp Brooklyn Hayes Bitchy 2nd Runner-Up
Day 39
Brigittesp Brigitte LeBlanc Catty Runner-Up
Day 39
Lanasp Lana Lawrence Bitchy 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
1st Returnee
Day 13
11th Voted Out
Day 35
3rd Returnee
Day 36
Sole Survivor
Day 39

The GameEdit

Episode Title Redemption Island Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Inhabitant Challenger Eliminated Finish Reward Immunity
1 "Secrets And Lies" Angelina Violette 9-6 1st Voted Off
2 "Keep Your Boy Close" Violette Savannah, Tom
Megan, Nathan 
Josh Lana 10-4 2nd Voted Off
3 "Merde" Violette Lana Violette 1st Eliminated Malcolm, Genevieve
Angelina, Josh
Megan Josh 10-3 3nd Voted Off
4 "Low on Time" Lana Josh Josh 2nd Eliminated Brooklyn Genevieve 6-6
4th Voted Off
5 "He's Under My Thumb" Lana Genevieve Genevieve 3rd Eliminated
Lana returns
Bitchy Nathan 5-1 5th Voted Off
6 "Episode 06" Nathan Bitchy Bitchy Alicia 3-2 6th Voted Off
7 "Episode 07" Nathan Alicia Nathan 4th Eliminated Bitchy Bitchy Malcolm 0-2[1] 7th Voted Out
8 "Episode 08" Alicia Malcolm Malcolm 5th Eliminated
Alicia returns
[Angelina, Alicia]
Alicia Tom 6-4 8th Voted Out
9 "The Queen Rises" Tom Megan
[Angelina, Rachel,
Brooklyn Megan 0-4[2] 9th Voted Out
10 "Follow The Leader" Tom Megan Megan 6th Eliminated Savannah, Sage
Brooklyn, Lana
Rachel Savannah 5-3 10th Voted Out
11 "Beauty Is Everything" Tom Savannah Savannah 7th Eliminated Angelina Lana 4-3 11th Voted Out
12 "I'm Here To Win, Sis" Tom Lana Tom 8th Eliminated
Lana returns
[Lana, Sage]
Sage Angelina 5-1 12th Voted Out
13 "Can't Admit I Was Wrong" Brooklyn Alicia 3-0[3]-0[4] 13th Voted Out
15 "The Only Way Is Up" Brigitte Lana Rachel 3-1 14th Voted Out

"Burning Our Bridges"

Brigitte Sage 2-2[5] 15th Voted Out
Jury Vote
Brooklyn 5-1-1[6] Second
Brigitte Runner Up
Lana Sole Survivor


  • rgb(154, 80, 250)
  • rgb(165, 13, 64)


  1. Sage used his hidden immunity idol, negating Megan & Malcolm's votes against him.
  2. Brooklyn flipped, playing her idol on Lana and negating 5 votes against her and sending Megan home.
  3. Brigette played the legacy advantage, negating 0 votes from her
  4. Rachel played her hidden immunity idol, negating 2 votes from her
  5. Sage was eliminated via a firemaking challenge, he faced off against Lana
  6. Megan, Tom, Angelina, Sage and Alicia voted for Lana. Rachel voted for Brigitte and Savannah voted for Brooklyn
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