Cast assessment for Survivor: Winners, by host Nathaniel Swede.Edit


Swede: "This cast is quite possibly the strongest cast we've ever seen. All winners are coming back to compete once more, and the winner will become the first two-time winner, in addition to being the best of the best. The season itself is packed with twists, so the winners will have to be on their toes all season, because their games could end in seconds. That said, I am excited to see how things will play out with a cast this legendary. It's also our first all-returnee season without Boba Fett, and although he will be missed, I have no doubts that this cast will more than make up for the lack of him."

Ron WeasleyEdit

Swede: "What better way to start off than with the first winner ever? Ron 'Weasle' Weasley started off by being in the majority. After the swap, he found himself in a tie, along with Hagrid, but managed to turn the tide and save himself in the revote. When the merge came around, Ron made sure to get into the majority, where he stayed until the final 6. However, even before then, he showed deceptiveness by convincing Remus Lupin to play an Idol on Dudley Dursley, which led to Hermione Granger's elimination. Once the final 6 came around, he tried to blindside his ally Harry Potter, who in the same tribal saved Ron himself by playing an Idol on him, but an Idol play from Draco Malfoy stopped Ron's plans. In the next tribal, Ron gathered his close ally Lupin and also brought along Lord Voldemort to take out Draco. The tribal after, he flipped on an ally once again, using Voldemort to send home Lupin. He was then taken to the Final Tribal Council by Voldemort, where his former allies Harry and Lupin felt betrayed by him, and Hermione didn't appreciate his deceptive gameplay. All three voted for Voldemort, but Ron had earned the respect of villains Dudley and Draco, as well as that of Sirius Black and Severus Snape, which gave him the four votes he needed to win.

This time around, Ron will have a much harder time. He could play as well as he did in his first season much because it was the first season ever, but also because everyone saw him as the nice although somewhat dumb boy he made himself out to be. Now, everyone knows what he can do, and if they're smart, they will turn on Ron before he can turn on them. Unfortunately, I predict an early boot for Ron. However, I wouldn't put it past him to create some chaos and use that to his advantage to make it further, or make himself out to be a free number others can use from vote to vote, and make it to the end that way. All in all, despite the early exit I think he will have, it is going to be very fun to once more see Ron's antics, and hopefully once again see him 'Weasle' his way to the end."


Swede: "Oh, Gandalf. What a character. A true hero in his first season, doing what he believed to be right and not changing for anyone, he often was in the minority, but used his social skills to survive vote after vote, until he could send home his season-long rival Master of Lake-town after winning the Final Immunity Challenge. In the Final Tribal Council, he was praised for being himself and managing to survive despite having no special items, which gave him the win in a 7-2 marginal. He also only received a single vote, from Gimli, during the season, which means he played an almost perfect game.

When he returned to Heroes vs Villains, I had high hopes for Gandalf. Everyone looked forward to seeing him again, but unfortunately things did take a slight route for the sour after some days in the game. At the start, he agreed with his tribe in the decision to take out Kamado Ueshita. However, he then began getting visions of 'ruthless authors' that he feared would send him home, and so he bgean plotting against J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins. While he did this, his mind became wilder and wilder, until he was being referred to as a 'crazy old guy with a stick' by his fellow players. Once the merge hit, Gandalf was a loud presence in the game, speaking his mind openly, and also being suspected of having lost his mind by other competitors. Only his former rival and enemy, the Master of Lake-town, was able to communicate with him, connecting with him on a deep level. When everyone else voted Gandalf out of the game at the first merged tribal, Gandalf became a Juror, and gave his vote to the Master, which helped him gain the win.

The relationship of the Master and Gandalf is one I very much look forward to this season. They've gone from enemies to friends, and I can't wait to see what their relationship will evolve to next. As for Gandalf's chances in this season, I actually think they've very good. Gandalf has some of the best premonitions out of everyone that's ever played. His original season he warned people of the Master, who was named Player of the Season, and in Heroes vs Villains he warned about the authors, who both made the final 5, causing several blindsides along the way, as well as Draco Malfoy once the merge hit, who did make it to the Final Tribal Council, coming only a couple of votes away from winning. I think that if Gandalf can find an ally that's willing to protect him in exchange for his reads on people, he is set to go. He has also been to therapy since Heroes vs Villains ended, so he should be in the correct mindset this time around. If he can be more 'Lord of the Rings'-Gandalf, and less crazy old guy with a stick, I think Gandalf can make it very far once again - and potentially even win."


Swede: "Yoda's a very interesting case. Usually regarded as one of the worst winners ever, Yoda lay low during the start of Star Wars, being seen as a generally respected character with wise advice for his allies. When the swap came, Yoda found an Idol, which he held onto during the first tribal despite being a target, having Jar Jar Binks eliminated. He then joined the others in getting rid of Luke Skywalker, and what followed was an easy path to the merge through immunity wins. The first merged tribal, however, things went south for Yoda. Having been convinced by Boba Fett that Darh Maul needed to go, a majority, including Yoda, voted for him. However, Maul surprisingly played an Idol, prompting Yoda to play his Idol for Darth Sidious, Maul's target. With no votes for anyone, a revote commenced. There, Yoda found himself blindsided by Boba Fett's alliance, their leader having deemed him to be a big threat. That would have been the end of Yoda's journey... If not for a twist. When four people remained in the game, Yoda, along with everyone else eliminated, competed in a challenge, where the winner would get to return to the game. Yoda won, and joined Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett, rather than Han Solo and Mace Windu, in voting out his former ally Mace. When four people remained, Yoda and Jabba thought they would vote out easy target Han, but Boba Fett turned on them, voting Yoda with Han. In the revote that followed, however, Boba Fett turned back to Yoda, saving him from a firemaking challenge. In the Final Immunity Challenge, Yoda then pulled out a surprise win, breaking Jabba's 5-win streak. He followed up by voting out Jabba, after being convinced by Boba Fett that the Hutt's challenge wins would be enough to grant him the win. At the Final Tribal Council, Jurors were disgusted by Boba Fett's dominating gameplay, claiming him to be too much of a villain, while commending Yoda on making it to the end despite having been voted out. In a 7-2 vote, Yoda was deemed the winner of Star Wars.

This time around, it's uncertain how well Yoda will fare. He is up against legends, and the legends will very likely be targetted long before him. However, Yoda has also been voted out as many times as he has played, making him one of few winners to have been voted out every season he's participated in. That is not a good sign, but it could also help Yoda in making a better name for himself this time around. All in all, I expect another early merge boot from Yoda, but he could also go very far. However, this is the best of the best playing, and they will not award a win to someone just for being a nice guy. If Yoda can step it up, I think his chances are decent; otherwise, he'll likely be forgotten soon again."

Nick FuryEdit

Swede: "Nick Fury is a legend. His first season, Marvel, he built connections to his fellow tribemates, joining the majority alliance created by Captain America, of them, Hawkeye, Hulk and Black Widow. The first tribal council, they split votes between Spiderman and Thor, successfully sending Thor home. The tribal after, it was revealed that Black Widow leaked information, and the entire tribe voted her out. Nick found a Hidden Immunity Idol the next episode, which he would keep for a while. At the final 13 everyone went to tribal, with one person being safe - Nick managed to win that challenge, and as such was excluded from the tribal council where Hawkeye was booted unanimously, joining the post-switch tribe Hawkeye had been voted out of. The final tribal council before the merge, Nick talked to his remaining ally Captain America, going hard for Iron Man. Iron Man tried to get Nick out in return, but was unanimously sent home when the X-Men decided to side with Nick and Captain America. Once the merge hit, Nick was in the minority tribe-wise. He won the first immunity challenge, but had to turn on his closest ally Captain America at the first merged tribal. This upset his other close ally Hulk, who refused to work with Nick after that. Nick had opened up other paths though, and at the next tribal his longtime adversary Spiderman was sent home. After that, Hulk followed. Nick voted Mystique to try making it up to the big guy, but it wouldn't help, as Hulk was one of two people to not vote for Nick at the Final Tribal Council later in the season. With Hulk gone, Nick was the last remaining person of his tribe. A close triangle relationship between him, Magneto and Rogue was created, with the three controlling the rest of the season, by working in ever-changing pairs with each other, as well as using Nick's and Magneto's Idols correctly. At the final 4, Nick won immunity again. Rogue and him both wanted to take Wolverine to the end, for his underwhelming social, physical and strategic gameplay, which led to the two teaming up on and taking out Magneto, who wanted the trio to make the final 3. Nick then won the Final Immunity Challenge, sending home his ally Rogue, taking Wolverine to the end. At the Final Tribal Council, Hulk and Mystique were upset that Nick betrayed his closest ally Captain America, while the others commended him for making it to the end and controlling so much of the game despite starting out in the minority, giving Nick a 5-2 win.

Nick then returned for All-Stars, as one of two winners along with fellow underdog winner Alex Blake. On his starting tribe he found his two enemy-allies from Marvel; Magneto and Rogue. They lost the second challenge, and rather than voting someone out, the three agreed to, out of respect for each other, draw rocks and let the surviving two people play. Magneto drew the purple rock, letting Nick and Rogue live to see another day. Nick was then swapped to a tribe consisting of himself and Criminal Minds players Aaron Hotchner and Ashley Seaver. They lost a challenge, and Nick managed to break up the strong pair by suggesting another rock draw, letting fate determine who should play and who shouldn't. The two agreed, which resulted in Seaver being rocked out. Tribes were then swapped again, placing Nick on a tribe with Boromir, Keith Dudemeister, the Janitor and Mace Windu. The tribe never lost a challenge, sending Nick to the merge yet again. However, while on that tribe, he did find yet another Idol. At the first merged tribal, Nick was part of a majority that wanted Boromir gone. Before the second tribal, Nick was well-liked by the tribe, and was particularly close with fellow winner Alex Blake, as well as fellow Marvel player Rogue - only Aaron Hotchner disliked him. Nick almost went home in the second merged tribal when an Idol was played on the Janitor, and Hotchner threw a vote at Nick. Nick threw a vote at Susan though, causing a 3-way tie with the Janitor's vote at Mace. Mace was voted out, with the Master of Lake-town following him - a player Nick had grown close to and wasn't ready to see go. At this point, people were getting scared of Nick, as he was a former winner still in the game. He won immunity though, and swung just enough people over to his side along with Blake, sending home Dudley Dursley. Blake and Nick were then getting thrown to the side by most people, so that they couldn't have a word in who went home - only Rogue still kept in touch with Nick, who won another immunity challenge. Keith was blindsided for being likeable, and then Nick lost the next challenge. Everyone turned on him, but he used his Idol to eliminate his rival Hotchner. The next tribal council everyone agreed to send Susan Bunch home, but the final five of Nick, Blake, Rogue, Harry Potter and the Janitor was very tense. Nick and Blake were forced to turn on each other, with the Janitor taking Blake's side and Rogue taking Nick's side. Harry seemed to be a swing vote, but Rogue had an Idol that she used on Nick - negating the two votes cast against him, since Harry had sided with them after all. When the Janitor won his third consecutive immunity challenge at the final 4, Harry and Nick turned on each other. Rogue sided with Nick, but the Janitor sided with Harry - in a firemaking tiebreaker, Nick Fury was eliminated for the first time, becoming a Jury member. At the Final Tribal Council, Nick, along with Rogue, Susan and Mace, voted for the Janitor, deeming his gameplay to be superior to that of Harry Potter.

Nick returned once more to play the game - this time in Heroes vs Villains. This time around, his game was cut short. He joined the majority in voting out Kamado Ueshita at the first tribal council, but in the second tribal his closest ally Alex Blake was captured away from their tribe, leading to Nick being betrayed by his other allies. He voted for Gil Grissom, which was the plan, but while Gandalf threw a vote to J.K. Rowling and Gil voted Monica Geller with tribe newcomer Winston Smith, Nick's allies blindsided him for being a threatening player, sending him out of the game at 21st place.

This time around, I can see Nick either going very deep or not getting far at all. If he is seen as a threat amongst threats, he will likely be blindsided like in Heroes vs Villains. However, chances are he has learnt from that, and will once again be an active player, always on his toes. He has proved that he can go from the bottom to the top, can be in partnerships and alone, he has the social skills necessary, a strategic mind and he has proved that he is more than decent in challenges. His relationship with Alex Blake will very likely come into play once more, and those two could very likely be a power couple. In the end, I'd predict a very high placement for Nick Fury, but I don't think anyone would take him to the end - that said, he can very well get there through immunity wins."

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