Cast assessment for Survivor: Winners, by host Nathaniel Swede.Edit


Swede: "This cast is quite possibly the strongest cast we've ever seen. All winners are coming back to compete once more, and the winner will become the first two-time winner, in addition to being the best of the best. The season itself is packed with twists, so the winners will have to be on their toes all season, because their games could end in seconds. That said, I am excited to see how things will play out with a cast this legendary. It's also our first all-returnee season without Boba Fett, and although he will be missed, I have no doubts that this cast will more than make up for the lack of him."

Ron WeasleyEdit

Swede: "What better way to start off than with the first winner ever? Ron 'Weasle' Weasley started off by being in the majority. After the swap, he found himself in a tie, along with Hagrid, but managed to turn the tide and save himself in the revote. When the merge came around, Ron made sure to get into the majority, where he stayed until the final 6. However, even before then, he showed deceptiveness by convincing Remus Lupin to play an Idol on Dudley Dursley, which led to Hermione Granger's elimination. Once the final 6 came around, he tried to blindside his ally Harry Potter, who in the same tribal saved Ron himself by playing an Idol on him, but an Idol play from Draco Malfoy stopped Ron's plans. In the next tribal, Ron gathered his close ally Lupin and also brought along Lord Voldemort to take out Draco. The tribal after, he flipped on an ally once again, using Voldemort to send home Lupin. He was then taken to the Final Tribal Council by Voldemort, where his former allies Harry and Lupin felt betrayed by him, and Hermione didn't appreciate his deceptive gameplay. All three voted for Voldemort, but Ron had earned the respect of villains Dudley and Draco, as well as that of Sirius Black and Severus Snape, which gave him the four votes he needed to win.

This time around, Ron will have a much harder time. He could play as well as he did in his first season much because it was the first season ever, but also because everyone saw him as the nice although somewhat dumb boy he made himself out to be. Now, everyone knows what he can do, and if they're smart, they will turn on Ron before he can turn on them. Unfortunately, I predict an early boot for Ron. However, I wouldn't put it past him to create some chaos and use that to his advantage to make it further, or make himself out to be a free number others can use from vote to vote, and make it to the end that way. All in all, despite the early exit I think he will have, it is going to be very fun to once more see Ron's antics, and hopefully once again see him 'Weasle' his way to the end."


Swede: "Oh, Gandalf. What a character. A true hero in his first season, doing what he believed to be right and not changing for anyone, he often was in the minority, but used his social skills to survive vote after vote, until he could send home his season-long rival Master of Lake-town after winning the Final Immunity Challenge. In the Final Tribal Council, he was praised for being himself and managing to survive despite having no special items, which gave him the win in a 7-2 marginal. He also only received a single vote, from Gimli, during the season, which means he played an almost perfect game.

When he returned to Heroes vs Villains, I had high hopes for Gandalf. Everyone looked forward to seeing him again, but unfortunately things did take a slight route for the sour after some days in the game. At the start, he agreed with his tribe in the decision to take out Kamado Ueshita. However, he then began getting visions of 'ruthless authors' that he feared would send him home, and so he began plotting against J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins. While he did this, his mind became wilder and wilder, until he was being referred to as a 'crazy old guy with a stick' by his fellow players. Once the merge hit, Gandalf was a loud presence in the game, speaking his mind openly, and also being suspected of having lost his mind by other competitors. Only his former rival and enemy, the Master of Lake-town, was able to communicate with him, connecting with him on a deep level. When everyone else voted Gandalf out of the game at the first merged tribal, Gandalf became a Juror, and gave his vote to the Master, which helped him gain the win.

The relationship of the Master and Gandalf is one I very much look forward to this season. They've gone from enemies to friends, and I can't wait to see what their relationship will evolve to next. As for Gandalf's chances in this season, I actually think they've very good. Gandalf has some of the best premonitions out of everyone that's ever played. His original season he warned people of the Master, who was named Player of the Season, and in Heroes vs Villains he warned about the authors, who both made the final 5, causing several blindsides along the way, as well as Draco Malfoy once the merge hit, who did make it to the Final Tribal Council, coming only a couple of votes away from winning. I think that if Gandalf can find an ally that's willing to protect him in exchange for his reads on people, he is set to go. He has also been to therapy since Heroes vs Villains ended, so he should be in the correct mindset this time around. If he can be more 'Lord of the Rings'-Gandalf, and less crazy old guy with a stick, I think Gandalf can make it very far once again - and potentially even win."


Swede: "Yoda's a very interesting case. Usually regarded as one of the worst winners ever, Yoda lay low during the start of Star Wars, being seen as a generally respected character with wise advice for his allies. When the swap came, Yoda found an Idol, which he held onto during the first tribal despite being a target, having Jar Jar Binks eliminated. He then joined the others in getting rid of Luke Skywalker, and what followed was an easy path to the merge through immunity wins. The first merged tribal, however, things went south for Yoda. Having been convinced by Boba Fett that Darh Maul needed to go, a majority, including Yoda, voted for him. However, Maul surprisingly played an Idol, prompting Yoda to play his Idol for Darth Sidious, Maul's target. With no votes for anyone, a revote commenced. There, Yoda found himself blindsided by Boba Fett's alliance, their leader having deemed him to be a big threat. That would have been the end of Yoda's journey... If not for a twist. When four people remained in the game, Yoda, along with everyone else eliminated, competed in a challenge, where the winner would get to return to the game. Yoda won, and joined Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett, rather than Han Solo and Mace Windu, in voting out his former ally Mace. When four people remained, Yoda and Jabba thought they would vote out easy target Han, but Boba Fett turned on them, voting Yoda with Han. In the revote that followed, however, Boba Fett turned back to Yoda, saving him from a firemaking challenge. In the Final Immunity Challenge, Yoda then pulled out a surprise win, breaking Jabba's 5-win streak. He followed up by voting out Jabba, after being convinced by Boba Fett that the Hutt's challenge wins would be enough to grant him the win. At the Final Tribal Council, Jurors were disgusted by Boba Fett's dominating gameplay, claiming him to be too much of a villain, while commending Yoda on making it to the end despite having been voted out. In a 7-2 vote, Yoda was deemed the winner of Star Wars.

This time around, it's uncertain how well Yoda will fare. He is up against legends, and the legends will very likely be targetted long before him. However, Yoda has also been voted out as many times as he has played, making him one of few winners to have been voted out every season he's participated in. That is not a good sign, but it could also help Yoda in making a better name for himself this time around. All in all, I expect another early merge boot from Yoda, but he could also go very far. However, this is the best of the best playing, and they will not award a win to someone just for being a nice guy. If Yoda can step it up, I think his chances are decent; otherwise, he'll likely be forgotten soon again."

Nick FuryEdit

Swede: "Nick Fury is a legend. His first season, Marvel, he built connections to his fellow tribemates, joining the majority alliance created by Captain America, of them, Hawkeye, Hulk and Black Widow. The first tribal council, they split votes between Spiderman and Thor, successfully sending Thor home. The tribal after, it was revealed that Black Widow leaked information, and the entire tribe voted her out. Nick found a Hidden Immunity Idol the next episode, which he would keep for a while. At the final 13 everyone went to tribal, with one person being safe - Nick managed to win that challenge, and as such was excluded from the tribal council where Hawkeye was booted unanimously, joining the post-switch tribe Hawkeye had been voted out of. The final tribal council before the merge, Nick talked to his remaining ally Captain America, going hard for Iron Man. Iron Man tried to get Nick out in return, but was unanimously sent home when the X-Men decided to side with Nick and Captain America. Once the merge hit, Nick was in the minority tribe-wise. He won the first immunity challenge, but had to turn on his closest ally Captain America at the first merged tribal. This upset his other close ally Hulk, who refused to work with Nick after that. Nick had opened up other paths though, and at the next tribal his longtime adversary Spiderman was sent home. After that, Hulk followed. Nick voted Mystique to try making it up to the big guy, but it wouldn't help, as Hulk was one of two people to not vote for Nick at the Final Tribal Council later in the season. With Hulk gone, Nick was the last remaining person of his tribe. A close triangle relationship between him, Magneto and Rogue was created, with the three controlling the rest of the season, by working in ever-changing pairs with each other, as well as using Nick's and Magneto's Idols correctly. At the final 4, Nick won immunity again. Rogue and him both wanted to take Wolverine to the end, for his underwhelming social, physical and strategic gameplay, which led to the two teaming up on and taking out Magneto, who wanted the trio to make the final 3. Nick then won the Final Immunity Challenge, sending home his ally Rogue, taking Wolverine to the end. At the Final Tribal Council, Hulk and Mystique were upset that Nick betrayed his closest ally Captain America, while the others commended him for making it to the end and controlling so much of the game despite starting out in the minority, giving Nick a 5-2 win.

Nick then returned for All-Stars, as one of two winners along with fellow underdog winner Alex Blake. On his starting tribe he found his two enemy-allies from Marvel; Magneto and Rogue. They lost the second challenge, and rather than voting someone out, the three agreed to, out of respect for each other, draw rocks and let the surviving two people play. Magneto drew the purple rock, letting Nick and Rogue live to see another day. Nick was then swapped to a tribe consisting of himself and Criminal Minds players Aaron Hotchner and Ashley Seaver. They lost a challenge, and Nick managed to break up the strong pair by suggesting another rock draw, letting fate determine who should play and who shouldn't. The two agreed, which resulted in Seaver being rocked out. Tribes were then swapped again, placing Nick on a tribe with Boromir, Keith Dudemeister, the Janitor and Mace Windu. The tribe never lost a challenge, sending Nick to the merge yet again. However, while on that tribe, he did find yet another Idol. At the first merged tribal, Nick was part of a majority that wanted Boromir gone. Before the second tribal, Nick was well-liked by the tribe, and was particularly close with fellow winner Alex Blake, as well as fellow Marvel player Rogue - only Aaron Hotchner disliked him. Nick almost went home in the second merged tribal when an Idol was played on the Janitor, and Hotchner threw a vote at Nick. Nick threw a vote at Susan though, causing a 3-way tie with the Janitor's vote at Mace. Mace was voted out, with the Master of Lake-town following him - a player Nick had grown close to and wasn't ready to see go. At this point, people were getting scared of Nick, as he was a former winner still in the game. He won immunity though, and swung just enough people over to his side along with Blake, sending home Dudley Dursley. Blake and Nick were then getting thrown to the side by most people, so that they couldn't have a word in who went home - only Rogue still kept in touch with Nick, who won another immunity challenge. Keith was blindsided for being likeable, and then Nick lost the next challenge. Everyone turned on him, but he used his Idol to eliminate his rival Hotchner. The next tribal council everyone agreed to send Susan Bunch home, but the final five of Nick, Blake, Rogue, Harry Potter and the Janitor was very tense. Nick and Blake were forced to turn on each other, with the Janitor taking Blake's side and Rogue taking Nick's side. Harry seemed to be a swing vote, but Rogue had an Idol that she used on Nick - negating the two votes cast against him, since Harry had sided with them after all. When the Janitor won his third consecutive immunity challenge at the final 4, Harry and Nick turned on each other. Rogue sided with Nick, but the Janitor sided with Harry - in a firemaking tiebreaker, Nick Fury was eliminated for the first time, becoming a Jury member. At the Final Tribal Council, Nick, along with Rogue, Susan and Mace, voted for the Janitor, deeming his gameplay to be superior to that of Harry Potter.

Nick returned once more to play the game - this time in Heroes vs Villains. This time around, his game was cut short. He joined the majority in voting out Kamado Ueshita at the first tribal council, but in the second tribal his closest ally Alex Blake was captured away from their tribe, leading to Nick being betrayed by his other allies. He voted for Gil Grissom, which was the plan, but while Gandalf threw a vote to J.K. Rowling and Gil voted Monica Geller with tribe newcomer Winston Smith, Nick's allies blindsided him for being a threatening player, sending him out of the game at 21st place.

This time around, I can see Nick either going very deep or not getting far at all. If he is seen as a threat amongst threats, he will likely be blindsided like in Heroes vs Villains. However, chances are he has learnt from that, and will once again be an active player, always on his toes. He has proved that he can go from the bottom to the top, can be in partnerships and alone, he has the social skills necessary, a strategic mind and he has proved that he is more than decent in challenges. His relationship with Alex Blake will very likely come into play once more, and those two could very likely be a power couple. In the end, I'd predict a very high placement for Nick Fury, but I don't think anyone would take him to the end - that said, he can very well get there through immunity wins."

Monica GellerEdit

Swede: "Monica's a perfect example of player growth. She may only have played twice, but she truly evolved during her second time, which makes her quite unique. The first time she played, Monica was on the outs from the get-go. While the rest of her tribe fought a war of Ben vs Rachel during the first tribal, Monica voted for Susan, only because she disliked her. However, Monica realised her mistake, and started building bonds with her tribemates, Richard, Rachel and Susan in particular. The next vote, the four bonded together, voting out Monica's own mother. Monica, however, wasn't fond of that - starting a rebellion against Rachel. However, Richard saw Rachel going home as detrimental to his game, so he used his Idol to save her, resulting in Ross' elimination. Monica rebonded with her old friends once more, and the three took out Janice, whom they trusted less than Susan. A swap then happened, which was to Monica's advantage. Her tribe lost the challenge, but she, Richard and Susan had the numbers advantage. It came down to Chandler or Carol, but the trio determined Carol posed a bigger threat in an upcoming merge. And indeed, the merge was next! Monica found a new friend in her father Jack, who was blindsided at the first merged vote, where he and Monica tried to take out Susan. Monica, whose ride in the game had been full of ups and downs at this point, joined the rest of the tribe for a simple vote-off in Mike. Well, the rest of the tribe with one exception: Chandler. He voted for Monica, and spent the entire next round campaining for her to be voted out. He swayed Susan, who was still upset with Monica voting for her at the merge, and Phoebe. Richard, meanwhile, tried saving Monica, getting Rachel and Emily to join him. In the end, Monica threw a seemingly random vote Richard's way, tying the votes. Everyone voted out Chandler in the revote, but Monica knew that she easily could end up in trouble again. She worked hard, winning reward, and using the clue she won, she found an Idol. Monica, along with Richard, Emily and Rachel, decided to finally take out Susan once and for all. Rachel, however, was swayed by Susan ad Phoebe, who argued that Emily had grown closer to Rachel's allies than herself. At tribal, Monica had a bad feeling, so she played her Idol. That turned out to be the right decision, as the votes tied once again, this time going to rocks. Out of Richard and Phoebe, Richard was the unluckier one, drawing the wrong rock and being eliminated. Immediately after, there was time for yet another tribal, in a surprising twist. Monica thought it was over for her, throwing a vote Phoebe's way, while her remaining ally Emily voted for Susan. However, Rachel and Phoebe both saw the threat that was Susan, shockingly blindsiding her. At the final four, Monica convinced Rachel to vote with her and Emily, sending Phoebe home. Rachel later won the Final Immunity Challenge, deciding to take Monica to the end with her, honouring the bond between the two. At the Final Tribal Council, Monica was commended for her underdog story, while receiving critisism of relying on Richard too much. Rachel, on the other hand, received critisism for making questionable moves, as well as for not connecting the same way to people Monica did. In the end, Susan felt betrayed by Monica, while Emily and Chandler both thought Rachel played better. Richard and Jack, however, preferred Monica's social game with them, while Phoebe and Mike felt that she had played stronger than Rachel overall. Together, this narrowly granted Monica the win.

Due to her underdog story and positive attitude, Monica returned for Heroes vs Villains, placing on the Heroes tribe. There, she immediately connected with her brother Ross, and the two decided to try getting to the end together. Monica also bonded with Hermione Granger, who in turn had bonded with fellow magician Gandalf. The four decided to stick together. Meanwhile, Rogue, Nick Fury and Alex Blake reconnected their tight All-Stars trio. Kamado Ueshita, Gil Grissom and Jennifer Jareau also formed a trio, which in turn formed an alliance with writer duo J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins. After the tribe lost the first immunity challenge and Rowling was kidnapped, it was clear the two alliances of four would go against each other, with the All-Stars trio in the middle. Monica argued that Kamado was the biggest social threat in the game, which swayed the trio to vote with her at tribal council. As the days moved on, Monica strengthened her bonds with Ross and Hermione. When the latter swapped tribes with Winston Smith, Monica also began connecting more with her other tribe members - especially the author duo of Rowling and Collins. After Ross found an Idol and shared it with his sister, Monica felt more courageous, deciding that she wanted to make a move against a power player. And so, next time they lost and Blake was kidnapped, Monica gathered her brother, the author duo and JJ, suggesting a blindside on power player Nick Fury, who thought the target was outsider Gil, a person that only really had bonded with newcomer Winston. While Gandalf went around shouting about getting one of the two authors out, the two also convinced Nick's close ally Rogue that him going would be in her best interest. Monica was targetted by Gil and Winston that tribal, but the blindside worked, eliminating Nick Fury from the game. As Blake returned to the tribe, she was now the obvious target as soon as the tribe lost again, which Monica was more than fine with. However, next time the tribe lost, Blake was kidnapped yet again. This caused Monica to look for a new target. She talked to outsiders Gil and Winston, promising them safety if they helped her eliminate JJ, who Monica's brother Ross had explained was a great player, which he had experienced first-hand in Revenge. The outsiders agreed, but also leaked the plan, causing JJ to target Ross. While Gandalf still went on and on about the authors, everyone else agreed JJ had to go, sending her out of the game. Meanwhile, Blake swapped tribes with Hermione, causing Monica's close ally to return to her. The two, along with Ross, Rogue and the authors, formed a close majority alliance. However, next time the Heroes lost immunity, Monica was kidnapped. While on the Villains tribe, she grew especially close to Draco Malfoy, with the two promising to meet up at the merge if both made it that far. However, on Monica's own tribe, Ross started surpecting Monica was closer to Hermione than to himself, taking the decision to try blindsiding her. He gathered the authors, and the trio, joined by eternal outsiders Gil and Winston, blindsided Hermione, who, along with Rogue, thought Gil was the target. As Monica returned, she was flabbergasted by what her brother had done - but despite the two making up afterwards, a crack had been created in Monica's trust in Ross. The Heroes would go on to win the next four challenges, avoiding any possible conflict. They then lost the last challenge before the merge, but Rowling swapped tribes with Boba Fett, sending him to the Heroes' tribal. Everyone agreed to band together to take out the newcomer, even crazy Gandalf, but after voting, Winston had second thoughts, using his Idol on Boba. This caused Gil, who Boba saw as a threat come merge, to be eliminated. The tribes then merged, with the Heroes winning the first reward challenge, granting them all pre-vote Immunity Idols. Monica played hers at the first tribal, where everyone, except for the Master of Lake-town, agreed to eliminate the crazy Gandalf. With ten people remaining in the game, Monica realised she needed a majority alliance. She gathered her old allies Ross, Rogue and the authors and added her new close ally Draco. This alienated Boba and Master, both of whom Draco was close to, as well as regular outsiders Winston and Blake. However, after Monica won immunity, Rogue realised that eliminating Ross would be necessary to split up the brother-sister pair, causing the siblings, authors and Villains to go for her instead. In a very messy vote, Monica, Collins, Draco, Boba and Master sent Rogue out of the game, while Ross and Rowling voted for Boba and Draco, respectively, in the case of an Idol, Rogue voted for Ross, Winston voted for Master and Blake voted for Collins. Next round, Monica was adamant on sending Alex Blake out of the game. She was successful in gathering the entire tribe on her side, sending the Monica-voting Blake out of the game. The vote after was a strange one, as the authors split up, with Rowling gathering everyone against Collins. Collins played her Idol though, sending Boba Fett out of the game. The episode after that, Monica's final one, was war. Monica's doubts made her decide to take out her brother before he could take her out, meaning everyone else had to choose a side. Draco, Monica's now closest ally, took her side, while Winston and Master opted to take out the bigger threat in Monica. This left the authors, now reunited, in the middle, deciding what to do. Ultimately, the two saw Monica as a bigger social and strategic threat, sending her home at 7th place. At the Final Tribal Council, Monica voted for her close ally Draco over her brother and Master, who ended up winning. For her strong grip on most tribals she attended, as well as her ability to keep players working with her, Monica was deemed Player of the Season. This season, I think things could very well go Monica's way. She's played with many of the other winners before, but she won't have a Richard, Rachel, Ross, Hermione or Draco with her this time. Instead, she will have to adapt and form new bonds, which I think we've seen her be able to do many a time. Monica will very likely become a huge target when the endgame approaches, but up until then I have no doubts she will take control, adapt and form bonds able to take her very far. Unless she is very unfortunate in the early game, or someone targets her for her what she's able to do, she will definitely go far. Win? Probably not. Player of the Season contender? Most certainly. Overall, I'm very excited to see what Monica will do this season."

Alex BlakeEdit

Swede: "Yet another legend. Alex Blake has played thrice before, making the merge every single time, which only goes to show just how great of a player she is. The first time she played was in our 6th season, Criminal Minds - Battle of the Genders. Blake was well-liked by most members of her tribe, and grew extremely close to fellow player Penelope Garcia. After the third immunity challenge, the first of many losses for the tribe, Blake joined the majority in eliminating Kate Callahan, who rubbed many tribe members the wrong way. After losing the next challenge as well, an overwhelming majority decided to eliminate the friendly Jennifer Jareau, leaving both Blake and Garcia out of the loop. Blake saw this as a bad sign, and immediately started socialising with people. She created bonds with every single person on her tribe, using well-thought-out arguments to get people to listen to her. She then took a step back and looked at things from a logical perspective, deciding to target the duo of Erin Strauss and Haley Brooks, who were running the tribe since their second tribal. She even succeeded in turning the duo against each other, and at the next tribal, Haley was unanimously eliminated. The tribal was then revealed to be a double tribal, meaning another person was getting voted out, and a discussion broke out. Blake immediately suggested Strauss, who was on the outs, but Strauss argued to everyone that if Blake had managed to go from on the outs to leader, was she not the bigger threat of the two? Ultimately, Strauss only managed to get Emily Prentiss on her side, as everyone else joined Blake in eliminating her. Next tribal, Blake got the tribe to vote out Prentiss, the only person that had sided with Strauss, leaving only five people. When the tribe lost yet another challenge, Beth Clemmons decided that Blake had run the tribe for far too long and had to go. However, when trying to get people to vote with her, nobody really wanted Blake to go. The duo of Blake and Garcia, meanwhile, struggled to find a common target, as Blake wanted to eliminate Elle Greenaway, while Garcia wanted to get rid of challenge beast Ashley Seaver. Elle, meanwhile, wanted to get rid of Garcia. Seaver turned out to be the swing vote, but Blake made a deal with her to keep her safe if she helped her eliminate Elle, which Seaver agreed to and did. At the next tribal, he last one before the merge, Beth was the easy vote. However, Seaver, in the hopes of getting rid of a huge threat, went to Beth and suggested voting out Blake. Beth doubted Seaver's honesty and went with her gut, that told her to go for Garcia, which got her voted out by the Blake and Garcia duo. Next up was the merge! Blake immediately got to work - her goal being to break up and integrate herself into the men's group. Unfortunately, the men were very tight, but Blake at least managed to become well-liked by most of them. At the first merged tribal, the men decided to split votes between Blake and Garcia, despite the fact that most people agreed that Idols likely weren't in play that season. The duo was forced to vote for each other, but Blake was just liked enough to be kept over Garcia. With her closest ally now gone, Blake realised integrating herself into the men's group would be impossible, so instead, she begun to work on splitting them up and turn other people into targets. She managed to get Mateo Cruz, as well as serial killers George Foyet and John Curtis, to see how big of a threat the muscular and likeable Derek Morgan could be. Morgan, meanwhile, wanted to target the smart Spencer Reid - who, in turn, thought George Foyet couldn't be trusted enough to be kept in the game any longer. Seaver, Aaron Hotchner and David Rossi sided with Morgan, creating a tie. At the revote, Seaver, Hotchner and Rossi realised they were outnumbered, joining the other 4 in eliminating Morgan. Next tribal was yet another double tribal. Seaver had just won the first of many immunities, so Blake knew she had to find someone to target. The answer came thanks to Spencer Reid, who still wanted Foyet gone. The two teamed up with Seaver, convincing the others that Foyet had to go. At the next part of the double tribal, however, Reid was pushing hard for the other serial killer, John Curtis, to go. Blake and Seaver agreed with him, but Curtis tried to argue that Rossi would be the better person to eliminate, which Hotchner agreed to. This caused Rossi to target Hotchner, leaving only the undecided Cruz. Ultimately, Cruz sided with Curtis, leading to yet another tie. Hotchner and Cruz, knowing they were the minority, joined the others in eliminating Curtis at the revote. For the next couple of tribals, things followed the same pattern. Seaver won immunity, Blake convinced the others that someone else - first Reid and then Rossi - had to go, and they were unanimously eliminated. At the final 4, Seaver won immunity again, and decided to go after Blake yet again, knowing she could win against everyone at the end. Hearing this, Blake made deals with both Hotchner and Cruz, promising to take them to the end if they voted for the other person. At tribal, Seaver's wishes to eliminate Blake went unheard, as both other players took Blake up on her promises. Blake herself decided to side with Hotchner, knowing he had a better chance of winning the Final Immunity Challenge than Cruz. That thought would lead to payoff, as Hotchner beat Seaver at the Final Immunity Challenge, eliminating the challenge beast from the game. At the Final Tribal Council, Blake was commended for her incredibly strategic and social game, while Hotchner received praise for his leader abilities and never giving up. Ultimately, everyone but Curtis and Rossi voted for Blake, granting her the win in a 5-2 vote. For her incredible gameplay, Blake was also named Player of the Season.

Blake later retuned for All-Stars, the first returnee season. Her original tribe of herself, Seaver and Hotchner didn't lose a single challenge - neither did her swapped tribe of herself, Rogue and Harry Potter. However, her third tribe of herself, Rogue, Jabba the Hutt, Susan Bunch and Dudley Dursley did lose a challenge. While Blake connected well with everyone, Jabba made himself a target not only for rubbing people the wrong way, but also for being a known challenge beast. Despite his tries to get Rogue eliminated, the other four sent him home, and also made the merge by winning the next challenge. Blake won the first individual immunity challenge, granting her safety from the first merged tribal, where Boromir was voted out by everyone but Mace Windu. A surprise double tribal made most people, including Blake, to quickly vote for who they deemed most threatening - the Janitor. However, after voting, Dudley changed his mind and played his Idol on the Janitor. Due to Nick throwing a vote onto Susan and Hotchner throwing a vote onto Nick, in addition to the Janitor's vote for Mace, a 1-1-1 tie happened. With little time to think, Blake voted for outsider Mace - which, along with votes from the Janitor, Rogue and the Master of Lake-town, eliminated the last Star Wars returnee from the game. With 10 people now remaining in the game, the spotlight was thrown onto Blake by the Master. With Keith Dudemeister and Dudley on the Master's side, Blake gathered Hotchner and Susan to retaliate. This left Nick Fury, Harry Potter, the Janitor and Rogue as swing votes heading into tribal. While Fury sided with the Master, the other three sided with Blake, sending the Master home. Blake knew she needed a close ally this time around, someone that understood her, and so she started talking to Nick. The two connected instantly, bonding over being likeminded, former winners. Next tribal, Dudley wanted Harry gone, which Rogue, the Janitor and Hotchner all thought was a good idea. Blake and Nick both wanted to keep Harry in the game though, and tried saving him. They managed to sway Susan to their side, leaving Keith as the swing at tribal. Ultimately, the duo convinced him to go with them, eliminating Dudley from the game. After their performance during ribal, Nick and Blake were ignored completely during the next round, so that they wouldn't be able to convince others to do their bidding. Ultimately, Keith was blindsided, although Blake and Nick both voted for Susan to go. Blake won the next immunity, and as to not be ignored any longer, she decided to make her and Nick seem split up, so she started going around to everyone, telling them to vote for him - knowing he had an Idol he could save himself with. And save himself Nick did, eliminating Aaron Hotchner from the game while doing so. Blake, now in more danger than ever, was then targetted by Susan, who thought it was time to take out the winners. The other five, however, all realised their chances of going to the end would be higher if Susan went home instead, which led to Susan being voted out unanimously. It was now that both winners realised one of them would have to go, as the other three would never take them both to the final 4. Blake managed to get the Janitor on her side, while Rogue sided with her long-time friend Nick. Harry seemed like the swing vote, and while he sided with Nick in the end, that didn't matter, as Rogue played her Idol on Nick to ensure Blake's elimination. Blake, now a Juror, voted for Harry at the Final Tribal Council, deeming his social game stronger than that of the Janitor.

Blake returned once again for Heroes vs Villains. Due to her underdog stories and hard work ethic, she was put on the Heroes tribe. She immetidtaely connected to fellow winner and All-Stars player Nick Fury, who in turn was closely connected to Rogue. The three formed a trio, and sided with the alliance of Monica and Ross Geller, Hermione Granger and Gandalf at the first tribal, sending home Kamado Ueshita. The Heroes won the next couple of immunities, and after their next loss, Blake was kidnapped by the Villains. Once there, she fit right in, connecting with multiple people. She considered staying, but ultimately decided to go back to the Heroes. Once she returned, however, she realised her closest ally Nick Fury had been blindsided. Knowing she was now on the bottom, Blake tried to get back into her tribe's good graces, but failed. However, as soon as the Heroes lost their next immunity challenge, Blake motioned for the Villains to once again kidnap her. Knowing and liking her, they did so, saving Blake from certain danger. She chose to swap tribe to the Villains, sending Hermione back to the Heroes. At the Villains tribe, Blake grew close to Boba Fett, the Master of Lake-town and especially Monokuma. Quickly finding steady ground on the tribe, Blake helped eliminate Kurou Amano, Barry Kripke and Dudley Dursley. The next tribal saw Blake in the minority, when her closest ally Monokuma was blindsided, and the last pre-merge tribal, she was kidnapped once again. At the merge, Blake joined most people in voting out Gandalf. The next vote was messy. Rogue made everyone believe she had an Idol, and so pretty much all alliances split votes to stay safe. Blake did so too, voting for Suzanne Collins. Ultimately, Rogue faked it all, and was sent home. Boba Fett won the next reward challenge, taking his closest allies Blake, Winston Smith and the Master with him. There, the four promised to stick together. However, all of this worried Monica Geller, who became adamant on sending Blake home. Her allies ultimately turned on her too, eliminating Blake in a unanimous vote. At the Final Tribal Council, Blake voted for Ross, considering his gameplay superior to that of the other two.

This season, I definitely think Blake will go far. She's logical, smart and very social - the fact that she has reached the merge all three times she's played, despite being in the minority every single time, is astonishing. Will she win again? Unlikely. I think the other winners know her gameplay well enough to not let her get close to the end. But will she last long and have a big impact on the game? Most definitely, and I look forward to seeing Blake quite a lot this season."

John DorianEdit

Swede: "I love J.D. He's such a fun person, and his gameplay is always great. The first time J.D. played was in Scrubs. He started out by being in the majority the first couple of votes, which continued through the swap. He started to struggle at the merge, where he was in the minority before being Idoled out. At Redemption Island, his game truly started to shine. He won battles, getting back into the game, where he won every single challenge until the end. Ultimately, he was rewarded for his personality and physical game, getting the win in a 5-4 vote. His challenge prowess allowed him to return to Endure. There, he was placed on the Egnellah tribe. The tribe did well, but lost the third immunity challenge. A majority of J.D., Ashley Seaver, Pablo Picasso and Daryl Dixon split votes between threats Jabba the Hutt and Charles Dickens, successfully eliminating Jabba. A swap then occured, during which J.D. stayed on Egnellah. J.D. stuck with Ashley Seaver, and together with Byakuya Togami and Kamado Ueshita they formed a majority. However, once they lost the next immunity challenge, the alliance imploded. A split vote between the Golden Lance and Winston Smith was only held by Togami, while J.D. and Kamado tried blindsiding him. Seaver, however, joined the minority in eliminating Kamado. The tribe soon lost yet again, and J.D., seeing no other way out, tried getting the votes on Togami. Togami was joined by Seaver, however, as the two decided they couldn't let both the Golden Lance and Winston reach the merge, with the aforementioned duo voting for outsider J.D. At the revote, Togami stood by his word, while the Lance and Seaver both had second thoughts and changed theirs. This all led to J.D. barely surviving, while Winston was eliminated. Luckily for J.D., the merge came immediately afterwards. There, he connected strongly with Edgar Allan Poe, and voted in a majority alliance the first vote. The second vote, J.D. and Poe tried getting out Charles, but failed. The next two votes, however, they succeeded in eliminating Carl and the Golden Lance. The vote after, J.D., Poe, Togami and Charles split votes between Catherine and Mrs. K. When the latter flipped her vote to Catherine, who stuck to the plan of voting J.D., the eventual winner was eliminated only to return for a second time immediately afterwards. Everyone wanted her gone, but she played an Idol, eliminated J.D.'s closest ally Poe from the game. J.D. wanted Catherine gone yet again next vote, but she eliminated Mrs. K instead, along with Togami and Charles. Next vote, J.D. tried to make everyone see how Catherine would win if she got to the end, but Charles would rather eliminate Togami, who sent J.D. home along with Catherine, deeming him too big of a threat to make it to the end. At the Final Tribal Council, J.D. voted for Catherine, helping her grant the win.

This time, I'm sure J.D. will do well yet again. Sure, he's been voted out both times he's played, but he can stand his own in challenges, is very social and has a good strategic mind as well. I think J.D. might even win again, actually, and he's one of the players I look forward to the very most this season."

Harry PotterEdit

Swede: "Ah, Harry Potter. Not only the first returnee winner ever, but also our first Final Juror ever. Harry is a true leader, being both strategic and social, able to hold his own in challenges, capable of finding Idols - frankly, just playing outright amazing games. In Hogwarts, Harry had an easy path to the merge. He only went to one tribal council, where the tribe unanimously eliminated Ginny Weasley, and Harry also found a Hidden Immunity Idol, the first oen ever found, while on Exile Island. At the merge, Harry, along with the majority of the tribe, failed to vote out Draco Malfoy after an Idol play that sent Severus Snape home, and then eliminated his godfather Sirius Black. The tribal after, Hermoine Granger was eliminated after Remus Lupin played an Idol on Dudley Dursley. The final 6 tribal, one of the most tense and well-known ones ever, was completely masterminded by Harry. He knew that Lupin and Ron Weasley wanted him gone, but he also knew Malfoy likely would save him with an Idol if needed be. So at tribal, Harry played his Idol for Ron, who had 3 votes against him, forcing Malfoy to play his Idol for Harry - which meant Harry's sole vote eliminated Dudley from the game. Harry wanted Lupin gone next vote, but the others wanted Draco to go. Harry then changed his mind to Voldemort, but a surprise deal between the Dark Lord and 'Weasel' Weasley eliminated Lupin instead. After Voldemort won the Final Immunity Challenge, Harry was eliminated. At the Final Tribal Council, he voted for Voldemort, but also recognised that the wizard likely would lose, which he indeed did, due to 'the flaw in the plan' of eliminating Harry over Ron.

Harry's strong gameplay made him return for All-Stars. Here, he yet again made it far without going to tribal. However, his third tribe lost two challenges, during which the majority of Harry, Aaron Hotchner and the Master of Lake-town eliminated the two outsiders of Aragorn and Perry Cox. Then, the merge came. Harry joined the majority in voting out Boromir, but then failed to vote out Susan Bunch in the revote that occured after Dudley played an Idol on the Janitor. Harry rebounced though, getting into the majority that eliminated the Master at the next tribal. The vote after put Harry in a tough spot, as Dudley rallied forces against him, but thanks to Alex Blake, Nick Fury, Keith Dudemeister and Susan, he stayed over his Hogwarts companion. Keith quickly turned on Harry though, wanting to eliminate him the next tribal, but everyone, except the alienated Nick and Blake, voted with Harry to send Keith home instead. An Idol play from Nick eliminated Hotchner next tribal, and everyone came together to vote out Susan the tribal after that. At the final 5, Harry seemed to be the swing between Nick Fury and Rogue or Alex Blake and the Janitor, but his joining of Fury's side mattered little as Rogue played an Idol on the former winner anyway. At the final 4, Harry tried to get rid of the man he had just voted to save, but Nick had Rogue on his side. Thanks to the Janitor, a firemaking tiebreaker occured, which Harry narrowly won. The Janitor then won the Final Immunity Challenge, taking Harry to the end. There, praised for his ability to survive, lead his allies and for being a good person, Harry was granted the win in a 5-4 vote.

This time around, I think Harry's going to be in trouble. He's never really had to struggle with the pre-merge, but this time, he can't make it to the merge through sheer luck like before. If he does make it to the merge, he will definitely get very far, but unfortunately, I think Harry's repuptation and history will put an end to him pre-merge."

David HodgesEdit

Swede: "Hodges is a stellar character that makes for a fun yet exciting game. As the first post-All-Stars winner, he had a lot to prove in the game - and prove it he did. Hodges was generally not so well-liked on his original tribe, and Jim Brass in particular was annoyed by him. Brass therefore voted for Hodges at the only tribal that tribe attended, but Hodges joined the majority in sending Archie Johnson home. Hodges would go to tribal once more before the merge, during which he and his original Day Shift tribemates D.B. Russell and David Phillips eliminated Warrick Brown, who also was annoyed by Hodges. At the merge, Hodges voted Gil Grissom along with most others, but he pulled out an Idol. Due to D.B. voting for Hodges, he was one of the people eligible to be eliminated in the tie. Luckily, only David Phillips voted for him, and Conrad Ecklie was voted out instead. Next tribal, Catherine Willows, Gil Grissom and Raymond Langston banded together, hoping to eliminate Hodges once and for all. Hodges voted for Gil, but the other 5 tribemembers decided to blindside Langston instead. With their ally gone, the next vote was a war between Gil and Catherine. Gil decided to go more heroically, whereas Catherine tried slithering her way through. Only Hodges and Nick Stokes were on Catherine's side, but thanks to an Idol, she survived over Gil. The next few votes were all David Phillips rallying tribemembers to blindside people thinking they were in the majority. Doc Robbins, Julie Finlay and Catherine all had Idols and were all voted against unanimously - the first two didn't play their Idols, but Catherine did, Idoling out David Phillips with it. This led the remaining people, D.B., Nick and Hodges, to eliminate Catherine at the final 4. Nick then won the Final Immunity Challenge, voting out D.B. At the Final Tribal Council, Hodges was praised for trying his very best and having good intentions, while both he and Nick got backlash for following David Phillips most of the game. Ultimately, Hodges was seen as a more individual person than Nick, gaining him the win in a 5-2 vote.

This season, Hodges is probably going home early. It's not that I don't believe in him, but while he always tries his best, I think more well-known players will try to get rid of him, seeing him as an easy vote. Hodges is far from an easy vote, but his bad physical game and tendacy to annoy others will likely do him in pre-merge. That said, I hope he makes me surprised."

Kurou AmanoEdit

Swede: "Here is a big one! Kurou Amano, one of the biggest villains we've ever had - and also one of our best winners at that. Kurou and his eternal tribemate Deus Ex Machina is arguably the most dominating duo ever. Receiving 3 votes against them in total, sharing a combined 7 individual challenge wins and being responsible for most vote-offs in Mirai Nikki, it's not hard to see why. The only three times they went to tribal pre-merge, which was much thanks to the challenge domination of Deus, they controlled the votes without being in danger at all, aside from Deus receiving a stray vote from Tsubaki Kasugano. After the first couple of successful merge votes, the duo split up - Deus started relying on his challenge abilities while Kurou ruled the tribe with his social and strategic game, voting correctly at every single tribal he attended and only getting 2 votes late merge, by Uryu Minene and his son Yukitero, who both realised his control over the tribe. The very last couple of votes, Deus and Kurou came back together, making it to the end. There, both were immensely praised for their combined control over the season, but Kurou's social manipulation was seen as more skillful than Deus' challenge win, granting him the win in a 7-4 vote.

Due to his villainous nature, Kurou returned for Heroes vs Villains, as part of the Villains tribe. While he succeeded in eliminating gigantic threats the Janitor and Priya Koothrappali at the first two tribals, and was kidnapped during the third one, he was blindsided at his third tribal, which eliminated him from the game.

This time around, I am sad to say this history likely will repeat itself. Kurou is just too big of a threat - everyone knows that unless your name is Deus Ex Machina, trusting him will only lead to your elimination, no matter how honest he seems. While I think he will manage to stay a bit into the pre-merge, nobody will risk him reaching the merge, so his final placement will in all likelihood be late pre-merge. However, if he somehow does make it to the merge, few players will be able to stop him from total domination and control."

Hifumi YamadaEdit

Swede: "Oh, Yamada. Not much to say about him - I'm not supposed to be biased, but he's... not the best winner we've had. In Danganronpa, he generally stayed in the majority pre-merge. At the merge, he followed Byakuya Togami's motions of getting rid of Mondo Owada and Monokuma. He then followed Junko Enoshima's try to blindside Togami, which resulted in her elimination. With six people remaining, he and Sakura Ogami were picked up by Togami and his sidekick Celestia Ludenberg to split votes between outsiders Yasuhiro Hagakure and Toko Fukawa. Fukawa sticking to the plan of voting Celestia, while Hagakure betrayed her and voted for her, resulted in her elimination. Next vote, Yamada followed Celestia's attempt to also blindside Togami, which went for her as it did for Junko. Four four people left, Togami snatched up Hagakure and Yamada, and the three voted out Sakura. Togami then won the Final Immunity Challenge and voted out Hagakure. At the Final Tribal Council, Celestia and Toko both appreciated Togami's dominating game, while the other five thought of his arrogance as, thank you Monokuma, 'unbearable', voting against him rather than for Yamada, giving Yamada the win. This time around, I hope Yamada steps up his game, but I doubt he can. He'll probably go home early pre-merge, unless someone sees him as an easy vote to control, in which case he'll make it quite far again - but whatever happens, he won't win."

Joey TribbianiEdit

Swede: "It's Joey! Fun guy, everybody loves him - and why wouldn't they, with his charm? Well, if that charm makes him stand out too much, like in his original season. After an easy vote against outsider Gunther, Joey thought next outsider Phoebe was next. The rest of his tribe, however, saw this as a golden opportunity to blindside him - which they also did. Joey's charm allowed him to come back, though, for our second ever returnee season - Revenge. Here, Joey stepped up his game quite a bit. Sure, the votes in his original tribe were easy, as the two All-Stars players Voldemort and Boba Fett were eliminated, but then a swap happened. Joey connected with his new tribemembers Thor and Yuno Gasai. Meanwhile, other tight bonds had formed between Albus Dumbledore and Jennifer Jaerau, as well as Greg Sanders and Saruman. Joey's trio teamed up with the Albus and JJ duo at the first tribal, eliminating outsider Neville, who voted for Greg while Greg and Saruman voted for Thor. A couple of days after, Joey found an Idol, which would help him later in the game. After the tribe won yet another challenge, Yuno started annoyed the other tribemates, and Joey realised he'd have to cut her - which he, and everyone else in the tribe, did at their next tribal. After losing yet another challenge, the three pairs in the game tried to find another pair to team up with. Joey's charm and Thor's might made them attractive allies, which had Saruman and Greg join them. The four split votes between threats Albus and JJ, who reluctantly voted for each other, getting rid of Albus in the revote. The merge came next, and with it, a whole new game. Thor, seeing Saruman as a big threat, decided that getting rid of him wuld be the duo's best move. Joey, however, disagreed - which led the two to break up as both were incredibly stubborn. It turned into a war between Saruman and Thor, where Saruman got Joey, Luke Skywalker and Will LaMontagne on his side, while Thor got JJ, Greg, Jim Brass, Ross Geller and John Bacchus. Heading into tribal, Joey contemplated whether it would be worth it or not to play his Idol on Saruman. Ultimately, he decided it was, saving Saruman and eliminating Thor. The remaining five of Thor's alliance decided to try again for Saruman next vote, and Joey realised jumping ship would be for the best. Saruman and Luke took offense to this, trying to get rid of Joey instead, while Will stayed true to his word and voted for Brass. As the five enjoyed Joey's company and wanted Saruman gone as revenge for their fallen leader Thor, he was voted out. The vote after, Luke, too, joined the majority and it seemed like Will was the easy vote. While Ross tried to get the others to blindside Brass with him and Will, he failed, and so Will was voted out. Next vote, everyone realised how big of a strategic threat John Bacchus was - but despite everyone voting for him, an Idol had Luke go home instead. It wouldn't help John much though, as everyone voted him out at the next tribal anyway. Now, only five people remained, and everyone had their eyes set on charming underdog Joey. Joey managed to win immunity though, and so everyone had to look for another target. For CSI duo Greg and Brass, that person was Ross - who, along with JJ, would rather see Brass go. Joey was left in the middle, but JJ also had an Idol that could cause some chaos. JJ played the Idol on herself, but received no votes - the CSI duo and Joey all voted for Ross, eliminating him from the game. Now only one challenge remained, and nobody wanted Joey to win it - but he did anyway. The CSI duo now turned on each other, both believing the other to have played the best game of the season. Joey and JJ both saw Greg as a much better player though, eliminating him and sending JJ, Jim Brass and Joey to the Final Tribal Council. There, only Greg saw Brass' game as superior - Thor, Saruman and Will all respected Joey's underdog story despite the fact that he'd voted them out. Luke, John and Ross were all closer to JJ though, voting for her. This resulted in a 3-3-1 tie, where Brass, despite being closer to JJ throughout the game, also respected Joey's game more, voting for him and granting him the win.

This time around, Joey is probably making it quite far. His ability to make people like him often puts him in danger, but he's evolved rather than devolved as a player, which is why I think he will go far this time too. Will he win? Not sure. It's certainly possible, but I don't think so. He's definitely having an impact on the game though, and I think that if he makes it past the early stages of the game, Joey will be someone to watch out for this season."


Swede: "Odysseus is an honourable man. He won Literature through strength and honour, never backing down. The first tribal, he was in the majority against outsider Aslan. The second one, he tried eliminating Katniss Everdeen with Don Quixote and Hamlet, which failed as Don was eliminated by everyone else. This led Hamlet and Osyeesus to vow revenge for their fallen friend - and revenge would they get. They adapted themselves into the majority, and survived the next two unanimous votes against Sherlock Holmes and Winston Smith, who played an Idol that eliminated Lyra Belacqua. At the merge, Odysseus wanted to try getting rid of Winston Smith once more, which Mark Twain agreed with, but Winston got the majority to vote with him against Philip Pullman while George Orwell, Huckleberry Finn and Pullman voted against Katniss. With the tribal being revealed to be a surprise double tribal, Twain, Orwell, Winston and Ebenezer Scrooge all wanted Hamlet gone. Odysseus helped save his friend though, getting the rest of the tribe to vote for Scrooge with him. Hamlet, Odysseus, Huckleberry, Katniss and William Shakespeare all decided to stick together for the next vote, wanting Orwell gone - which Winston and Twain thought was an excellent idea. Suzanne Collins, who was tightly allied with Charles Dickens, talked to Orwell about this though, and the latter revealed he had an Idol, which he used to save himself and eliminate Katniss with at tribal. Now, Huckleberry decided it was time to make a move, wanting Odysseus gone. Everyone sided with the eventual winner though, unanimously voting out the child. The next reward challenge was won by Dickens. He shared his reward with Odysseus and Hamlet, hoping to get close to the duo. He succeeded with Hamlet in particular. Next tribal, everyone but Suzanne voted out Winston and the following reward challenge was won by Odysseus. He shared it with Shakespeare, but voted against the majority at the next tribal council, hoping to get rid of Winston's villain friend George Orwell, where Twain instead went home. Next vote, Suzanne wanted to do what Huckleberry had tried earlier, while Dickens wanted Hamlet gone. Odysseus and his friend teamed up with Shakespeare and Orwell to eliminate Suzanne from the game. Next vote, they wanted Orwell gone, but an Idol play from him eliminated Shakespeare instead. With four people remaining, Orwell thought now was the perfect time for Odysseus to go. Hamlet thought the three would finally get rid of Orwell, but Dickens convinced Odysseus he wouldn't get to the end if Hamlet stayed, leading Odysseus to regrettably vote out his long-time friend. Odysseus gave his all to make sure he would win for him though, which resulted at a win in the Final Immunity Challenge, ending Dickens' immunity streak. Odysseus voted out Dickens, as he knew people wouldn't respect Orwell's game. And aside from Winston and Suzanne, he was right, which resulted in Odysseus' 7-2 win.

This time, Odysseus could go anywhere. He really is an unknown factor, but one thing is certain - it is very hard to get rid of him, and I could very well see Odysseus make it to the end yet again, even though he might not win."

J.K. RowlingEdit

Swede: "J.K. Rowling. Arguably our best winner ever, only being two Jury votes away from a perfect game. She's a true legend, and I am so excited to see her play a third time. Her first season, she was on a tribe that lost the first three challenges. The first vote was everyone against Terry Pratchett and in the second one, she teamed up with Jules Verne and J.R.R. Tolkien to eliminate H.G. Wells. Before the next tribal, however, Jules and Tolkien turned against each other. Rowling voted for outsider Edgar Allan Poe, hoping the other two wouldn keep it together and not let their emotions rule, but they couldn't, voting for each other. Poe, meanwhile, voted for Jules, who was the standard person to vote for, which eliminated him along with Tolkien's vote. The remaining three members got to the merge. There, after a messy first tribal where Rowling correctly voted for first an Idoled Poe and then Vivaldi, Rowling yet again joine the majority in sending Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni home. She did the same with Richard Wagner, a vote during which she had immunity, Johann Sebastian Bach and Rembrandt Harmenszoon. Rowling then wanted Tolkien gone, which failed, but she succeeded in sending him home the vote after that. Tolkien's elimination was followed by Poe's, leaving Rowling as the final author standing. Rowling followed by getting rid of Franz Schubert, the final composer, now facing three painters. After a tie between Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh, won by Leonardo, Pablo Picasso won the Final Immunity Challenge. Rowling convinced him to take her to the end over his painter friend, where she was immensely praised for her social game, giving her the win in a 9-2 vote, with only Tolkien and Michelangelo voting for Picasso.

Rowling returned in Heroes vs Villains, as part of the Heroes tribe. She did well in the pre-merge, allying with fellow author Suzanne Collins, and despite the two being called out as threats by Gandalf, she reached the merge after switching to the Villains tribe in order to send Boba Fett to the Heroes' tribal council. At the merge, she and Suzanne caused many blindsides, until Rowling blindsided her ally at the final 5. After losing the Final Immunity Challenge, the former winner was seen as too big of a threat to get to the end, and so was voted out. At the Final Tribal Council, she voted for the Master of Lake-town, respecting his unusual strategy towards the game.

This time, I think Rowling yet again is going very far. She's not winning, nobody is letting her get to the end again, but she will have a huge impact on the season, and she will definitely make it very far."

V.M. KoothrappaliEdit

Swede: "V.M. Koothrappali. In their own ways, each and every member of the Koothrappali family ruled Big Bang Theory, and V.M. was the one that outlasted them all. V.M. was only in trouble at one single point in the game - the first tribal he attended. His son Raj, along with Raj's friend Stuart Bloom, both saw V.M.'s potential, trying to get rid of him. V.M. managed to make sure Howard Wolowitz was voted out over him though - and from there on, his success only grew. A unanimous vote against Wil Wheaton, and another one against Leonard Hofstadter, destroyed by an Idol, lead V.M. to making the merge. There, he and Barry Kripke lead unanimous votes against Mary Cooper and Penny Hofstadter, eliminating them both. The duo also sent home Leonard, with only aj voting to save him. The vote after, everyone wanted V.M.'s daughter Priya gone, but she used her Idol to eliminate her brother Raj instead. A unanimous vote against Stephen Hawking lead to a final five consisting of V.M., his wife, his daughter Priya, his partner Barry and vocal player Sheldon Cooper. Barry and V.M. turned the two women against each other at the next tribal, eliminating Priya after a tie, and V.M. got rid of his wife at the following tribal. Barry won the Final Immunity Challenge, taking his partner V.M. to the Final Tribal Council. There, V.M.'s inviting personality and strong social game was appreciated more, by everyone but Raj and Penny, than Barry's strong strategic and physical, albeit somewhat socially demeaning, game, granting him the win in a 7-2 vote.

This time, V.M. is going far. He only gets better the stronger he goes, can hold his own in challenges, is smart but most importantly, makes everyone want to be his ally. It'll be interesting to see how he'll manage without Barry, who himself didn't do too well without V.M. there, but I think V.M.'s strengths will allow for him to go far this game - and possibly even win."

Master of Lake-townEdit

Swede: "The Master of Lake-town! A true legend, the Master has one of the most unique playing styles out of everyone that's ever played. It's gotten him to the merge thrice, the Final Immunity Challenge twice and the third time he played, it even granted him the win. So, what is it exactly that makes the Master so successful? Well, in Lord of the Rings, he lead the charge to get rid of Saruman. After the swap, Gandalf wanted him gone. The Master got the people on his side though, eliminating the Balrog, but Gandalf then turned everyone against him - if the Master hadn't acted so despairful at tribal, Boromir wouldn't have played his Idol on him, and we would've seen a very different Lord of the Rings play out. The Master made it to the merge after yet another unanimous vote, where he managed to get Gollum out after winning the first individual immunity challenge. After Smaug saved himself from a unanimous elimination, the Witch-king of Angmar teamed up with Gandalf - the two hoping to finally send the Master home. The Master already had Boromir on his side though, and while Gandalf's side got Gimli and outsider threat Smaug, the Master got Frodo Baggins, Gríma Wormtounge, Aragorn and Meriadoc Brandybuck, all of which he used to send home the Witch-king. After everyone voted out Gimli, the Master won a gigantic reward - the One Ring. After Meriadoc and Aragorn used an Idol to eliminate his closest ally Boromir, the Master used his One Ring to skip tribal council twice in a row. Upon his return, Smaug and Gríma were both gone, but luckily the Master won immunity, which resulted in Aragorn's elimination. Despite Gandalf and the Master wanting each other out, they came together at the final four to get rid of Meriadoc. Gandalf then won the Final Immunity Challenge, finally getting rid of the Master, who respected Gandalf's victory over him enough to vote for him at the Final Tribal Council.

The Master returned for All-Stars. He attended one tribal while in the tribes of three, where it quickly became himself against Boba Fett. He managed to get Susan Bunch to side with him though, eliminating Boba. The Master would later go to two more pre-merge tribals, where he, Aaron Hotchner and Harry Potter eliminated Aragorn and Perry Cox. At the merge, the Master was quickly in trouble. He was reunited with Boromir, his close friend, but the majority wanted the two split up. The friends were forced to vote for each other, but the Master was saved as everyone but Mace Windu voted with him. Next tribal, happening immediately after the last one, the Master was back in it, as he joined the majority in voting for the Janitor. The Janitor tricked everyone with an Idol play though, resulting in a 1-1-1-0 vote. At the revote, Master voted for Mace as revenge for last vote, eliminating him. At the tribal that followed, it became the Master against former winner Alex Blake. While the Master had Keith Dudemeister, Dudley Dursley and Nick Fury on his side, the others joined Blake, sending the Master to the Jury. At the Final Tribal Council, the Master respected Harry's play style, voting for him and helping him get the win.

The Master would return once more, for Heroes vs Villains, as a Villain. The Master was in everyone's good graces at first, voting out the Janitor and Priya Koothrappali with the majority, and staying with the majority in their attemp to take out Boba Fett, ruined by an Idol play. Next tribal, someone wanted the Master out - Kurou Amano. The Master managed to get people to save him, however, as everyone but Draco Malfoy voted out the former winner. Next tribal, Master was the only one to vote with Barry Kripke, but he was back in the minority next tribal, getting rid of the dangerous Dudley Dursley. The tribal afterwards, Monokuma and Alex Blake wanted to see outsider George Orwell gone, but Boba Fett decided he'd rather see Monokuma go. The Master was a swing vote, eventually deciding that the duo of Monokuma and Blake was too dangerous to keep around - that said, he was quick to turn on George at the next tribal, voting for him merely because he didn't like him particularly much. At the merge, the Master was reunited with his old rival Gandalf. The old wizard was now insane, but the Master understood him and connected with him - being the only person not to vote him out at the next tribal council. He also joined the majority in voting ou Rogue at the tribal after, and after a nice immunity win, took part in the unanimous vote-off of Alex Blake. An Idol play by Suzanne Collins next tribal negated the unanimous vote against her, sending home Boba Fett, leaving only three origial Villains in the game. In the war of the Geller siblings next tribal, the Master voted out Monica with the majority, and followed suit by voting for Ross the tribal after - who sent Winston Smith home thanks to an Idol play. With five people remaining, the Master won immunity, and took J.K. Rowling's side during the battle fo the authors, helping eliminate Suzanne Collins. He then won the Final Immunity Challenge as well, sending J.K. Rowling home. At the Final Tribal Council, Gandalf voted for the Master, deeming him a true player and a true friend. Also voting for the Master was Boba Fett, liking the Master's playstyle, and the final two votes for the Master, that allowed him to win, came from the authors, who saw his game as underrated and misunderstood, but brilliant.

This time around, the Master is probably winning. He has good bonds with multiple people heading into this game, Gandalf in particular, he's consistent, he has experience, he's good in all aspects across the field and most importantly - nobody sees him as a threat. Where Alex Blake, Nick Fury, Kurou Amano and J.K. Rowling all will enter with gigantic targets on their backs, the Master won't. He can float around freely, talk people into not voting for him, all the while slowly making his way to the end. Yes, there will be times when someone starts a war against him, but if he can survive those, I think the Master of Lake-town is the biggest candidate to winning this game."

Isaac NewtonEdit

Swede: "Isaac Newton won a relatively easy season, and made it all look like child's play while doing so. Afer an easy first vote for Leonardo Fibonacci, he stayed safe until the merge. There, he first tried to get Fibonacci out again, which failed. He therefore decided to take him in instead, creating a core of non-ancient mathematicians and physicists. The alliance eliminated the ancient Akrimedes, Hypatia and Pythagoras, followed by returnee Stephen Hawking. At the final 5, the game truly started. Newton's alliance of himself, René Descartes, Fibonacci and Albert Einstein planned to eliminate Carl von Linné, but he whipped out an Idol. It quickly became Einstein vs Newton, but Newton succeeded in getting everyone else to vote with him. At the final 4, the remaining three of the alliance eliminated Carl, and after winning the Final Immunity Challenge, Newton eliminated Fibonacci. At the Final Tribal Council, Newton and Descartes were both praised for leading their alliance to victory, but Newton's slightly better physical game allowed him to get the win over his partner in a 4-3 vote.

This time, Newton's probably not going to do so well. Let's face it - Science was a very easy season, especially for Newton, but he's playing in the big league now. He's likely going home pre-merge, which is a shame since he is a good and strong leader, but he just lacks the experience most of the other winners have. Sure, he might turn out to be a natural talent at the game, but I doubt it."

Carol PeletierEdit

Swede: "Carol's a good winner. Sure, she was voted out, but she knew she could handle Redemption Island - and her return from it made her stronger than ever. Carol started the game on the ill-fated humans tribe, Manuh. After the tribe lost the second immunity challenge, Carol wanted Carl Grimes out, as did Merle Dixon and Eric Raleigh. Eric was voted out though, and Merle followed suit at the tribe's next tribal. After the tribe lost yet again, Carol was in trouble, as Rosita Espinosa and Spencer Monroe both wanted her out. Carol, having shown her challenge strength by winning a duel against Aaron, managed to make herself seen as an asset though, getting Rosita voted out instead. The tribe got rid of Aaron after yet another loss, and after a double tribal announcement, Carol won individual immunity. Ron Anderson was voted out, leaving the tribe with 4 members: Carol, Carl, Beth Greene and Tyreese Williams. Beth's father Hershel joined the tribe after losing a duel, and voted out his daughter along with Tyreese and Carl, much to Carol's dismay. She managed to stay out of trouble though, as after yet another loss, the tribe voted out Hershel. After the 3-person tribe lost yet again, the obvious choice seemed to be for Tyreese and Carl, long-time allies, to get rid of Carol - but she convinced them that it'd be best for everyone if they went to rocks, as they all thought they all could win over Deanna Monroe at Redemption Island. Tyreese was rocked out, but returned after the next Redemption Island challenge, just in time for the merge. Here, Carol reconnected with Maggie Green, who used her contacts Rick Grimes, Jessie Anderson and Spencer to vote out Tyreese, who everyone deemed to be a gigantic threat both socially and physically. After an easy vote for Sophia Peletier, it became war. Power couple Rick and Jessie wanted Maggie gone, but she was close to Carol, who had Carl on her side. The trio wanted to get rid of Spencer, leaving Sasha Willias and Daryl Dixon as swing votes. Daryl chose to stay out of it all together, while Sasha was swayed by Jessie, voting out Maggie. Carl and Carol were now on the bottom, and the majority split votes between the two next vote, eliminating Carl. Carol managed to survive the next vote due to threat Spencer being blindsided, but was then voted out unanimously. On Redemption Island, she won over her old ally Carl, returning to the game. Now, Jessie had decided Rick was too big of a threat to stay, turning on her close ally. As she had Sasha on her side, Rick decided to make a move against the latter, using outsider Daryl. Carol was left as the swing, and ultimately decided to get rid of Rick. Next vote, Carol wanetd Sasha gone, which failed as Sasha and Daryl blindsided big threat Jessie. Sasha won the Final Immunity Challenge, voting out underdog Daryl, taking Carol to the Final Tribal Council. There, Carol was commended for her social game and never giving up, getting the votes of everyone but Sophia and Spencer, winning the game.

This time, Carol could go anywhere. She can be great in challenges, but usually plays it down unless she feels like she has to. She's strategic too, but her social game is by far her best aspect, managing to avoid being voted out very skillfully. I see Carol as an early merge boot, getting there but ultimately falling victim to bigger players trying to get each other out."

Captain LukiEdit

Swede: "Captain Luki! One of our more sinister winners, Luki was never afraid to cut ties with old allies if new ones could get him further. He played for himself, and only himself - which took him all the way to the end. He created one majority alliance each in his pre-swap and post-swap tribes; pre-merge with King Alafoss, Memsika, Gina and Sylvie and post-merge with Lada, King Argan and the Black Brute, who he eventually betrayed right before the merge. At the merge, he made alliances with various people, always staying in the majority, with the exception of Lada's vote-off. Never being a target for the entirity of the merge, he managed to get taken to the end by his ally Argan. At the Final Tribal Council, both finalists received praise for their skillful gameplays, but also received critisism - Luki for being too deceitful, making people wonder if everything about him was a lie. In the end, Luki managed to convince the majority otherwise, winning in a 5-4 vote.

Luki's not going to have an easy time this season. Sure, he's the only one who knows how to handle skills, but, as with quite a few other winners, nobody is going to trust him. He'll likely be an early boot, but... He's managed to trick people before. If he can do it again, make himself useful to people, then we could very well see Captain Luki go far. But win? I doubt it."

Catherine WillowsEdit

Swede: "Catherine Willows - the winner that never gave up. Despite having been voted out more times than seasons she's played in, Catherine managed to get far both times she played. Her first season was CSI. After being out of the loop in the first tribal, Catherine decided to not make that happen again. She was targetted by Sara Sidle at the first post-swap tribal, but managed to get Wendy Simms and Julie Finlay to vote with her, eliminating Sara. The tribe only went to tribal once more before the merge, during which Catherine was on Exile Island - and there, she found a Hidden Immunity Idol. When Catherine went to Exile again, only a couple of days later, she found yet another Idol - also skipping that tribal council. After being in the minority at the next vote, where her ally Raymond Langston was eliminated, Catherine used her Idol to save herself - unfortunately sending home her last remaining ally Gil Grissom, who the majority had split votes on other than on Catherine. After two blindsides on Albert Robbins and Julie, Catherine realised it was her time to go - and so she used her second Idol, sending home gigantic threat David Phillips. Unfortunately, Catherine was voted out at the next tribal by the other three people remaining in the game. She voted for David Hodges at the Final Tribal Council, helping him get his win.

Catherine's two Idol findings had her return for Endure, on the Idol-finding Lodi tribe. The tribe, consisting of many villains, had alliances all around the place. However, when push came to shove, Draco Malfoy moved quickly, rallying the tribe against Catherine. Catherine replied by noting how Draco had found four Idols across two earlier seasons, and how he, if anyone, would find them first this season too. The tribe agreed, sending Draco home. George Orwell was then blindsided by his close ally Winston Smith, seeing the partnership between the two as a reason for others to target them later. Afer the swap, Catherine immediately connected with Daryl Dixon. The two tried getting out Carl von Linné, but Edgar Allan Poe, Mrs Koothrappali and Charles Dickens blindsided Daryl. Catherine was left alone on the bottom, and despite trying to get rid of Charles for being a challenge threat, she was voted out by her other tribemates. However, only four days later, the merge happened - with all eliminated contestants having a chance to return. Along with Pablo Picasso, Catherine managed to get back into the game. Catherine tried to get rid of Carl once again at the merge, but failed as the majority got rid of Ashley Seaver. Catherine saved herself next round by winning immunity, which made people more willing to work with her. She joined the majority in getting rid of Pablo, and then did the same next vote, finally getting rid of Carl. Catherine failed to vote out Mrs K in the next vote, and was subsequently blindsided at the final 6. Luckily, however, yet another chance to return opened up. Catherine managed to win it, after facing off against fellow merge returnee Pablo in the final part of the competition, returning to the game a second time. Immediately, she found an Idol that could be played after the votes were read - which she used at the next tribal, eliminating Poe who had voted for her alon with everyone else. Catherine successfully voted out Mrs K at the next vote, and then, along with Byakuya Togami, blindsided John Dorian. At the Final Tribal Council, Catherine received critisism for having been voted out twice, but also received praise for always coming back stronger than ever, making it to the end as an underdog. After a tie between herself and Togami, third placer Charles voted for Catherine to win, disliking Togami's attitude, granting her the win.

Catherine is probably going pretty far in this game. She is used to returning after being eliminated, and although I think she's getting voted out for sure, probably more than once, she certainly has the potential to make it all the way to the end. Unless she gets unlucky, Catherine is going far in this game."


Swede: "Finn, the first in a string of post-Endure winners - people that haven't even had a chance to return before this season. Finn played in Back to the Start, a season mirroring our first three in many ways. Pre-merge, Finn had a simple road. After leading votes against returnee Leia pre-swap and Thorin Oakenshield and Peter Pettigrew post-swap, all while not receiving a single vote against him, Finn made it to the merge. Finn was in the majority at the first merge vote, getting rid of Elrond Half-elven, who just had returned to the game. Finn was immune during the second vote, and tried to get rid of Poe Dameron with Armitage Hux and Rubeus Hagrid, which failed when the majority voted Hagrid out. Finn got back into the majority next vote, voting out Arthur Weasley, but was then in danger for the first time. Hux now wanted Finn gone, and got Bellatrix Lestrange to join his cause. Finn, meanwhile, wanted to see Bard the Bowman go. The majority sent home Hux though, deeming him dangerous. Finn was once again in the majority next vote, successfully voting out Poe, and then won the next immunity challenge. Finn used his safety to take charge, leading the tribe against Bellatrix, succeeding in sending her home after a tie vote. Finn won the next immunity too, this time leading the charge against Bard the Bowman - which failed, as Bard, along with Rey and Alastor Moody, voted out Gollum. Rey then wanted to go after Finn, but Finn was smart, and aligned with Moody and Bard himself - using them to blindside Kylo Ren, who had tried to vote out Moody the last couple of tribals. With only four people left, Finn wanted Rey gone. Rey, however, wanted Bard gone, who in turn wanted to see Finn go. Moody was the swing vote, and saw Bard as the most threatening, sending him home. After Rey the won the Final Immunity Challenge, Finn thought he was done for - but managed to convince her that Moody likely would destroy her in a Final Tribal Council, leading to Rey taking Finn with her to the end. There, Finn got the votes of everyone but Bard, Moody and Poe, being rewarded for his scrappiness, challenge prowess and personal strength.

I wish I could say I think Finn's going far this season too. However, I'm not sure if he'll clash well with some of the other winners. Combine that with his insane challenge abilities, and you have a big target on his back. While Finn's shown that he can survive with his back against the wall, I think he will be outsmarted this season, and sent home late pre-merge or early merge."

Felix LeiterEdit

Swede: "Felix Leiter is a great winner from a great season. Bond is, without a doubt, the best newbie season we've ever had, and Felix was the one in it to come out on top. Felix was in a good place pre-swap, although that mattered little as his tribe never went to tribal. The one time his swapped tribe went to tribal, however, Felix voted for Anatol Gogol with Nick Nack and Jaws, while the rest of the tribe voted out Jaws. At the first merge, Felix wanted to see Octopussy go, seeing as how she was controlling the game. She lead the charge to eliminate J.W. Pepper though. Felix won the next reward challenge, getting a clue to the position of the power of Die Another Day. This put a huge target on his back, and he worked hard to make it even bigger. It worked, as everyone but Alec Trevelyan voted for him. Felix used his power, swapping places with Octopussy, sending her out of the game. The tribe then unmerged, and everyone was split into two new tribes. Felix worked hard, getting into a majority alliance with Vesper Lynd, René Mathis, Jack Wade and Miss Moneypenny. The five voted out outsiders Q and Leonid Pushkin, and then the second merge occured. Felix' alliance got Fransisco Scaramanga, Irma Bunt and Nick Nack to vote with them, as they sent Anatol Gogol out of the game. At the next tribal, Felix was immune. His alliance had a big fight at this point, splitting up into two groups - Vesper and Mathis on one side, targetting Moneypenny, who teamed up with Wade and outsider Alec to target Nick Nack, who in turn targetted Mathis with his alliance of Irma and Scaramanga. Felix was the swing vote, and eventually chose to betray all his old allies, eliminating Mathis in a 4-3-2 vote. Felix was now in a power position, and bfore the next tribal, gathered his new allies, as well as new outsider Vesper, hoping to send Alec out of the game. Things didn't go as smoothly as he'd hoped though. While Moneypenny joined the alliance, Irma flipped on it, targetting Nick Nack along with Alex and Wade. While Alec received the most votes, his power of You Only Live Twice saved him, eliminating Nick Nack instead. Next vote, Irma and Wade flipped back, wanting to see Alec go this time. Felix and Vesper saw his uses though, siding with him. Scaramanga and Moneypenny, the swing votes, ultimately decided it was best for their game if Alec went home, which he also did. With only six people remaining, Felix felt he needed to save himself from the bottom. He went to Irma, Wade and Moneypenny, suggesting a blindside on Scaramanga. The trio agreed, and while Scaramanga voted for Vesper and Vesper voted for Irma, Scaramanga was blindsided by the other four. With Felix winning immunity at the final five, everyone stayed together, eliminating Vesper. At the final four, Jack Wade won immunity. He wanted Felix gone, considering him a serious threat to win the Final Immunity Challenge, but nobody seemed interested in doing that, as Moneypenny and Irma would rather see the other go. Irma, however, told Wade that if he gave her his immunity, she'd vote for Felix with him. It was a tough choice for Wade, but he eventually gave in at tribal - only to be completely blindsided when everyone else voted him out, deeming him much too big of a threat to be allowed to stay. Wade's fears came true though, as Felix won the Final Immunity Challenge. He voted out Moneypenny, feeling people would be upset with Irma's flipping - and he was correct, as everyone but Nick Nack, Scaramanga and Wade voted for him to win.

This season, Felix could go anywhere. He's good at surviving when he's on the bottom, he can lead, he's good in challenges - I think he'll go far, probably getting to the late merge, but I don't think he quite makes it all the way to the end."

Coriolanus SnowEdit

Swede: "President Snow. He ruled Hunger Games with an iron fist and his terror knew no limits. He was rewarded for it in the end with a win, and is definitely the better and more memorable winner of our two Hunger Games winners. Pre-merge, Snow only went to tribal twice. The first time, he was targetted by a small group of people, but he managed to crush that rebellion and lead a successful charge to eliminate Rue. The second time, he once against lead the charge, this time against Chaff, eliminating him. At the merge, Snow's partner was swapped from Seneca Crane to Gloss. Gloss won the duo immunity at the first tribal, where Snow failed to eliminate fellow president Coin, but correctly voted out Annie Cresta in a revote. This failure made Snow realise he had to step his game up, which he more than did. Next tribal, Snow had a unique strategy. He lead a successful charge against his partner's old partner, Cashmere, but being certain she would be eliminated, he himself voted for his own partner Gloss - all in order to create paranoia. At the following tribal, Snow wanted Paylor gone. Therefore, he rallied the votes against her partner, Mags. Despite voting for Plutarch Heavensbee himself, in order to create even more paranoia, he successfully got Mags, and by extension Paylor, out after a revote. Snow lead the charge against Pollux at the following tribal, but then failed to eliminate Johanna Mason, as Wiress was sent home instead. Snow retaliated immediately by gathering everyone to vote out first Marvel and then Gale, where Snow cast yet another paranoia vote, this time for Johanna Mason. With five pairs remaining, it became war between presidents Snow and Coin. In a vote where both presidents and their partners got votes, Snow came out victorious. With four pairs remaining, Snow wanted to get rid of gigantic threats Finnick Odair and Beetee Latier. In a revote between Beetee and Snow's partner Gloss, Beetee was eliminated. After Snow's original partner and close ally Seneca won the Final Immunity Challenge, Snow and Gloss teamed up with him and Johanna, eliminating Cato and Boggs from the game. At the Final Tribal Council, Snow's dominance was given much credit. Some, however, felt as though Gloss had done very little while Seneca and Johanna had both been conistent. Ultimately, Snow's dominance won out, as he and Gloss won in a 10-6 vote.

This season, Snow is probably going home early. His dominance through terror was unprecedented, but it will not work again - especially not with other winners. He's also fresh in everyone's memories, so I don't expect President Snow to get very far in this season."


Swede: "Gloss went from minority to majority in his two pre-swap, and repeated the process in his post-swap tribals. At the merge, he mostly followed Snow around, while also being in the good graces of most people - making sure nobody would try to rebel against Snow, and that if they did, they'd want to go for someone else before going for the big boss himself. He did this very well, and despite receiving slack at the Final Tribal Council, he and Snow were rewarded the win. This season, I think Gloss could go anywhere. He's rather likeable, and despite getting many votes thrown his way in Hunger Games, most of them were from people wanting to get to Snow through him. If I had to guess, I'd say that he has a very high chance of going far. There's no real reason to take him out, he's so overshadowed by Snow that people likely don't remember him all that much, and there are much bigger targets to get to before him. Gloss likely won't win, but unless he makes a big mistake, or relies on someone too much once more, he is likely going far in this game."

Final Thoughs and PredictionsEdit

Swede: "This is going to be an incredible season. The cast is legendary and we have some great twists that will keep the castaways on their toes throughout the entire season - it will be tough, but the best of the best will be able to survive and become our first and only two-time winner. So, time for predictions!

24th: Hifumi Yamada, unlikely to be able to save himself.

23rd: Coriolanus Snow, fresh in everyone's memories as a big threat.

22nd: Captain Luki, won't be trusted by anyone.

21st: Ron Weasley, gigantic target on his back and nobody's going to trust him.

20th: David Hodges, for being a challenge liability and an annoyance.

19th: Harry Potter, inexperienced with the pre-merge and will have a huge target on his back.

18th: Isaac Newton, hasn't been to a pre-merge tribal ever before.

17th: Kurou Amano, will last a while, but can't outrun his repuptation forever.

16th: Finn, fresh in everyone's minds and is also someone nobody will want at the merge due to his challenge skills.

15th: Yoda, a simple target nobody will be willing to save.

14th: Carol Peletier, great at the game but not as good as certain others.

13th: Catherine Willows, she can survive a lot, but the other winners will get her out for good around this time.

12th: Gloss, can float by for a long time, but eventually will be targetted by bigger players.

11th: Alex Blake, will be voted out due to her repuptation.

10th: Joey Tribbiani, will be put into danger by his great social skills.

9th: Monica Geller, will control much of the game, until someone rallies everyone else against her.

8th: Felix Leiter, voted out for being a good player, yet not good enough to save himself from that target.

7th: John Dorian, could win, but will probably be voted out before he can win all remaining challenges.

6th: V.M. Koothrappali, could also win but will likely avoid being targetted until everyone realises, at this point, that nobody's targetting him.

5th: Nick Fury, won't be let near that Final Immunity Challenge.

4th: J.K. Rowling, for being the biggest threat in the game, by far.

3rd: Gandalf, cut loose just before the end due to his likeability.

2nd: Odysseus, will go far, but not able to gather the Jury votes necessary to win.

1st: Master of Lake-town, can sneak by under the radar while getting people out, and can also plead a strong enough case at the very end.

That's all for this time! Ultimately, anything could happen this season, and that's what I look forward to the most about it! Now, let's have fun watching the season's events unfold, and thanks for this time!"