The Last Punch is the fifth and penultimate episode of Survivor: Power Rangers.

Previous Episode: Good Old Merge


Reward: Monster Trucks

Each individual would drive a Monster Truck through a race track. The first person to reach the finish line wins.

Reward: An advantage in the next immunity challenge.

Winner: Leanbow

Immunity: TNT

Each individual would have 10,000 pounds of TNT strapped to their backs, and the last person to drop the TNT and run for their life wins.

Winner: Leanbow


Day 16: When the Final Four woke up after last night's Tribal Council, Solaris tried to prove his worth by making them Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes and Orange Juice for breakfast. But Yellow Ranger saw through this, and realized he wasn't doing this out of generosity. Solaris also made them Lunch and Supper.

Day 18: At the Reward Challenge, Solaris and Leanbow were neck and neck but Leanbow pulled out the win. The reward was an advantage at the next immunity challenge.

Day 19: At the Immunity Challenge, Leanbow won by a longshot because of his advantage he won.

When they got back to camp, all of the Kick's decided Solaris was the obvious vote but that didn't stop him from trying to survive. Solaris tried to convince Leanbow and Yellow Ranger that Green Ranger is going to get everyone's jury votes. Leanbow believed it but Yellow Ranger didn't, making Leanbow the swing vote.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 5:

Mystic Force



Solaris (3 votes)

Green Ranger, Leanbow &
Yellow Ranger.

Green Ranger (1 vote)

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