"The Way of the Dragon"
Season Survivor: The New All-Stars
Episode Number 14/15
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The Way of the Dragon is the penultimate episode of Survivor: The New All-Stars.


Reward Challenge: Know Your Loved One
Loved ones stand on a plank over the water, divided into segments. When a player and their loved one provide the same answer to a question, players force any loved one to take a step backwards. The fourth step is into the water, and out of the challenge. Last loved one left dry wins.
Reward: A barbecue and overnight stay with the winner's loved one and two others.
Winner: Luka

Immunity Challenge: A Bit Tipsy
The contestants must stack blocks in a tower on an unstable table. They have to pull on a rope to keep the table balanced while retrieving their blocks. The first contestant to stack their blocks to spell "IMMUNITY" wins.
Winner: Mileena


Day 34Edit

On the thirty-fourth morning, the six New Age members ate together and talked about their lives outside of the game. It was a pleasant moment for everyone.

We're all still shaken from the horrific events of yesterday, and I think it showed us just how fragile people can be. Perhaps we should be more accepting of one another despite our differences in alignment. We are all people, after all.


Barry and Miku shared their first conversation in a long time, talking about how eager they were to see their families and friends again after day thirty-nine.

Out here, relationships are important. It's good to have people to vote with you, but it's also good to be on decent terms with everyone. Miku and I got off on the wrong foot, but she's a really likable person. Cunning and smart, too.


It's nice to see everyone coming together for a change. We may be out to kill each other, but that's no reason not to have an enjoyable time. One of the best things about Survivor is getting to know everyone and make new friends.


Luka and Ramsay were the first to get to game-talk, as Ramsay suggested to her that keeping Mileena over Miku would be a smart move.

As we're slowly moving back into the game, I'm working on easing up Luka. I think that right now, Mileena is the easiest one to beat in the end. However, I need Luka to be willing to vote out Miku. Their Magic Wands can be played up to final five, meaning we'll only have one shot to get rid of Luka. So I need her to be on good terms with me in the chance that she wins final four Immunity. Miku, on the other hand, I want to get out before she reaches final five and both girls play their Magic Wands and lead to another Paul Simon Tribal Council. If that happens, it's game over. One of those two has seized the win.


I think I've figured out Ramsay's course of thinking. He wants us to vote out Miku now so she can't play her Wand with mine at final five. That just makes me more determined to keep her in. If both Miku and myself make final five with our fake Wands, we can make everyone else vote someone else out of fear of being Ringed out. Then we're both in final four and at least one of us will make the final three. We literally can't lose at this point.


Chuck also started talking strategy with Mileena, asking her if she was more loyal to Miku or Luka. She said she wasn't loyal to anyone, she would just go with the flow. Chuck didn't believe it.

What it's looking like... Luka, Miku, and myself are headed for the finals together... If I have to shank one of them, I will. I know they still have their Wands, and we're in for an explosive final five if those come out... Just something to consider...


Mileena is playing off her strategy that she's disloyal to everyone and just voting whoever isn't her. Had this been Mileena from Second Chances, I would have believed her. Not with how she's played The New All-Stars though.


Barry and Ramsay talked about going to the end with Chuck, but Ramsay claimed that Chuck would be a difficult beat. Barry was taken aback, but agreed.

The best final three at this point would be Ramsay, Chuck, and I. But Ramsay doesn't think it's possible to win against Chuck. Sad to say, he's probably right. Chuck is a major leader, and he's charming as all get out. Do I dare go against my alliance again?


Day 35Edit

The final six met Luke for their much anticipated final reward challenge. Every single one of them was brought to tears upon hearing that they would be competing alongside their loved ones, especially Chuck.

With his anticipation, Chuck's son Mike came running out first. Chuck started to cry as he embraced his son, telling him how much he loves him. Next, Luka was prepared for her loved one. Her beloved friend from Survivor: Vocaloids, Kagamine Rin, came running out and tackled Luka in a hug. The two hugged tightly as Luka told the young girl how happy she was to see her. Following right behind, MEIKO from Vocaloids came running out for Miku. Miku ran forward and grabbed MEIKO in an embrace, happily bouncing and tearing up. Luke then pointed out that Barry and his loved one had become the most recurring duo in Survivor history, as his daughter and Survivor: Reusable winner Moira ran out to hug her father. Barry couldn't hold back tears as he hugged and kissed his daughter, more than happy to be the one to compete in more loved ones challenges than anyone else. Next, Ramsay stood in eagerness as his wife Tana came in to hug him. The tearful chef tightly held his wife with tears in his eyes, kissing her and stating his love for her.

Finally, all eyes turned to Mileena. Luke pointed out how Mileena was the first and only person in Survivor history to not have a loved one visit her the last time she reached this point. He then followed it up by saying that that was not the case this time. Bringing Mileena to her knees, her father and contestant from Survivor: Earthrealm, Shao Kahn, entered and embraced his daughter. Mileena tried to act tough as she futilely wiped away her tears, bowing before her father after hugging him. Luke asked Mileena if this made up for last time, to which she replied that it "more than made up for it." As the tears started to settle, the challenge begun.

With the first question, What is your loved one's favorite color?, everyone except for Mike and Moira got it right. Ramsay had Shao Kahn step back, Luka and Miku had Mike step back twice, Mileena had Rin step back. For What is your loved one's favorite food?, Mike and Moira answered incorrectly again. Ramsay, Luka, and Miku all had Shao Kahn step back, eliminating him from the challenge. Mileena's final blow had Moira step back. For What is your loved one's favorite TV show?, everyone answered correctly. Barry had Mike step back, Chuck and Ramsay had MEIKO step back twice, Luka and Miku had Tana step back twice. For What is your loved one's favorite animal?, everyone answered correctly. Barry had Tana step back, Chuck had Moira step back, Ramsay had MEIKO step back, Luka eliminated Mike, Miku had Moira step back. For Where is your loved one's dream vacation?, Moira and Tana answered incorrectly. Luka eliminated Moira and Miku eliminated Tana. With What is your loved one's greatest fear?, Rin answered correctly, automatically eliminating MEIKO and winning reward with Luka.

As Luka and Rin hugged each other, Luke revealed a twist. Luka would choose two people and their loved ones to join her at the barbecue, but the person she chooses to exile would also be joined by their loved one. After a pause, Luka chose Miku and Mileena to join her, as well as sending Ramsay and Tana to Exile Island. Barry and Chuck kissed Moira and Mike goodbye as everyone departed to their respective locations.

Losing this challenge is a major upset. It was great and motivating to see my son Mike again, but it was just too short. Damn, I should have tried harder...


At the site of the barbecue; Luka, Rin, Miku, MEIKO, Mileena, and Shao Kahn gathered for a great time. They talked and discussed what was going on in the game.

When I was asked, I had to come out here for Luka. She and Miku have both been like older sisters to me, and seeing them this far is awe-inspiring! I'm so happy we won that challenge!


Of all reward challenges, this was by far the best one to win. Having Rin-chan out here, along with Miku and MEIKO, really makes me feel like I'm back at home. It's a nice escape.


While openly talking their strategies with their loved ones, MEIKO suggested making the most of Ramsay's help and saving the Magic Wands until they truly need them.

I came out here with Luka and Miku several seasons ago, and it's so surreal to be out here again. Especially since we very well may be seeing these two at the end for the second time. I'm happy to be of any encouragement that I can, I want to see my girls succeed!


While away from the four vocaloids, Mileena told Shao Kahn about her many conflicts in the season. Shao Kahn told his daughter that although it's good to be strong, there are times where everyone must rely on others and work with everything they are given to succeed.

I broke down when I last came out here because nobody came to see me, but this is a moment worth dying for... Talking to my father has opened my eyes to many things that I was blind to, and now I know how I need to go about this journey if I want to succeed in the end...


I failed to achieve glory during my run, but Mileena has had two more opportunities. I do not wish to see her fail, and I would do anything in my power to lead her on the path of success.

–Shao Kahn

Back at camp, Barry and Chuck were torn up about not being picked for the reward. However, they received a surprise when Mike and Moira came out to join them at camp.

So we're sitting around, sad that we didn't win, when all of a sudden Moira and Mike come out of nowhere! It's incredible, it's like Christmas day.


The loved ones shared a tender moment with the castaways, thrilled to be on the beach.

I have been out here more than most players, and it never feels any less rewarding. My father has proven to be incredible at this game, and I'm proud to be his daughter. I played in Game Changers, I know these All-Star seasons are no joke. But I have the utmost confidence that my dad will finish strong.


Chuck and Mike worked together at camp, while the father explained how difficult things were for him at the tribe. Mike offered words of encouragement, reminding his father that anything was possible. He told him to remember "the way of the dragon."

My dad can do anything. If you've ever heard a Chuck Norris joke, you'd know that. He is the strongest person I know, and he has continued to prove it time after time. Even if he doesn't win, he's made me the proudest son on the planet.


Who better to give me advice for the last few days of the game than my own son? He told me to remember the way of the dragon. A beast so strong and determined to overcome anything, yet peace with oneself must first be achieved. While out here, I don't ever get the time to think philosophically. It's great that a family member could do it for me.


On Exile Island, Ramsay and Tana enjoyed their alone time together.

I could not be happier to serve as Gordon's encouragement out here. I am so proud to see him doing so well, but it's nothing I wouldn't expect from him. He is such a loving husband and father, but he is also strong and independent. There is nobody else quite like him.


Ramsay discussed his strategy with his wife, but feared the possibility of something having been found on Exile Island. Tana recommended that he stay likable and put himself before others, including his finals deals.

Tana is an inspiration. Having her out here has been a real treat. For thirty-four days, I fought to stay in without much motivation. Now my motivation has arrived, I'm on top of the world.


Day 36Edit

Rejuvenated, the castaways arrived for their next Immunity challenge. Ramsay returned from Exile Island, as Luke took Immunity back from Luka. With the last three days in sight, everyone was determined to win.

Taking it quickly, Chuck took the lead. Luka and Miku stayed behind, taking it slowly. Barry eventually picked up, right behind Chuck for a while. However, his stack collapsed and forced him to start over. Luka began making more progress, working up to second place. Mileena caught up to her, but Miku's stack fell. Ramsay could hardly get started because his blocks kept falling. Chuck's blocks fell, allowing Luka and Mileena to seize the lead. Staying tied for a while, Luka's stack eventually fell as Mileena spelled out "IMMUNITY" and won it.

Luke presented Mileena with the Immunity necklace, guaranteeing her a spot in the final five. Prepared for disaster to strike, the tribe returned to camp.

With Mileena immune, the choice tonight seems obvious. Luka and Miku can not reach the final five with everything they have. This vote, whoever ends up going, is dedicated to making sure we flush their Wands.


Upon returning, Barry and Chuck met up to plan their vote. They assumed it possible to vote out Miku, but needed Ramsay to convince her that she did not need to play her Magic Wand.

This needs to be Miku's last night here. The only way this can be possible is if Ramsay convinces her that she doesn't need to play her Wand. That might prove to be easy, since she and Luka are probably preparing for fireworks at final five.


Chuck told Ramsay about the plan, which the chef was in favor of.

It seems that we need to vote out Miku with both her advantage and Magic Wand in her pocket. If achievable, that would be the best case.


Luka and Miku made their plans, planning to vote Chuck as usual. However, Miku insisted that Barry would be a better vote, as he had not angered anyone all season and had a good story going for him.

We can go for Chuck like we always do, or we could live dangerously and go after Barry! Think about it. Chuck is like an ideal target, but Barry is the one who's getting on everyone's good side and being everyone's best friend. Let's shake it up a little.


Luka and Miku told Mileena their plan, which Mileena agreed to. Ramsay soon approached Mileena with his plan, but Mileena told him that the girls were plotting against Barry. Despite this, she liked the idea of voting Miku.

It appears that I am faced with a conundrum... Go against Miku to rid this tribe of her advantages, or stay true to my allies and eliminate Barry? This could easily be a tie, so Ramsay's opinion matters too... I just need to remember what my father told me and figure out what to do from there...


Ramsay approached Miku to convince her that Chuck was willing to turn on Barry, attempting to sway her not to use her Wand. Miku was pleased to hear it, but still tried to convince Ramsay to vote Barry, knowing he had his doubts.

Do I believe Chuck really wants to vote Barry? As much as I believe that badgers built Tokyo Tower. My main goal now is to use the threat of rocks to make sure Ramsay sticks with us. The big alliance falls now.


At Tribal Council, the tribe members all agreed to bring their A-games with their loved ones' motivation. Barry attempted to sway his allies to stick together by mentioning how alliances that betray each other are destined to fail. Miku continued advocating against Barry and Chuck, claiming that there were "true threats" living among them. The voting began.

Barry and Chuck sided against Miku, while Luka and Miku sided against Barry. Mileena and Ramsay made their decision and voted together. In a 4-2 vote, Barry was voted out and sent to the Jury. Chuck was speechless, now on his own against a new majority. Luke congratulated the final five on reaching the last three days of the competition, before sending them back to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 16:
New Age
Barry (4 votes)
Gordon, Luka, Miku, & Mileena
Miku (2 votes)
Barry & Chuck

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Please leave with your advantages. Otherwise we're all screwed.


Sorry, but I intend to be the next two-time winner.


Fingers crossed! Please no rocks.


You are too dangerous to keep around. If you are still here tomorrow morning, it's over.


Final WordsEdit

Definitely did not see that coming. Good move, good move. I have nothing to regret, I've done so much and lived the whole Survivor experience. Pre-merge, post-merge, winning, getting blindsided. It has been a wild ride, and I can't wait to contribute to the outcome of this outstanding season.


Still in the RunningEdit

New Age