"The Witches Have Arrived"
Season Survivor: Second Chances 3
Episode Number 11/14
Episode Chronology
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The Witches Have Arrived is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Second Chances 3.


Reward Challenge: Basket Brawl
In each round, one person from each team will battle for a ball and try to get that ball into a basket. The other team member will try to stop them any way they can. Every time they get a ball in the basket, they score a point. The first team to three wins.
Reward: A night at a local resort filled with cats.
Winner: Barry, C.C., Jimin, Phil

Immunity Challenge: Duke It Out
On top of a platform in the water, two competitors must try to knock each other into the water with large rubber sticks. At the end of each battle, the last person standing moves onto the next round. The last person standing wins.
Winner: Phil


Day 28Edit

After the previous vote; Aela, Mileena, and Paige came together to create a trio alliance. Paige dubbed them "the Witches", a small alliance that would overtake the game.

The witches have arrived. I never expected that I would be working with Mileena and Paige, but I'm not complaining. The three of us should have no trouble taking down Phil and his crew.


Alright, Paige... I'll play your little game for now. Don't expect me to stick around if I'm unhappy with a vote though... I want to have a say in this alliance's decisions.


Phil approached Tom to explain that he voted April due to a Geass Idol being played on him by Aela. Tom told Phil that he thought he knew about the vote, which was why he did not tell him.

I don't buy Tom's lies for one second. He knows I can beat him in the end, and he's going to try and vote me out. How sad, I actually wanted to go to the end with him.


I don't think Phil is buying my bullsh*t, which worries me. He's a smart man, and that's why he needs to go soon. If any of us want any shot at winning, he can't be here.


Meanwhile, Barry was devastated, without an ally and the last of his original tribe.

Well, I'm the last of Oodomari. How nice. Now I have no one to rely on, since Paige has betrayed me, Tom has betrayed me, Phil has betrayed me, and C.C. has betrayed me. This is just a sad turnout.


Phil spoke to Barry privately, mentioning how Aela used a Geass Idol on him. Barry was suspicious, but Phil assured Barry that he would be loyal, since his allies turned on him as well. The two agreed to stick together.

Barry is my last hope here. He better not let me down like Tom did. If we let Aela, Paige, and Mileena get much stronger, it's game over for all of us.


C.C. and Jimin walked along the beach side, discussing the game. Jimin told the witch that he trusted her above all else, with C.C. suggesting that they bring in Barry to form a trio to combat the Witches alliance.

Last night's vote went my way, but that's not to say my future will be so lucky... I would like to team up with Jimin and Barry, I think that I can trust them the most... If I could have my way, Aela and Phil would go within the next two votes... Maybe we can make that happen.


이 가장 최근의 투표는보다 많은 동맹국들이 등장 할 수있는 문을 열었습니다. 이제는 두 명이고 배리와 팀을 구성 할 수 있습니다. 바로 내 방향으로 게임을 바꾸기 위해 필요한 일입니다. 큰 선수는 내려야합니다.
Rough Translation: This most recent vote opened a door for more alliances to emerge. Now c two and I can work on forming a team with Barry, which is exactly what needs to happen in order for me to shift the game in my direction. The big players need to go down.


Day 29Edit

The Thunder-Kill members met Luke for their next reward challenge, where they were split into two teams of four. The castaways were both very excited for the reward, knowing they would try their best to win it. The first team was Aela, Mileena, Paige, and Tom. The second team was Barry, C.C., Jimin, and Phil.

Aela and Jimin battled first, with Jimin easily shoving Aela out of the way and scoring the first point for his team. Mileena and Barry went at it next, with Barry proving too heavy for Mileena to knock over, allowing Barry to score the second point for his team. Paige and C.C. battled next, with Paige easily subduing C.C. and scoring the first point for her team. Tom and Phil went next, and took the longest of any pairing, but Phil managed to score the final point and win reward for his team.

Luke congratulated Barry, C.C., Jimin, and Phil on their win. Aela, Mileena, Paige, and Tom were sent back to camp with nothing, while the winners headed off for their reward.

Losing really bites. But I'm good with staying at camp with Aela and Mileena. I need to keep a close eye on them, since they can stab me in the back at any point.


Barry, C.C., Jimin, and Phil arrived at their resort, being greeted by many cats. The four took a moment to stop and pet the felines, each enjoying their furry companions.

Immediately as we got to our reward, a billion cats just came out of the blue and started meowing at us! Seriously, who wouldn't have been able to resist petting them?


After playing with the cats for a while, the four headed inside for dinner. They talked about the game and their personal lives, with Barry reminiscing on a similar moment he had with his family to the moment they were having just then. Suddenly, Phil proposed that the four of them align together to fight the Witches. The four of them agreed that it may be a good idea.

This is perfect. I happened to win a reward with Barry, C.C., and Jimin. Those are the three I would most like to work with right now. If the four of us can agree to stick together, the women are going down. Minus C.C. of course, hahaha.


I think it's funny how everyone that I would like to work with joined me on this trip... Except for Phil. I don't trust him, nor do I think I could beat him... But he is offering an alliance. I would be stupid to turn it down. Especially since Barry and Jimin seem to approve of it, and I want to work with them the most.


Once dinner was over, the four resumed playing with the cats until they each went to take showers.

다시 깨끗하게하는 것이 너무 좋다. 나는 새로운 사람처럼 느껴져.
Rough Translation: It is so nice to be clean again. I feel like a new man.


Back at camp, Tom took a nap in the shelter while the three women talked on the beach side. Soon they were greeted by a cat of their own, which Paige took kindly toward.

It's disappointing not being able to win a challenge, but if it's any consolation, we found a cat that really seems to like me. I'm a tough woman, but I do have a soft spot for cute things.


Paige named the cat "Lucas", mocking the host of the show. Aela and Mileena couldn't help but laugh at Paige's new friend.

So Paige has befriended a cat that she calls Lucas. Who would have ever thought that Paige of all people would fall in love with such an animal?


The cat followed Paige back to camp, where she introduced it to Tom. Paige gave Lucas some of their food, causing the feline to purr and show the wrestler his belly. Paige continued petting the cat throughout the day, which her tribe mates found silly.

I love cats as much as the next guy, but I don't much trust strange animals on deserted islands. Hopefully this "Lucas" doesn't have any diseases or anything.


Day 30Edit

The Thunder-Kill members met Luke for their next Immunity challenge, where Luke took the Immunity necklace back from C.C.. Once the challenge was announced, the eight drew for spots.

The first duel was between Mileena and Tom. Mileena put up a fierce battle, but accidentally slipped off and allowed Tom to win. The second duel was between Aela and Phil. The two battled briefly, until Phil caught Aela by surprise and knocked her off, winning the duel. The next duel was Jimin and Paige, which Paige obliterated Jimin in and won. The next one was between Barry and C.C., where Barry managed to hold his ground and knock C.C. off.

The next round pit Barry against Phil. The duel went on for a while, but Phil knocked Barry off and won the round. Paige and Tom dueled next, but Paige slipped up and allowed Tom to win. The final round pit Phil against Tom, where the two men battled for some time until Phil finally knocked Tom off and won Immunity.

Luke placed the necklace around Phil's neck, assuring Phil that he would not be voted out. However, he reminded the remaining seven that one of them would be going next.

Tough break in the challenge, but it's not over until it's over... If things go according to plan, Aela and Paige will vote someone with me... Who is that, you ask? Well we'll just have to wait and see...


At camp, Paige continued playing with Lucas as she strategized with Aela and Mileena. The three agreed that with Phil immune, Barry was their best bet.

Phil won Immunity, how sad. I suppose this means we must go with the next best option; getting rid of Barry.


Aela checked with Jimin to assure that he was in on the plan, with Jimin giving the approval that he would vote Barry.

오늘 밤 배리가 투표 야. 나는 그와 함께 일하겠다고 말했지만, 점점 더 많은 목표가 될 것입니다. 진지하게, 그는 그의 부족의 마지막입니다. 그것이 투표소에 투표할만한 이유가 아니라면 무엇인지 모르겠습니다.
Rough Translation: Barry is the vote tonight. I know, I said I would work with him, but he's just going to become more and more of a target down the line. Seriously, he's the last of his tribe. If that isn't reason enough to vote him out, I don't know what is.


Jimin approached C.C. and Phil with the idea, but neither of them approved, stating that Mileena needed to go first. Jimin was persistent, which caused C.C. and Phil to conspire against the pop singer.

Jimin is cooking up a plot to betray Barry, so why not betray him? I trust Barry far more than Jimin, so I'll stick my neck out for him.


Phil told Barry and Tom about the plan to vote Jimin, how Jimin was targeting Barry. Tom agreed to vote Jimin to make it up to Phil.

I'm the target now? Thanks a lot, Jimin. I guess it's just hard to get through this game when you have a big ol' sign on your back that reads "Last of tribe, huge underdog!". Hopefully everything will work out and we'll be saying goodbye to Jimin rather than me.


Mileena approached Tom with the idea of voting Barry, which interested him. This now left Tom as the deciding factor to either vote Barry out, or vote Jimin and tie the votes.

This is hard. On one hand, I can prove loyalty to an alliance that can easily vote me out later, but then risk rocks. On the other hand, I can betray them and get Barry out. No vote is ever easy out here, damn this is so hard.


At Tribal Council, Jimin openly stated that there was a serious threat living among them. Phil was also quick to point out that people were acting untrustworthy and that the vote should be obvious. After a lot of tension, the voting began.

Aela, Jimin, Mileena, and Paige cast their votes for Barry. Barry, C.C., and Phil were joined by Tom to vote Jimin. This meant that there was a 4-4 tie. Luke announced that there would be a revote, where everyone except for Barry and Jimin would vote. The second voting commenced.

Once the revotes were read, it became apparent that nobody was going to switch their vote. Luke then told the tribe that they had to come up with a unanimous decision on who to vote out, otherwise Barry and Jimin would become immune and everyone else except for Phil would draw rocks to determine elimination. Mileena openly said that she would be willing to flip if it meant avoiding rocks, with Paige agreeing. However, Aela refused to go against her word. C.C., Phil, and Tom tried to convince Aela to flip, but Aela refused to change her vote. Nobody else did either, so Luke pulled out the bag of rocks.

One at a time; Aela, C.C., Mileena, Paige, and Tom reached into the bag of rocks, knowing that one of them would be eliminated by pure random selection. After holding the rocks in their clenched hands for a while, Luke gave the word for them to open their hands and reveal their rocks.

After opening their hands, Aela was revealed to have the colored rock. As such, she was eliminated from the game. Mileena and Paige let out disappointing sighs as Aela's torch was snuffed, but Barry and Phil smiled at each other. Luke noted how this vote showed exactly where allegiances stood in the tribe, and just may have an impact in the long-term of the game. The Thunder-Kill members grabbed their torches and returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 14:
First Vote (Tie) Revote (Barry & Jimin
ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Barry (4 votes)
Aela, Jimin, Mileena, & Paige
Barry (3 votes)
Aela, Mileena, & Paige
Jimin (4 votes)
Barry, C.C., Phil, & Tom
Jimin (3 votes)
C.C., Phil, & Tom

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Jimin, I didn't want to vote you, but you left me with no choice.


Rough Translation: Bye bye.


It's time to go, big boy. Good job making it this far though, but this game is mine...


I put my trust in you, and you betrayed me. As well as Barry. This is a well deserved vote coming your way. If I'm ever in South Korea, I'll pay you a visit.


Final WordsEdit

I always said that if you can't take risks, you're not a true fighter. I knew that going into that rock draw, I would be putting my own life on the line. As a Companion, I had no fears. I would rather go out as a warrior who fought to protect her allies than stay in and leave no legacy. Rocks or no rocks, my elimination was brought upon myself.


Still in the RunningEdit