"This Is A Job for A Burglar"
Season Survivor: Game Changers
Episode Number 6/15
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This Is A Job for A Burglar is the sixth episode of Survivor: Game Changers.


Reward Challenge: Blue Lagoon Bustle
Tribes start out on the beach, with each tribe running into the ocean, swimming out to a net obstacle, climbing over it, going over a barrel roll, and swimming to a platform to retrieve keys. Two players from each tribe then solve their tribe's puzzle in the form of a captain's wheel. The first tribe to extend the flag using the wheel wins.
Reward: A huge feast.
Winner: Ikino

Immunity Challenge: Serpent Turf
Contestants must race out into the water and swim over to their respective tribe's bamboo cage. Once the entire tribe has arrived, each person must climb up and over the cage wall into the water. They will then retrieve a 30-foot long, 400-pound snake and bring it back to shore after crossing a balance beam before setting the snake on a table. Two remaining castaways will then retrieve six number tiles from the snake, and the tiles will be used to solve a number combination. Solving the combination frees 8 rings that one of the three castaways must throw at a series of targets that became progressively further from the contestants. The rings, when hit, will eventually spell out "IMMUNITY". The first tribe to spell out "IMMUNITY" wins.
Winner: Legrengetti, Ikino


Night of Day 12Edit

Returning to camp, Emma openly bashed Kurt and Prince for voting out Jill, to which both argued back that Jill was traitorous and untrustworthy.

What better way to tell me I'm on the outs? Just leave me completely out of the plan while you vote out one of my allies! I can't believe Prince would go against me like that!


Scrooge came in to break up the argument, claiming that the move was good and the game shall continue. Emma brought up that Scrooge voted Kurt, but Scrooge explained that he doesn't let voting in the minority bother him as long as he's still there in the end, because the game changes so much. That is why they are called game changers. Emma had to admit that Scrooge was right.

Scrooge is inspirational, really. In both seasons I've been in, I've never seen anyone react so well to voting in the minority. He's someone I can see myself working with.


Personally, Emma asked Prince why he didn't tell her about the vote. He answered by saying that her willingness to vote Kurt proved her disloyalty, which she could not argue against. Meanwhile, Kurt thanked Simon for sticking with him, with Simon claiming that he's not disloyal "all the time."

The decision to keep Kurt really was an obvious choice. Think I'm going to let two tribe switchers go deep into this tribe and pick us all off? No, I'm not stupid. I'm Paul Simon.


Day 13Edit

Arriving for their reward challenge, Claire snickered at the sight of her old rival Jill gone, while Lucy gasped in shock. Luke presented the challenge and reward for the tribes, which they deemed worth playing for. Pooh and Squidward sat out for Ikino, while Simon and Tullius sat out for Reconciliation.

Reconciliation sped ahead, with Legrengetti behind them. However, Lucy dragged Ikino back being unable to cross the obstacles. With Lelouch helping her, they eventually caught up. Scrooge worked the puzzle for Reconciliation while Reagan did for Legrengetti. Eventually Lelouch joined in. Making up for a lot of lost time, Lelouch completed the puzzle and won reward for Ikino. The six Ikino members were awarded with a large feast, while the other two tribes returned to starving at camp.

Ugh, nothing is worse than losing a challenge that you desperately want to win. I need food, I'm not some kind of robot! I hope those Ikinos enjoy stuffing their faces, because they will pay for taking this from me.


Enjoying the food reward, Lelouch spotted a scroll inside one of the bottles. He began planning to swipe it, but saw that it was gone by the time he reached it.

Okay, the worst possible thing that could have happened just happened. I saw a clue, or something, stuck inside a bottle among the rest of the bottles at the feast. When I tried to get it, someone who I didn't see grabbed it before me! Now someone on my tribe has some kind of advantage and I don't know who it is! They could use it to take me out for all I know, agh! Why couldn't I be faster?


Returning to camp, Lucy took Lelouch aside and showed him that she grabbed the scroll, feeling that Lelouch wouldn't be fast enough to get it before someone else. The two read the scroll, discovering it to give away the location of the Magic Wand in the Immunity challenge. They hugged each other in excitement, knowing one of them could snag it.

Lulu and I have totally taken control! I found an advantage that leads us to the location of the Magic Wand, which is in the middle of the Immunity challenge! If either Lulu or I find it, it won't make a difference since we're practically the same person! We will be beyond invincible and we'll overtake this tribe!


Finding himself alone with Squidward and McCartney, Bilbo attempted to sway them against Lelouch once again, explaining that his closeness to Lucy only makes him more threatening. The two heard him out, as McCartney went to speak with Pooh, who was out fishing. Pooh explained that he and Bilbo were on good terms, but Squidward was questionable.

When someone has too much power, you know what needs to happen? Someone else needs to steal it! This is a job for a burglar, and the best one at that. I would like to round up Pooh, McCartney, and even Squidward to create an alliance of four. I always need a strong group of people to back me up, as long as I'm the strongest of the bunch. I think more than Pooh, I'm less easily swayed than Squidward, and I'm less afraid to get my hands dirty than McCartney. In my eyes, that makes this little hobbit the pick of the litter. Best of the bunch.


At Legrengetti, Claire and Moira discussed looking for the Magic Wand in the next challenge, as Sue Ellen took Claire aside. She proceeded to ask if Claire had an idol or ring, something Claire denied. This made Sue Ellen question even more, explaining what she saw the other day. Claire once again denied it.

Great, I got Sue Ellen hounding me about having the Power Ring. Hell, I'm playing right into her hand. If I continue to suspiciously deny it, it will only strengthen her belief that I have it. Even if I did have it, it wouldn't make a difference as far as I'm concerned. It will just stall for time to keep that little brat from looking for clues. If she wants to try splitting the votes on Moira and I, she can be my guest. Reagan and her can have fun playing with rocks.


In the shelter, Sue Ellen revealed to Reagan that she's convinced Claire has the Power Ring. This worried Reagan, but he didn't entirely believe it.

There's a possibility that Claire has something that can help her further in this game. But when should I ever believe anything Sue Ellen tells me? If Claire does, it won't make a difference. It's either Sue Ellen or I no matter what happens. All we can hope for is that we win challenges until the merge or a swap, then someone else can deal with Claire.


On Reconciliation, Scrooge and Tullius bonded as they gathered water. Tullius commended Scrooge for being the only one on the tribe who went out of their way to talk to him about something other than strategy.

Scrooge has a lot of spirit. I can appreciate a man of his stature. Strong, brave, charismatic, unafraid of the world. As far as I'm concerned, he's not getting voted out anytime soon.


Emma tried to patch things up with Kurt, but Kurt told her that the only way she can redeem herself is by voting someone with him. She swore to vote whoever he decided on, pleasing him.

Emma is totally in submission here. We can tell her to do whatever, and she will. She owes me, and she knows it. I'm not afraid of her.


Prince and Simon talked strategy elsewhere, discussing whether or not voting Scrooge next would be a wise decision. Prince speculated that a switch would be soon, meaning Scrooge would just benefit another tribe. Halfway into the discussion, Kurt joined in, but wasn't thrilled about the idea to vote Scrooge. He agreed to "think about it" at least.

Thing is, I want Scrooge gone before the merge. No questions asked. If we're stupid enough to let him get there, we deserve to be crushed by him. I don't want to miss an opportunity to vote him out, but I don't know if it's too soon or not. We might not get another chance if we miss one.


Day 14Edit

Arriving at the challenge, Luke took back the pieces of the Immunity Idol. Once it was announced, it commenced. Bilbo and Lucy sat out for Ikino, while Emma and Kurt sat out for Reconciliation.

Ikino took an early lead, but realized the snake was a lot heavier than it looked. Legrengetti caught up fast, with Reconciliation lagging behind. Ikino continued to lead under McCartney's guidance, reaching the land before the others. Legrengetti kept up behind them, but Simon dropped part of the snake and caused Reconciliation to lose time. Reaching the table, Lelouch remembered where to look under it, and found the Magic Wand. When no one else was looking, he grabbed it and stuffed it in his pants. Ikino and Legrengetti reached the ring tossing at the same time, but Reconciliation was still behind.

Moira tossed the rings for Legrengetti, while Squidward did for Ikino. They were neck and neck before Reconciliation arrived and Tullius started throwing. Just barely, Moira hit all the targets and won Immunity for Legrengetti. Right behind her, Squidward hit them all and also won for Ikino. Without much of a fight, Reconciliation had lost.

Luke gave the idol pieces to Ikino and Legrengetti, telling Reconciliation to meet him at Tribal Council once again. They returned to camp with a major feeling of dread.

Losing was not in my best interest, and I do not feel safe at all. However, I will fight and ensure my survival tonight. I'm not going this early again, I simply will not allow it.


Prince brought Kurt and Simon together to discuss voting Scrooge, which Kurt was still iffy on. Prince explained that Scrooge could not go much further without pulling off a win, but he agreed to see the other opinions of the tribe first. Emma approached Kurt and asked him the plan, with him telling her that Scrooge is the only name he's heard so far.

I am in desperation Hell right now. I need to throw the votes on someone besides me, because I know everyone and their brother wants my head on a stake. I don't believe Scrooge is the intended target, but if he's the next most intended target then I will campaign to death against him.


Prince talked to Tullius about voting Scrooge, but the latter flat out refused saying "I'm not voting Scrooge." When asked for his preferred vote, Tullius said that the only name he would be writing down would be Emma's until she is voted out. Not wanting to lose Tullius' trust, this worried Prince.

Blindsiding Scrooge is proving to be quite a task for the prince. I don't know if I can actually pull it off, I mean, Tullius is a great guy to have on your side. As long as he's loyal to you. If I lose his trust, my game weakens significantly. But I really don't know what I'm supposed to do now.


At Tribal, Emma revealed that she is probably getting the boot, but she will try hard to ensure Scrooge gets voted off instead of her. Scrooge did not argue back, simply stating that he will wait and see how the cards fall. Once voting started, Emma cast her vote for Scrooge, but found herself unanimously eliminated with five votes against her.

Emma's torch was snuffed as she left the game, leaving Reconciliation with five people. Luke commended them on their agreed upon decision, but questioned if the tribe unity will remain. The Reconciliation members grabbed their torches and returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 10:
Jill (5 votes)
Kurt, Paul S., Prince, Scrooge, & Tullius
Scrooge (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Hoping it's you and not me. I don't know if I'll still be here by the end of the night, but I can sure as Hell try.


Final WordsEdit

Hahaha, not surprised. I guess I just didn't play the same way that I did back in Reusable. I tried to win, I tried to fight, I tried to stand out. I guess that's what makes me a game changer. I never stopped trying until my torch was snuffed. Goodnight, Reconciliation. I hope Scrooge kicks the rest of your butts.


Still in the RunningEdit

Paul M.
Sue Ellen
Paul S.