"Welcome to My Personal Hell"
Season Survivor: Second Chances 3
Episode Number 9/14
Episode Chronology
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Welcome to My Personal Hell is the ninth episode of Survivor: Second Chances 3.


Reward Challenge: Squared Off
The castaways will start on a square and move one square at a time. As they move, they have to flip over the square they were just on. Each castaway would go until they could no longer move. Last person standing wins.
Reward: A boat party with two players of the winner's choice.
Winner: Beorn

Immunity Challenge: Touchy Subjects
Every player must answer questions about the players in the game, then try and guess the answers most commonly given for the same questions. For every correct answer, a player is allowed to chop one of three ropes belonging to another castaway. Once all three ropes belonging to someone are cut, that person is eliminated. Last person standing wins.
Winner: Phil


Day 22Edit

After the terrifying previous vote, Beorn had given up hope of being able to win the game, given his three extra votes at every Tribal Council.

What happened last night was absolutely repulsive. Barry pulled out another Fatality Ring and used it against me! Not only that, but the post-merge Fatality Rings give two votes against the holder, meaning that I will receive three votes at every Tribal Council I attend from here on out if I am not immune. To say the least, I brought this upon myself. I chose the wrong people to put my trust in. I deserve my fate.


Aela attempted to console Beorn, but even she was not sure herself if he would be safe.

Beorn is a strong man. There is no doubt that he should be able to win at least a couple challenges. However, he won't be able to win them all. I hope we can keep him in regardless. Mileena and I need him. I told him at the start of this competition that I would stand by his side through thick and thin, and I will not go against my word. A Companion always keeps their word.


Meanwhile, April and Barry rejoiced at the success of their vote, pleased that they now secured the majority.

Last night, Barry pulled out a Fatality Ring and popped it on Beorn's finger. I don't blame Barry for not telling me about the ring, since he and I both know that his secret would not have been safe with me. All I care about is the fact that I am still in, and I am in the majority alliance.


Paige was proud of herself for pulling off the first big move of the merge, and knew that there would be many more moves to come.

I can't believe my plan actually worked! That Tribal is seriously one for the books, Paige is going to take this win so hard it won't even be a competition. Now with C.C., Barry, April, Phil, and Tom... There is no way we can lose! Poor bear man has three extra votes against him, how sad for him. I'm winning this, no one will stop me.


Phil led a meeting with April, Barry, C.C., Paige, and Tom; declaring them a strong alliance of six that would overtake the game. All six were more than happy to work together.

I'm happy to have such a strong alliance here, but the downside is that the more members in your alliance, the harder it is to maintain order. The most likely person to flip right now is Paige, since April and Barry are going to be indebted to us. But I have confidence in my ability to keep things orderly. I ran a band for crying out loud.


Jimin brought Mileena aside to ask where she stood, but the assassin was unsure. Jimin suggested working together with him to oppose the lead alliance, which she accepted.

Out here, it's everyone for themselves... I'll accept Jimin's offer for now, but I am not afraid to cut him... I am playing for myself and myself alone... If I vote in the minority, so be it. I play my own game, nobody controls me...


지금 당장은 더 나아 가기 위해 최선을 다할 것입니다. 비록 그가 지금 필사적이더라도, 태어나다는 나와 함께 일하지 않을 것이다. 알라와 마일레나만 내가 신뢰할 수있는 유일한 사람입니다. 마일레나를 신뢰하는 것은 사실상 사형 선고이지만, 나는 더 나쁜 위치에있을 수 없습니다. 음, 내가 태어나다에가 아니라면.
Rough Translation: Right now, I can only keep trying my best to further myself. Beorn won't work with me, even though he's desperate at this point. Aela and Mileena are the only ones I can trust. Having to trust Mileena is practically a death sentence though, I could not be in a worse position. Well, unless I were in Beorn's.


Seeing all the conversing going on, Beorn decided that he was not going to take it sitting down. Leaving camp to search the woods, Beorn hunted for an artifact to save himself. After taking a long time, with suspicion growing from his fellow players back at camp, Beorn finally found something tucked inside a log. Taking it out, Beorn discovered that he now had an advantage that allowed him to steal a vote from any other player at any Tribal Council up until final five. A major feeling of relief hit the shapeshifter upon this discovery.

I could not have been more fortunate today. I now have the ability to cast a vote for any other player here, which I can greatly use to my advantage. I'm not defeated yet, I will not go down without striking everyone in my path.


Day 23Edit

Thunder-Kill met up with Luke for their reward challenge, with everyone excited to win the trip on the boat for a private party at sea.

Everyone managed to stay in the challenge for a while, until Jimin was eliminated. The others faced off for a long time until Mileena was eliminated too. April followed suit, then Tom, then Barry, then Paige. Aela, Beorn, C.C., and Phil faced off for a while, until C.C. was cornered and eliminated. Aela cornered herself, leaving Beorn and Phil to face off for reward. After an intense last few moments, Beorn eliminated Phil and won reward.

Happily accepting his reward, Beorn was tasked with choosing two people to join him on his trip. Without a second thought, he chose Aela. After a moment, he also chose Barry, wanting to speak with him. With that, everyone else was dismissed back to camp while Aela, Barry, and Beorn set off for their reward.

Beorn can have his lucky day of winning a reward challenge, since it will be one of his last days here. More power to him to enjoy a fun little party, as long as he stays away from Immunity.


Going on their ship; Aela, Beorn, and Barry were in for a good time. They partied and feasted while watching the ocean, joking around with one another.

I was thoroughly surprised that Beorn chose me to join him on his trip. Of course it's a good move strategically on his part, but still surprising. I'd like to hear him out and listen to what he has to say.


While feasting, Aela spotted something under the table. Dropping a fork, she knelt down and grabbed it. Beorn then told his ally that he would like to speak to Barry privately, allowing Aela to move to the other side of the ship to read the scroll. Reading it, she discovered that it gave the location to a Magic Wand hidden at the Immunity challenge.

It's a great thing that Beorn asked me to step away, I respect man-to-man conversations about strategy. But it gave me plenty of time to read this clue, which told me where I could find a Magic Wand. This could be the blessing that Beorn and I have been waiting for. I just need to grab it without being seen.


Alone, Beorn asked Barry about his decision to use a Fatality Ring against him. Barry explained that it was to prove his loyalty to those who were trying to save him, something Beorn understood. Beorn then told Barry that it was a fair move, as Beorn went after him first, but he assured the police officer that he would still work with him if he wanted to.

I cannot afford to have any more people against me. If I can convince Barry that I do not hold a grudge, I may be one step closer to overtaking the votes. I'm not going to immediately jump into vengeance and play my ring on him, I would like to gradually see how this will play out.


Back at camp, Mileena and Paige went out fishing. Paige asked Mileena why they were not working together, as the two of them had a lot in common. Mileena explained that Paige's interests were different than her's, but the wrestler assured the assassin otherwise. The two agreed that a nice blindside would be in order, considering the fact that Beorn would be easier to vote out when the numbers were less.

Paige is trying to win me over... Frankly, I think I would prefer to work with Paige than Jimin. That being said, I would like to have a say in who we vote, and not just be a pawn that the alliance commands... I know Paige is a dominatrix, but I can be too. That is why working with her is so difficult...


Meanwhile, Jimin pulled C.C. and Tom aside, suggesting that they pull a blindside on Phil. The two considered the offer, and discussed it privately.

Phil's name has finally come up for the first time in this competition. I know that I told him I'd be loyal, but he is playing hard. Maybe voting him out next wouldn't be such a bad idea. I mean, Beorn could go at any given time.


I feel that I have been very quiet all this time... I would like to make a move, but I would prefer to make it myself rather than have Jimin decide it for me... However, only if the situation calls for it. I do not want to make the wrong decision and have it backfire...


Day 24Edit

Thunder-Kill gathered for their next Immunity challenge, learning that it was a fan favorite, Touchy Subjects. Luke took the Immunity necklace back from Paige and gave everyone pens and paper. Everybody started writing their answers, while Aela snagged the Magic Wand when nobody was looking.

Once everyone had their answers, they took to their stations and the challenge begun. The challenge outcome can be seen here: Second Chances 3 Touchy Subjects.

Phil may be immune, but that does not make a difference. What does make a difference is the fact the I have a Magic Wand. Whatever happens at camp tonight will determine whether or not this thing comes out. This should be fun.


At camp, everybody felt awkward because of the answers they received. However, Paige made everyone swear that no one's answers would affect the game. Aela and Beorn were on edge. However, Beorn revealed his ability to steal a vote to Aela, giving them a glimmer of hope.

Tonight, I am the target on everyone's mind. Three votes, how easy is it to just get rid of me? I am hoping that despite not having any protection, I can use this ability to steal a vote to my advantage.


Aela and Mileena did some talking, with Aela proposing a plan to vote out April, who could easily win the game. Mileena mentioned the idea to Paige, who was also interested.

If we go with our original plan, we can vote out Beorn... Or, we could pull a fast one and get rid of April... Decisions, decisions...


Paige talked with Phil and Tom about the idea, but mentioned how they should keep it a secret from Barry. The two men were hesitant to turn on their alliance so soon, but they knew that April was a threat.

Nothing is predictable out here. One minute we're against April, then we're working with her, then we're against her again! I can tell you one thing though, Paige is playing harder than the stones of a thousand year-old fossil. That is alarming.


April noticed that people were talking to her, and Barry noticed the same with him. This gave the duo cause for alarm.

Welcome to my personal Hell. Not one person has spoken to me since the challenge except for Barry, so how am I to know that I'm safe tonight? They were quick to eliminate me from the challenge earlier, so it would only make sense that they would come after me. Damn, this sucks.


Barry talked with Jimin and Paige, in an attempt to convince them that Beorn should go before April. They were hesitant to accept the idea, suggesting that April would be a better vote in the long run.

I don't want to see April bite the dust, but things aren't looking too good for her. I may have to betray my closest ally if things don't look up soon.


C.C., after hearing Phil and Tom discussing the April vote, opposed it by bringing up Beorn's challenge strength. Using it to her argument, she mentioned how Beorn could easily win more future challenges and become invulnerable. This got everyone thinking, spreading even more confusion about the upcoming vote.

I don't know what will happen... It's either April or Beorn... Big move versus an easy vote, which is better? I would prefer to vote Beorn, since that was my plan to do here since last Tribal Council, but now people are reconsidering... How lovely.


At Tribal Council, Beorn defended himself as someone who could easily be voted out later. April rebuked him by mentioning his strength in challenges and cunning ways with words, giving a spiel as to how Beorn being able to convince people to vote her is exactly why he is a threat. With everyone else being relatively silent, Luke gave the word to vote. Before it started, Beorn revealed his advantage to steal a vote, stealing April's vote to cast for her. Due to this, April was not allowed to vote.

Beorn cast his vote for April, as well as casting April's vote for herself. When Luke asked if anybody would play an artifact, Aela remained silent. The votes were read, as it was revealed that the tribe unanimously eliminated Beorn, with Aela breaking her word. Beorn disappointingly had his torch snuffed as he left the game. Aela held her head in her hands in disappointment of herself, while April sighed in relief. Luke mentioned that hesitation was strong despite the tribe's unity in voting, as the Thunder-Kill members returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 12:
Beorn (11 votes)
Fatality Ring, Fatality Ring, Fatality Ring, Aela, Barry, C.C., Jimin, Mileena, Paige, Phil, & Tom
April (2 votes)
April (vote stolen by Beorn) & Beorn

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

April, it's either you or me. I hope it's you. Also, you will be voting for yourself. Don't be sad, you just might be the first person in the history of the game to do so.


Final WordsEdit

Well, I'm not surprised. At least I was able to get my advantage out before I left, I would never have forgiven myself if I didn't. As soon as I had two rings on my finger, I knew I was done for. I'm not upset about losing, I'm upset that Aela broke her word and voted for me. Fortunately, I am on the Jury, and I look forward to helping decide who wins this competition. Farewell, my friends.


Still in the RunningEdit