"What Would Lelouch Do?"
Season Survivor: Second Chances 3
Episode Number 10/14
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What Would Lelouch Do? is the tenth episode of Survivor: Second Chances 3.


Survivor Auction

Immunity Challenge: Drop A Log
With one hand, the castaways would hang on to a rope with several knots tied into it. The rope would be tied to one end of a heavy log. The other end of the log would be connected to a pivot point on a platform that the castaways would stand on. The castaways would start at the knot closest to the end of the log. Every three minutes, they would change hands and move one knot further down the rope. This would increase the angle of the log at the pivot point and increase the weight that the castaways would have to hold. The castaway who held on to the rope the longest would win.
Winner: C.C.


Day 25Edit

After an upsetting Tribal Council for her, Aela felt bad about breaking her word with Beorn.

Last night, I was given a choice. Either vote with Beorn and leave myself on the outs, or vote against Beorn and break my word, but possibly put myself in a better position in doing so. I chose the second option, and now I have nothing but regret. I'm alone out here now, and I can feel my life slowly slipping away.


Mileena approached Aela alone, asking for her stance. Aela expressed that she would vote with anyone at this point, to which Mileena proposed blindsiding Phil. Aela went along with it.

Aela is down and out, meaning I can swoop in and use her... Remember, I'm a free agent out here... Phil has this whole alliance going, and I am not included in it. I can be a one-woman alliance, since I can't betray myself.


Barry and C.C. talked in private, with C.C. fearing for the alliance's stability. Barry assured her that anyone who would go against the alliance would be stupid.

We have a set of six right now, we are golden. If anybody betrays the alliance, they pretty much throw away any chance they ever had of winning. We're good here.


I want to be sure that nobody will flip... That way, nobody will see it coming when I decide to. This alliance is good for now, but any time an opportunity presents itself... I will not think twice about making use of it. I am obedient for the most part, but I'm always willing to make a change...


Away from the others, Paige asked Tom where his head was at. Tom explained that he would continue to trust Phil until later, where they would definitely need to vote him out. Paige agreed.

I feel bad saying this, but Phil is a threat and needs to go sometime before the end. He's been surprisingly loyal to me thus far, which is more than I can say for him in Sound Stage 4. But even if he does want to bring me to the end, come on, can I honestly beat him? I'd feel safer sitting next to Paige, in all honesty. Though she would be tough to beat too.


Jimin brought April aside, mentioning how fearsome her alliance is with her name being thrown out. He encouraged her to make a move soon, as her target was primarily due to her being under the radar.

Jimin wants me to make a move, I assume that means he wants me to betray my allies. He didn't word it very specifically. Maybe I'll betray them, if I feel like it. Maybe I'll betray him, if I feel like it.


Phil brought the six together to assure that everyone was still good with voting Aela, Jimin, or Mileena next. Everybody was in on the plan, giving the ringleader confidence.

I can definitely feel something coming in the air tonight for Aela, Jimin, and Mileena. They chose the wrong side of the fence, now they're against all odds.


Day 26Edit

The Thunder-Kill members arrived to the site of the Survivor Auction, where Luke stood behind a podium. Excitement filled the group, who all had wallets full of $500. With that, the auction began.

The results of the auction can be seen here: Second Chances 3 Auction. During the auction, Tom sent Mileena to Exile Island, Phil bought an advantage in the next Immunity challenge, and April bought roasted turkey for everyone to share.

나는 에 대한 월이 부족을 위해 그 감자를 포기하는 것이 좋겠다고 생각하지만이 시점에서 누가 그것을하지 않았겠습니까? 필요하다면 나는 여전히 그녀를 투표 할 것입니다. 어느 쪽이든, 경매는 좋은 시간이었습니다.
Rough Translation: I think it was a good move for April to give up that potato for the tribe, but who wouldn't have done it at this point? I'll still vote her out if need be. Either way, the auction was a great time.


Returning to camp, Phil rejoiced over having an advantage.

Just because you have a good alliance doesn't mean you're safe. This special little advantage in the challenge could be just what I need to ensure safety. The only problem is that if you win more challenges, more people will see you as a threat. So I better be careful here.


Paige approached Tom and asked what his reasoning was for exiling Mileena. Tom stated that she was capable of surviving on her own, as well as being the person he trusts the least.

Tom sent Paige to Exile Island, something that I don't really approve of. Any idiot would know that there's obviously an advantage hidden there. Now one of our enemies is going to have it, and they can easily use it to take down our alliance! Nice going, Tom.


Aela spoke with April and Barry, telling them that they would be the first to go if their alliance of six took over. The two took this fact into consideration.

Aela brought up a good point today. April and I are probably at the top of the pecking order once her, Mileena, and Jimin bite it. Would it be safer to work with those three? I don't know.


Aela also told C.C. that she was on the bottom of the alliance, as Phil and Tom were close while April and Barry had connections to Paige. C.C. also considered this fact.

It's true that everyone else in my alliance has someone to rely on, but not me... Should I betray them to work with Aela? This is conflicting... What would Lelouch do?


Meanwhile, Mileena arrived on Exile Island, which had been deserted since the beginning of the game. Taking this moment to have some time for herself, Mileena relaxed.

Tom decided it best to send me into exile... Bold move, guitar man. I'm not too angry, since I know there has to be some sort of advantage hidden here... I could also use the time away from those annoying tribemates of mine... They were beginning to drive me insane.


After some relaxing, Mileena decided to start searching for an artifact. She spent all afternoon digging and hunting around, before finding something in a tree. Using her ninja abilities, Mileena scaled the trees to reach the top and snag what she saw. Coming down, she unraveled the packaging to reveal a scroll, discovering a Legacy Advantage that could be used at the final five. She excitedly tucked it away as she returned to relaxing.

Legacy Advantage? Thank you very much... I now have a guaranteed spot in the final four, not that I would need this advantage anyway... Everybody better watch out for me.


Day 27Edit

Thunder-Kill arrived for their Immunity challenge, where Mileena rejoined them. Luke took the Immunity necklace back from Phil, once again placing it up for grabs. After announcing the challenge, Luke revealed that Phil's advantage allowed him to move his hand up the rope two spaces at any time.

The challenge went on for some time, and Phil chose to use his advantage early, putting him in a better position than the other eight. After a slight slip-up, Barry was first out. April followed, followed by Mileena, followed by Tom. A long time passed until Paige dropped. This left Aela, C.C., Jimin, and Phil competing for Immunity. After a while, Aela dropped. Despite his advantage, Phil eventually lost his grip and dropped out. C.C. and Jimin competed for a short time afterwards, both hanging on for dear life. With C.C. remaining perfectly stable, Jimin dropped out and C.C. won Immunity.

Luke placed the Immunity necklace around C.C.'s neck, congratulating her on her win. He then reminded the rest of the tribe that one of them would be voted out at the coming Tribal Council, as he dismissed them all back to camp.

나는 그 도전에서 이기기에 아주 가까웠다. 재미 없다. 내가 조금 더 오랫동안 거기에 매달렸다면, 그 목걸이를 입을 것입니다. 이제는 내 이름이 오늘 밤에 쓰여진 이름이 아닌지 확인하기 위해 열심히 노력해야합니다.
Rough Translation: I was so close to winning that challenge, it isn't even funny. Had I hung in there for just a bit longer, I would be wearing that necklace. Now I need to work hard to make sure that my name isn't the one written down tonight.


Once back at camp, C.C. basked in her Immunity win.

I actually won a challenge, how nice... It really does make you feel on top of the world. I can't wait to break some hearts tonight...


Phil brought the six together to make sure that everyone was good with the plan to vote Aela, but Tom stepped up and proposed voting Mileena instead - who was more threatening and possibly had an advantage. The plan then became to blindside Mileena, but Paige had other ideas.

Tom and the others want to get rid of Mileena tonight, but I don't. I would like to see if I can work some of my magic to make this vote go my way.


Mileena spoke to Paige about wanting to vote out April, who could easily win the game continuing to play the way she had been. Paige agreed, as the wrestler went to speak to Aela. The three girls were all in on voting April, but knew that they needed two more votes to make it so.

So... Paige and Mileena have come to my rescue. We could form that woman's alliance that I so desired if we can garner enough votes to vote out April. I do have a little something that could help us out here, how fortunate.


Paige talked to C.C. and Tom privately about voting April, but knew Barry could not know about the plan otherwise he would tell April. Aela also talked to Jimin about it, but Phil talked to him about voting Mileena as well. C.C. and Tom were taken aback and unsure of what to do.

I would love nothing more than to get rid of Mileena tonight. I mean, she must be after me after I sent her to Exile Island. But now gears are shifting toward April, and I don't think I want to shift with them.


Before Tribal Council, Aela approached Phil in private and pulled out her Magic Wand, declaring that she was using it as a Geass Idol to make Phil vote April.

Who would have guessed that Aela had a Magic Wand? Those always seem to fall into the wrong hands. So now, by no choice of my own, I am forced to vote April out tonight. I hope the rest of my alliance sticks to the plan, at least. I'll explain to them afterwards.


Going into Tribal Council, it became clear that Aela, Jimin, and Mileena were outside of the majority. However, Mileena mentioned that a true move could be made if somebody were to betray the alliance. Aela made it clear that there was a definite pecking order in the alliance, and it was important that the people on the bottom saw it. Phil did not speak much, knowing that he could not slip up about the Geass Idol being played on him.

Once the voting occurred, April and Barry stuck to the plan and voted Mileena. Phil had no choice but to vote April, but fortunately everyone else did too. With that, April was eliminated. Barry was shocked and confused, now without an ally. Aela, Mileena, and Paige applauded their success as April's torch was snuffed. Luke then mentioned how the tide could shift at any moment in the game, and that vote had been proof of exactly that. The Thunder-Kill members grabbed their torches and returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 13:
April (7 votes)
Aela, C.C., Jimin, Mileena, Paige, Phil, & Tom
Mileena (2 votes)
April & Barry

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

I guess this is how it needs to be. Farewell, creepy girl. I will not miss you.


Mileena wins... Fatality.


I'm very very sorry about this, but I have no choice. I wish it could be for Mileena.


Final WordsEdit

Wow, how stupid could they be? Congratulations to Mileena for winning the game! Did they honestly think I was a threat? I mean, yeah, I could have won. But I was a loyal threat. Those idiots wouldn't know how to play this game if they had a five year-old instruction manual. Best of luck to Barry, he's the only good one left. Can't believe I gave up a potato for these fools.


Still in the RunningEdit