"Whoa, This Game is Dangerous!"
Season Survivor: The New All-Stars
Episode Number 11/15
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Whoa, This Game is Dangerous! is the eleventh episode of Survivor: The New All-Stars.


Reward Challenge: Survivor Smorgasbord
Castaways must eat a variety of nasty food items from previous seasons. The last person to finish each dish is out, the last player remaining wins.
Reward: A trip to a Survivor cafe with a castaway of the winner's choice.
Winner: Miku

Immunity Challenge: A Leg Up
Participants would put one foot on one end of a seesaw with the other end having a ceramic vase balanced on it. The castaways would attempt to keep the vase balanced on the end with their foot still on the seesaw. If the vase falls, the person it belongs to is eliminated. The last castaway to have their vase on the end of the seesaw would win.
Winner: Goro


Day 25Edit

Miku took Kyary and Mileena aside, asking which one voted for Luka. She was insistent that it could not have been IA, since she was the target of the opposition. Kyary and Mileena insisted that it was not them, blaming each other.

Miku went crazy over someone casting a stray vote for her girlfriend... It wasn't me, but it's something I would gladly do... Just to shake things up. It's not like the other alliance will talk to us, so we have no way of learning who's been conspiring. Only possibility is that Kyary did it... It's not beyond her, we've seen how she does things in the past.


誰かがルカに投票したので、ミクちゃんはちょっと緊張していた。 それは確かに私ではなく、ミレーナでなければなりませんでした。 彼女がやることは間違いなく、彼女はどのようにプレーしているのか知っています。 私は過去に逆転したので、彼らが私を疑っていないことを願っています。

Rough Translation: Miku-chan was a little tense because someone voted for Luka. It certainly was not me, meaning it has to be Mileena. It's definitely something she would do, we know how she plays. I just hope they don't suspect me because I've flipped in the past.


Meanwhile, Chuck and Goro bonded while working on the beach. Chuck apologized to Goro for teaming up on him in the previous challenge, which Goro forgave.

Chuck apologized for the "attack" on me at the last challenge. It says something that he did, but I haven't heard anything from Ramsay, Ron, or Barry. Maybe I can trust Chuck more than them. Who knows?


Goro was on the verge of flipping last night, I need to do all I can to ensure that he does not. Those girls can be damn convincing, I don't want to risk losing a valued ally.


Barry and Ron also talked, discussing potential final threes. Barry suggested bringing Goro, an easy beat, but Ron stated that Chuck would be a more worthy finalist.

Ron and myself have a finals deal, I think, but he wants to bring Chuck to the end. Chuck is a great guy, but that's exactly why he shouldn't go to the end. Goro would be an easy beat, but it doesn't seem Ron wants an easy win.


Elsewhere, Ramsay struck up a conversation with Luka. Ramsay told the vocaloid that he would be willing to work with her if she ditched Miku.

Ramsay told me that he would love to work with me, as long as Miku isn't involved. I'm surprised, he's the only member of the opposing alliance that's bothered to speak to me. But I don't think I can vote Miku, she is the one person out here I won't go against. Her and I are like magnets stuck together. We can't be separated.


Day 26Edit

The nine castaways met up with Luke for their next reward challenge, for a worthy reward. The challenge was revealed to be a popular one, the Smorgasbord challenge. Ron joked that if there were any vegetables, he would be out instantly.

The first item was poorly made Pokeblock from Hoenn. Ron refused to eat it, allowing everyone else to finish before him. The next was milk from the vocaloid universe, which Miku insisted was horrible. Mileena guzzled it down first, followed by Miku and Chuck. Kyary, Ramsay, and Goro took a bit longer. Barry and Luka took longest, but Barry finished first. The next item was crab from New Zack Island. Goro and Chuck devoured it first, followed by Miku, Kyary, and Barry. Mileena and Ramsay took the longest, but Ramsay finished first. The next item was vegan bacon from Pawnee. Barry gulped it down first, followed by Miku, Ramsay, and Goro. Chuck then finished, knocking out Kyary. The next item was a poorly-made lunch from Oklahoma! in the Broadway universe. Goro, Ramsay, and Chuck finished first. Miku then finished before Barry. The next item was takoyaki from Japan in the Continental Warfare universe. Miku, who enjoyed the food, ate it first. Goro and Chuck swallowed it next, knocking out Ramsay. The next item was nasty meat served in Camelot. Shuck ate it without trouble, followed by Miku. This knocked out Goro, leaving Chuck and Miku to compete for the win.

The final item was mystery meat, served in most Hollywood catering services. Chuck hated it and often refused to eat it, but Miku was curious and ate it quicker, winning reward. Miku was given a choice to bring someone to join her on the trip, choosing Luka without hesitation. She then had to choose who to send to Exile Island. After some thinking, she chose to exile Kyary, in the hopes that she would find something helpful. The losers returned to camp, Luka and Miku went to the cafe, while Kyary headed for Exile Island.

If those choices don't show who Miku is loyal to, I don't know what does. I'd like to pick them all off, one by one. Maybe this will show Mileena who she should really be trusting.


Luka and Miku hugged each other as they arrived at the cafe, eager to enjoy their time alone together.

I may be tiny, but I can eat a surprising amount of things. I'm so happy that Luka and I could share this moment together, because we are so used to being neglected by our tribe. Here we can just relax and have a good time as pals.


Luka particularly enjoyed the reward because of the coffee, which Miku didn't care too much for. The girls talked about how much they enjoyed the islands and their plans to go to the end. Luka also told Miku about her Fatality Ring, planning to use it when things seem most hopeless. After their meal, they snuggled up in a comfy chair and fell asleep.

Miku choosing me to go with her on this trip may not have been the best strategic move, but who cares? Everyone knows we're a team already. I wouldn't have wanted to share this peaceful moment with anyone else. We just forgot about the game and enjoyed each other's company.


Back at camp, Goro brought Mileena aside to ask her about flipping. He told her that IA tried to flip before her elimination, but Mileena chose to keep that information private to make Luka and Miku distrust Kyary more.

Goro and I did some talking. Not that I trust him after last time, but I gave him the time of day. Miku and Luka are obviously inseparable, but by sending Kyary to Exile Island they clearly trust her more than me. If I know something they don't, I can try and force that Kyary voted Luka and turn the tides on the pop singer. I'm still the evil witch I've always been...


Ron went out fishing and returned with a few good catches, which Ramsay prepared over the fire. Ramsay suggested trying to work with Luka, but Ron did not think she would flip.

Mr. Ramsay wants to bring Luka into our alliance all of a sudden. I really can't imagine a world where that woman wises up and changes course. Even if she does, she'd be stupid. We would obviously get rid of her as soon as her friends were gone.


Barry and Chuck struck up a conversation, planning their next move. Chuck planned to bring Goro to the end with Barry, which Barry pretended to go along with.

Chuck is a real threat out here. Ron wants to take him to the end, but I don't think he's beatable. Chuck agrees with my plan of wanting to bring Goro for an easy win, but in a perfect world it would be myself, Goro, and Ron. Considering how things are going right now, that doesn't seem possible.


On Exile Island, Kyary got right to looking for an artifact. After some failed searching, she went to the ocean to wash up, before tanning on the beach.

それは、ミクがミレーナではなく私を亡命者に送ったことをたくさん示しています。 明らかに、彼女はもっと私を信頼しています。 私は彼女を信じますか? よく分かりません。 いずれにせよ、私はここで何も見つけることができません。 私はちょうど他のリラックスから離れて私の時間を過ごすつもりです。 それはおそらく私がここでリラックスできる最後の時です。

Rough Translation: It shows a lot that Miku sent me into exile rather than Mileena. Clearly she trusts me more. Do I trust her though? I'm not sure. Either way, I can't find anything here. I'm just going to spend my time away from the others relaxing. It's probably the last time I can relax out here.


Day 27Edit

Everyone reconvened for their next Immunity challenge, joined by Luka and Miku. Kyary also returned from Exile Island. Luke took the necklace back from Ron, as the challenge was announced.

Barely into the challenge, Ramsay dropped his vase. Barry followed suit. Luka followed soon after, with Miku shortly after her. The remaining five stayed stable for fifty-one minutes until Ron dropped his vase. Mileena soon followed. Chuck was next to drop, leaving Goro and Kyary in close competition for Immunity. After an hour and a half without any issues, both began to get a lot of movement. Goro held on for just a bit longer and won Immunity.

A very happy Goro received the Immunity necklace from Luke, as the contestants returned to camp to prepare for another crazy vote.

Goro won Immunity, which is brilliant. If I have my druthers, we would oust either Kyary or Mileena. I don't think it's entirely impossible, let us see what happens.


Shortly after returning to camp, Goro and Ramsay planned to put their votes on either Kyary or Mileena. Goro suggested targeting Kyary, as he could potentially flip Mileena.

I don't think it's entirely impossible for me to convince Mileena to join our side. If at all possible, I would like to do it. That means Kyary needs to get going.


Luka and Kyary talked for a bit, suggesting either Barry or Chuck. Kyary was not sure if Luka trusted her or not.

ルカちゃんはおそらく私をまだ信用していません。 私はこのことが一番好きではありません。私はただ彼女の言葉を聞かなければなりませんか? それらはおそらく私の有名な最後の言葉かもしれません。

Rough Translation: Luka-chan probably distrusts me still. I don't like this at all, should I just take her word for it? Those could probably be my famous last words.


Kyary and Mileena discussed the plan, but Mileena was willing to hear the others out. She went to speak with Goro, who pleaded with her to switch sides.

Goro has hounded me for the past few days asking me to join up with him... Here is the downside to doing that; I would break the trust with Miku and Luka, first of all, and I would also put myself in a poor position with the opposition. However, if I can get on Goro's good side, maybe I can shift the game my way. Things to consider...


Barry and Ron talked about blindsiding Miku, but they knew the risks in doing so. Ramsay soon arrived to clarify that Kyary would be their target, but Barry and Ron still liked the idea of blindsiding Miku.

I would like to use reverse-psychology here. If Miku thinks she's going, then she'll expect us to throw our votes at Kyary, but then we can throw our votes at her. It's an unexpectedly perfect plan, but Ramsay doesn't want to go with it, and he thinks Goro can swing in Mileena if we stick to Kyary. Whoa, this game is dangerous.


Miku going would be an ideal scenario, she is the leading warrior in the opposing army. But my men would prefer to attack her accomplice instead of her. I think that's a poor strategy.


Miku went to Ramsay at last minute in an attempt to convince him to vote Chuck. Ramsay tried to sway Miku to vote Kyary, with both considering these last minute pleas.

I made my case, I would like Ramsay to join the good guys and vote out Chuck! But he wants me to join up with them and vote Kyary. This is rough, because they might actually be planning on voting me and trying to get me to think they're voting Kyary so I won't play my Wand. I should make sure Luka and Mileena are behind this too.


With several names being tossed around, the New Age members headed for Tribal Council. At the vote, Ramsay tried to convince the girls to change their ways, but Chuck and Ron did not believe it was possible. After minimal discussion, the voting commenced.

Kyary, Luka, and Miku stuck together to vote Chuck. However, Mileena jumped ship with the others and eliminated Kyary in a 6-3 vote. Luka and Miku shot each other a glance of fear, while Mileena chuckled to herself. Luke commented on how every vote gives a chance to show where everyone stands, but it's not always where people think. The final eight then returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 14:
New Age
Kyary (6 votes)
Barry, Chuck, Gordon, Goro, Mileena, & Ron
Chuck (3 votes)
Kyary, Luka, & Miku

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

I hope to see a change in the game, but we can't have that with you around.


Final WordsEdit

これはうんざりしています。 私はなぜ、私が、特にミレナのような人から、忠誠を期待しているのか分からない。 私はあまりにも多くの後悔をすることはできません、私は結局前に勝った。 私が今できることは、傍らに座って、私がなければ彼らが苦しむのを見ているだけです。 またね!

Rough Translation: Well this is upsetting. I don't know why I expected loyalty, especially from someone like Mileena. I can't have too many regrets, I did win before after all. All I can do now is sit on the sidelines and watch them suffer without me. See you soon!


Still in the RunningEdit

New Age