"Yippee Ki Yay"
Season Survivor: The New All-Stars
Episode Number 4/15
Episode Chronology
Previous Oust the Expendables
Next Lying and Lying

Yippee Ki Yay is the fourth episode of Survivor: The New All-Stars.


Reward Challenge/Hero Duel: Man in the Box
One person from each tribe will race through a wood cube, while untangling rope and searching for two rings. When they reach the first ring, they will use it to retrieve a platform and drag it back. They will then head back into the cube to untangle the rest of the rope and get the second ring. It will be used to retrieve a second platform. The first person to retrieve both platforms and get them across the finish line wins for their tribe.
Reward: Two bags of beans.
Winner: Zhongliao

Immunity Challenge: Chimney Sweep
The castaways must brace themselves between two walls while standing on tiny footholds above the ground. After 30 minutes, they will step down to smaller footholds. After one hour, they must step down to the smallest footholds, less than a quarter of an inch wide. Only their arms and feet can touch the wall. Last one left wins.
Winner: Gordon, Ron


Night of Day 8Edit

Reptile thanked everyone for keeping him, but acted cold towards Leifang.

I made a bad decision last night when I decided to side with Glinda over Reptile. Turns out everyone else sided with Reptile! Would have been nice to know that. Now I'm in trouble, and I have to rely on Morgan and Kyary to stay in, because Reptile doesn't seem to want to talk to me anymore.


Morgan openly asked IA, Luka, MAYU, and Mileena why they kept Reptile. Luka explained that Reptile was pulling his weight around the tribe, which they needed more of. Morgan told the girls that they had made a big mistake.

By the looks of it; we'll be seeing Reptile, Ron, and Chuck in the final three! IA, Luka, MAYU, and Mileena just made the biggest mistakes they will make out here. I hope to make them all pay for this.


Day 9Edit

When the tribes met for their next Hero Duel, Gongguan cracked a couple grins at the lack of Glinda. Valjean laughed to himself, knowing he would now be unable to partake in the duels. Chuck and Lancelot played Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who chose the participants. Lancelot won, so Gongguan decided to pit Barry against Mileena.

Due to her ninja abilities, Mileena sped ahead through the cube. She reached the first ring first, and grabbed the platform before Barry could even get to it. Mileena struggled to find the next ring, allowing Barry to catch up to her. Mileena found it, putting her back in the lead as she successfully grabbed the second platform. During this time, Barry started to catch up. Despite his efforts, Mileena still reached the end first and won reward for Zhongliao.

With Barry heading to Exile Island, Mileena was in charge of selecting someone from her tribe to join him. Chuck volunteered, causing Mileena to pick him. As Barry and Chuck set out for Exile Island, Luke awarded Zhongliao with their bags of beans and dismissed the tribes.

As much as I wanted to exile Morgan or Leifang to get them out of my face... I couldn't say no to a volunteer. If I want to stick around, I can't keep on making enemies. I need to stay liked here. I can say that winning this duel just might have helped my case there...


On Zhongliao, Reptile and Ron conversed while out fishing. They both agreed to stick together, but feared the connections between the Vocaloids. Reptile was insistent that Leifang go next, but Ron wasn't sure.

Women can be really evil if given the opportunity to be. I'm not comfortable with IA, Luka, and all the others having too much power, but I am uncertain of whether or not it would be smart to vote them out over Morgan, Kyary, or Leifang. In my world, the ones who slack off and fail to give their all would all be pre-merge. So we'll have to wait and see who does the least. That's who's got my vote.


Meanwhile, Kyary and Morgan tried to reason with Luka and MAYU. They claimed that it wasn't too late to take out the men.

ルカとマユを私たちの側に振り回すのが一番難しい場合。 彼らが私たちに働きたくない場合、このゲーム全体は運命を辿っています。 言い換えれば、私が2度目の勝利を続けることはないでしょう。

Rough Translation: We need to try our hardest to swing Luka and MAYU to our side. If they don't want to work with us, this entire game is doomed. Not to mention it would keep me from winning a second time.


Morgan and Kyary really want to work with us, I can feel it. Either that, or they just really hate Reptile, Chuck, and Ron. Either way, I'm fine with voting out anyone who proves to be a threat to me. I think I can trust Luka and IA, I'm still on the fence with Mileena though. Whatever it comes down to, I want to still be here at the end of the day.


On the beach, Leifang struck up a conversation with Mileena. In an attempt to sway the assassin to her side, Leifang swore loyalty to her as a fellow fighter.

I'm running out of options. I need to keep Mileena close, because then I can get close to the vocaloids too. As long as it's a man walking out of here next, I will be happy.


Do I trust Leifang? Honestly... Who knows? Hahaha!


While away from the others, IA decided to start looking for an artifact. While out looking, Luka caught her in the woods. IA told Luka to promise not to tell anyone, which Luka did; only she now suspected that IA had something.

So I was out artifact-hunting, and none other than Luka comes by and catches me! Now she knows that I'm actively searching, and that can't be good. Maybe if she thinks that I have a Power Ring, she'll be less willing to try and mess with me. So I might just milk this for all it's worth.


I caught IA snooping around the woods. What was she doing? Obviously trying to find a Wand or something. If I've learned anything from watching this show, it's that the Wands are hidden in the challenges in these type of seasons. I think IA must have a clue or something, and that worries me. The worst part is that she knows I know. This could either build a bigger bond between us, or build bigger tension.


On Gongguan, Miku started talking to everyone separately to get a feel of where they stood. After a lot of conversing, she felt as though she had a grip on the tribe.

After some talking around, I know who's after who. The big guys like Bass and Bruce want to take out Lily or Lancelot, while those two want to take out the bigger guys. Valjean still wants Kano out, but Kano and Goro seem to be undecided. Ramsay just seems to want anyone who isn't him out. Frankly, I do too. Let's vote everyone out!


Noticing Miku's conversations, Lily spoke with Goro and Kano about knocking her down a peg. The three agreed to it.

Miku is reckless. At this point, I'm convinced. This will not be Vocaloids 2.0, I'm getting rid of Miku now before she has any chance to do it to me. The sooner I get people on board, the better.


Miku approached me this morning asking who I want to get rid of. Of course I didn't tell her, because I actually want to get rid of her. She's been leading the charge for too long, and playing way too hard way too early. People like her are dangerous. I know, I was just like her when I played last time.


Bruce and Ramsay conversed in the shelter, evaluating the tribe. It was evident to them that Miku was calling the shots, but Kano and Goro seemed really close. Bruce suggested voting one of them off. Bass arrived just in time to hear the plan from them.

As dangerous as Miku is, she's not going to last. Long-term, I'm more worried about the connections between Kano and Goro. They really do get along, and they just might be the biggest threat to our trio.


Meanwhile, Valjean brought Goro and Lancelot together to discuss a potential alliance. The three all agreed to it, but Goro suggested bringing in Kano. Valjean and Lancelot gave consent to it.

Now I'm in three alliances! Me, Valjean, and Lancelot is one. Then there's me, Kano, and Lily! That's two! Did I say three? I didn't mean that. Above anyone else, Kano is my number one sidekick here! Except for Reptile on the other side.


On Exile Island, Barry and Chuck were happy to see each other again. The men instantly built a small camp, enjoying the quietude.

I have no problem being exiled with Barry. It's nice to have a man who's a lot like me to talk to. Exile Island really is an escape from the game. Escape from the terrors that lie within our tribes. That's partially why I wanted to come here.


Barry and Chuck told each other about the events on their respective tribes. Chuck mentioned that the vocaloids were running things on Zhongliao, as Barry pointed out that they were on Gongguan too. This concerned the men, making them consider doing something about it.

On Chuck's tribe, the vocaloid girls seem to be running things. Since that's how it is on my tribe, imagine how horrifying they would be if they united. It might be about time to do something about them.


Day 10Edit

Gongguan and Zhongliao arrived for their Immunity challenge, where they were rejoined by Barry and Chuck. Luke took back the Immunity Idol, but revealed that each tribe would be competing for individual Immunity and both tribes would be attending Tribal Council.

Gonggaun started first. Everyone held on for thirty minutes, stepping to the next foothold. They all continued to hold on until the next hour, moving on to the smallest. Nobody showed any signs of dropping. After twelve more minutes, Bass started to move a lot and dropped. Lancelot followed after him. After four more minutes, Kano dropped as well. Two minutes later, Goro dropped. Valjean soon followed. After two minutes, Bruce and Lily began seeing a lot of movement. Bruce then dropped. Lily continued to maintain her balance despite a lot of movement, and Miku eventually dropped out. After seven minutes, Barry finally dropped and left it between Lily and Ramsay. Twenty minutes passed as the two struggled to stay standing. Ramsay started to get movement for the first time, but Lily dropped out of nowhere, allowing Ramsay to win Immunity on Gongguan.

Zhongliao then took to the challenge. They all held on for thirty minutes, moving down to the next foothold. The transition went poorly for Luka, causing her to drop out. Mileena followed soon after. After about nine minutes, Reptile dropped out. Chuck could not hold on anymore and forced himself down. MAYU fell right after. Only IA, Kyary, Leifang, Morgan, and Ron made the next transition. Not long after, Morgan dropped out. After a lot of movement for the past hour, IA finally dropped. After thirteen minutes, Leifang dropped out and left it between the very stable Kyary and Ron. Ron had not shaken once throughout the entire challenge, but Kyary started to wiggle. Eventually, Kyary dropped, causing Ron to win Immunity on Zhongliao.

Luke presented Ramsay and Ron with the necklaces, assuring the men that they would be staying for another few days. The others, however, were up for elimination.

私はそんなに近づいてきたので、近くに来ました! いずれにせよ、私は今数字の右側にいないことを知っているので、私たちはボカロイドが次に行くことを確かめるために懸命に働く必要があります。

Rough Translation: I came so close to winning that, so close! Either way, I know I'm not on the right side of the numbers right now, so we need to work hard to make sure a vocaloid is next to go.


At Gongguan, Lily instantly conspired against Miku. She ensured that Goro and Kano were in on it.

No more excuses. Tonight we destroy Hatsune Miku. I will not be taken down by her once again.


Goro went to talk to Lancelot and Valjean, telling them that Miku was the plan. They all agreed to it.

Miku is who we're voting out. She has no right to be running this tribe, and I will see to it that her reign of terror is put to an end!


Barry told Bass and Bruce about what he and Chuck discussed while exiled. This made them consider voting either Lily or Miku. They took it up with Ramsay, who agreed to vote either one.

So Barry and Chuck created this cross-tribal alliance to get rid of the vocaloids before they can meet up and destroy us. So our plan now is to get rid of whoever we deem more threatening. Lily or Miku.


Miku tried to talk to people, but noticed the tribe being very dismissive to her. This did not give her a good vibe, so she set off into the forest to go on a hunt. At camp, Bruce and Ramsay noticed her away from everyone else and suggested that she was looking for an artifact.

By the looks of it, Miku is in deep sh*t. She's scampering about trying to find a Power Ring or something. Godspeed to her, she'll need everything she can get tonight.


Rather than looking for an artifact, Miku was looking for materials. Using a stick and a few rocks to carve it, as well as some jungle accessories she found laying around, Miku constructed a fake Magic Wand.

One thing is for certain tonight. Everyone wants me gone. I'm not ready to leave yet though, I want to keep playing. So what I'm doing is making a cute little Magic Wand to convince the rest of the tribe that I'm not going anywhere. If this plan works, I can get them to vote someone completely different. There's no guarantee though, but it's my last shot.


Back at camp, Lancelot and Lily noticed Miku returning. Lancelot questioned whether or not Miku's search was successful, to which Miku chuckled in response to.

I must say, I am not too pleased with Miku's sudden disappearance into the forest. If she found something that could further herself, the agreed upon plan just might not work. A difficult scenario, this is.


On Zhongliao, Chuck told Reptile and Ron about the agreement he made with Barry to vote out the vocaloids. The three agreed that Luka was the most threatening.

I think any other plans anyone had before now must be dismissed. If Lily and Miku are running the show on Gongguan, and Luka and her pals are running the show here, they must be stopped. The vocaloids must go down tonight.


Reptile spoke with Leifang and Morgan to settle their differences and agree to vote Luka. As much as it pained them to do, they agreed to a truce.

We are finally seeing eye to eye on something! Reptile would appreciate it if we ousted Luka, which I am not too opposed to, myself. Perhaps this could be a welcome change of pace.


After hearing the plan from Reptile, IA and MAYU told Luka that everyone was after her. Luka and Mileena wanted to target Morgan, as they planned to flip some people to their side.

The tribe has it out for me because I'm seen as the "leader" of this "vocaloid alliance." Now I'm scared, but this is nothing that I'm not used to. IA, MAYU, and Mileena have my back. If I can get Kyary and Leifang to flip, it'll be smooth sailing.


Luka took Kyary and Leifang aside individually to plead her case that Morgan was a lot more threatening than her. Kyary and Leifang were moved by the argument, but weren't sure if they were convinced.

ルカちゃんは本当に頑張っています。 私はそれが動作していないと言うことはできません。 モルガンは本当に脅威のようですが、ボーカロイドは強すぎます。 何をすべきか、何をすべきか?

Rough Translation: Luka-chan is really trying hard to stay. I can't say it isn't working though. Morgan really does seem like a threat, but the vocaloids are too strong. What to do, what to do?


So Luka told me that I should vote with her, and I don't know if I should or not. I would really prefer not to work with Reptile, but there are three vocaloids. But then again; Kyary, Mileena, and myself would also be three. Is this how Luka won, with how convincing she can be? I don't know, and I don't know what to do tonight.


Gongguan arrived at Tribal Council first, where the tribe talked for a short time until Lily mentioned that there was someone playing like a rat. Miku owned up to being the target of this statement, leading to an argument between her and Lily. When Goro, Kano, and Lancelot took Lily's side, Miku pulled out her fake Wand and prompted a gasp from the tribe. She insisted on using it because of the obvious votes going to be against her. She also said she would be using it as a Power Ring to cast all votes for her on the person she deemed the biggest threat to her. Immediately Kano whispered something to Goro, prompting Goro to whisper to Lily. Lily then stood up and moved over to whisper something to Valjean, and soon everyone was whispering to each other. After a lot of quiet exchanges and laughter from Luke, the voting began.

Once everyone voted, Bass cursed out loud when Miku did not play her Wand. Bruce simply muttered "Yippee Ki Yay" as the votes were read. Goro, Kano, Lancelot, and Lily stuck to the plan and voted for Miku. However; Barry, Bass, Bruce, Ramsay, and Valjean joined Miku in voting Lancelot. Lancelot laughed as his torch was snuffed, applauding Miku on a noble battle. With the first vote concluded, the tribe returned to camp with Lily visibly aggravated.

Zhongliao entered Tribal next, as Morgan claimed it to be an all-out war against the vocaloids. Mileena pointed out that she was not, in fact, a vocaloid despite being in the alliance. Morgan insisted that she use that as an excuse to flip, but Mileena called Morgan out on being an unworthy ally. IA and Luka pleaded that although the vocaloids were bountiful, there were bigger threats that needed to go. Full of tension, the voting commenced.

Kyary stuck to her alliance and voted Luka with Chuck, Morgan, Reptile, and Ron. Leifang, however, flipped to vote Morgan with IA, Luka, MAYU, and Mileena. This tied the votes, so Luke announced that they would have a revote. If the votes were still tied, they would go to rocks. Leifang whispered to Kyary, who whispered back. After a brief exchange, they were ready to vote again.

After voting a second time, Kyary changed her vote to Morgan. Reptile joined her, also flipping against Morgan. Chuck and Ron were left as the sole voters for Luka as Morgan was eliminated. Luka thanked Kyary and Leifang for the rescue, as Luke stated that the game had only just begun. Zhongliao returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit


Tribal Council 4:
Lancelot (6 votes)
Barry, Bass, Bruce, Gordon, Jean, & Miku
Miku (4 votes)
Goro, Kano, Lancelot, & Lily

Voting ConfessionalsEdit


Final WordsEdit

What a tremendous outcome! We were all manipulated by a single woman. This has been a thrilling brief adventure, and I am proud to be considered among the noblest of fighters. In the short period of time that I spent here, I learned much about what it means to be a survivor. God be with those still out there.



Tribal Council 5:
First Vote (Tie) Revote (Luka & Morgan
ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Morgan (5 votes)
IA, Leifang, Luka, MAYU, & Mileena
Morgan (6 votes)
IA, Kyary, Leifang, MAYU, Mileena, & Reptile
Luka (5 votes)
Chuck, Kyary, Morgan, Reptile, & Ron
Luka (2 votes)
Chuck & Ron

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

I must bid you farewell. It is unsafe to keep you around.


I'm trusting my allies tonight, as well as Kyary and Leifang. Hopefully they don't do me wrong.


Final WordsEdit

Well I never... I dare say, I have been outwitted! I did not expect such a challenge, but I proudly embrace the fact that I put up quite a fight on my way out. Goodbye for now, Zhongliao, and enjoy the upcoming string of losses you shall face.


Still in the RunningEdit