"You Cannot Kill What Can't Be Touched"
Season Survivor: Second Chances 3
Episode Number 5/14
Episode Chronology
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You Cannot Kill What Can't Be Touched is the fifth episode of Survivor: Second Chances 3.


Reward Challenge: Shut Your Trap
Luke would show them a series of items in a specific order. Once they have the items memorized, they will pull a lever to drop the curtain and recreate it. The first person to get it right scores a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score 3 points wins Immunity.
Reward: A massive feast.
Winner: Nitoda

Immunity Challenge: Lock, Load, and Light
The three tribes must run up and over two sand mounds, assemble a puzzle boat, using unique braces to hold it together, row out to a cauldron, light a torch, row back, remove the braces, and take them to the starting line. Two players will use 16 puzzle pieces to assemble blocks representing compass directions, then the tribe fits the blocks and braces into a climbing wall and climbs up to light a fire bale. The first two tribes to do so win.
Winner: Ishinomaki, Nitoda


Day 12Edit

In the morning of Oodomari, the final three members sat on their beach alone.

At this point, why bother strategizing? There's only three of us left. If anything happens, well no luck fixing it. If anyone says anything, there really isn't anyone to hide behind. So we just gotta suck it up and wait for our next challenge.


With tribe morale low, Barry shared a story about his wife and two daughters. How his relationship with his family has always been so distant, and how he wants to do well on the show to prove that he is a strong father.

I'm not the emotional type, but I really am out here for my family. I need to win this, or at least go far. Being on this tribe is really trying me, and I can't imagine how disappointed they will be if I fail on them. I need to win, I need to prove that I am a great husband and father. That's why I came back out here. If my daughter can win this game, I want to show that I can too.


I don't remember much about what it is like to have a family... But I connect with Barry on an emotional level... There are people I have back at home too, people that I want to prove my strength too... Even though I'm a super hero, I still feel weak so often... I'm out here to show that I can overcome my weaknesses. I am the Batman.


On Ishinomaki, Phil did some talking with Bob. Bob proposed his plan to blindside Stone Cold, but Phil tried to convince Bob that Ulfric was the bigger threat. With the singer's charm, Bob was beginning to see his way.

Convincing Phil to vote Austin was a bust, but he brought up some pretty good points about Ulfric. Ulfric has nearly won this before, and he has the exact same story as he did last time. If I can squeeze my way up in Phil's pecking order, maybe I can get away with betraying Ulfric. Jeez, that sounds so wrong.


Mileena and Stone Cold made conversation on the beach, with Mileena suggesting that someone at the tribe may have an advantage. Stone Cold admitted that she may be right, and that gave them cause for concern.

One thing we haven't been considering is the fact that a ring of some sort is hidden somewhere... By now, someone must have found it, but who?


Alone at camp, Ulfric talked with Tom about his personal life. Tom enjoyed the conversation, until Ulfric suggested turning on Phil to work with him.

See, here's the problem with Ulfric. We were having a nice conversation and all, then out of nowhere he just gets all game-talky on me. Can't have a simple bonding moment out here, since it's all strategy.


When Stone Cold returned to camp, Ulfric got up to converse with who he believed to be his ally. Stone Cold asked Ulfric why he was talking to Tom, to which Ulfric answered that he was looking for a potential crack. If Tom was willing to betray Phil, they could probably shift gears and vote Mileena. Stone Cold did not buy it.

My strategy is no the most consistent. I think Steve Austin sees right through me, and that is not good. I would not mind removing him from my presence, actually.


On Nitoda, Paige and Beorn talked while watching Aela fish. Paige mentioned to Beorn how revealing his Magic Wand was a bad idea, but Beorn insisted that it was smart. Paige told Beorn about Aela and her apology and offered to work with them, which Beorn wasn't opposed to.

Paige is saying that announcing my Magic Wand was a bad idea, which I do not understand. You cannot kill what can't be touched. I am willing to guarantee that Paige is trying to align with me now that she knows I can use this Wand to rid this game of her.


My intentions are to convince Beorn not to play the Wand, and blindside him with it. If I can get close to him and convince him that he is not going, he has no reason to play it. Then myself and C.C. are both safe, Aela is dethroned, and Beorn is eliminated. If that fails, I'm hoping to shift his target to either Donna or Jimin. I don't trust those suckers.


In the woods, C.C. talked to Jimin about where he stands, since her name has been brought up. He tells her that he is unsure, but will see what happens.

I was hoping that Jimin wouldn't be painfully obvious with me... On the bright side, I have already outlasted my previous placement... But I would like to go so much farther.


Faye approached Donna to ask where she stood, which Donna bluntly replied by saying C.C. needs to go. After Faye brought up Beorn's Wand, Donna suggested making him flush it and voting out C.C..

Beorn needs to get his ass out of here, yes, but C.C. needs to get her ass out of here first. With C.C. gone, we can also remove Aela from glory and get rid of Beorn's stinkin' Wand in the process. It's the perfect strategy, how could you not support it?


Day 13Edit

The tribes arrived for their reward challenge, with several gasps upon noticing Kitana's absence. Mileena broke out into laughter. When Luke questioned Mileena on why she was laughing, she replied by declaring her happiness for outlasting her sister. Luke then revealed the challenge and reward, making everyone excited. Mileena, Phil, and Tom sat out for Ishinomaki. Aela, C.C., Faye, and Paige sat out for Nitoda.

Ulfric, Donna, and Batman started off. Donna scored the first point for Nitoda. Bob, Jimin, and Barry then faced off. Jimin scored the second point for Nitoda. Stone Cold, Beorn, and April then went at it. Beorn scored the final point for Nitoda, winning reward once again.

Luke presented Nitoda with their feast, as the other two tribes returned to camp empty-handed.

Nitoda is... a force to be reckoned with... They're good, too good... But we can beat them. We just need to pull together and win.


Nitoda enjoyed their feast once they were left alone. Much to C.C.'s excitement, there was pizza at the table.

I don't eat much, nor do I much care for food, but... Free pizza is a blessing any time it is offered.


As everyone ate, Donna went hard on the alcohol. She started acting goofy, making everyone laugh. However, Paige took this opportunity to get information out of Donna. It proved unsuccessful.

Sorry, but if you give me alcohol, boy I am going to take it! I might have gotten a little loopy, but I don't think I did anything suspicious. At least I hope not, hehehe.


At their camp, Ishinomaki gathered for a feast of their own, hosted by Ulfric. Stone Cold found it to be a weak attempt at making people like him.

Ulfric knows he's in deep sh*t, so he's trying to make everyone love him. Believe me, Steve Austin can sense desperation.

–Stone Cold

Bob led a prayer as Ulfric told a story of a dragon he once battled. Bob and Tom were interested, but Mileena laughed at his poor attempt to make the tribe sympathize with him.

Ulfric, please... Stop cracking me up. We know what you're doing, you're not fooling anyone... Just quit while you're ahead. You're lucky that we've only been winning up until this point, but you're good as gone once we lose...


Day 14Edit

The tribes gathered for their Immunity challenge, where Luke took back the idol. Bob, Ulfric, and Stone Cold sat out for Ishinomaki. Beorn, Donna, and Jimin sat out for Nitoda. Due to the uneven numbers, C.C. was allowed to sit out again.

Nitoda took an early lead, with Oodomari far in the back when Barry struggled to get over the mounds. Ishinomaki caught up to Nitoda as the two battled to assemble their boats. Ishinomaki completed their's first, but Nitoda took enough time for Oodomari to catch up. However, Nitoda was quick to take the lead once again. Ishinomaki fell behind and allowed Oodomari to reach them. Ishinomaki and Nitoda returned to land at the same time, but Oodomari was far in the back. Aela and Faye worked the puzzle for Nitoda, as Ishinomaki had trouble catching up. Once they did, Mileena and Phil took to it. The girls took long enough for Mileena and Phil to catch up, bringing both tribes to the final stage together. It was now that Nitoda finally reached the puzzle, with Barry and Batman working it. After a very close match, Ishinomaki sped to the finish and beat Nitoda, winning Immunity. However, Nitoda finished right behind them and won Immunity also. This, once again, meant that Oodomari had lost.

Luke presented the idol pieces to Ishinomaki and Nitoda, reminding Oodomari that they would be going to Tribal again and would be reduced to two members. With that, the tribes were dismissed.

... All I can say is, we tried... It's not over yet, but it's damn close... I try to never give up hope, but I'm almost to that point. Could this be the end of Batman?


At Oodomari, no one was happy about the turnout. The three sat quietly at camp, before they began talking. Barry asked April if she was still on board with him, to which she confirmed. However, Batman then approached her and asked the same thing to receive the same response.

Knowing this game, we're going to be stuck with these tribes for a while. It could be very useful to have a tough player who provides for us like Batman. But would it be better to keep a good ally like Barry, in case we don't end up losing again? All I know is, this vote is entirely up to me. Normally I would love this position, but this time I sure don't.


I don't want to vote either April or Batman, but I don't have a choice. I need to stay true to my alliance with April, but Batman is so good to have too. Either way, I won't have final say in tonight's turnout.


I wish I could say I felt confident, but I do not... I played well, if it is my time to depart, I accept it... If I do go, I wish April and Barry the best in destroying the enemies...


Barry and Batman met up at camp to have a secret conversation. Batman presented the Legacy Destroyer to Barry, telling the police officer to hold onto it, believing that he would need it more.

With that, Oodomari went to Tribal Council. The mood was morose, and nobody wanted to vote. Despite that, they cast their votes and Luke read them. Batman futilely voted for Barry, but April stuck with her ally and eliminated Batman. Batman smiled in acceptance, giving a warm farewell to his friends before getting his torch snuffed. Now alone at the tribe, April and Barry returned to camp without saying a word.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 6:
Batman (2 votes)
April & Barry
Barry (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit


Final WordsEdit

I knew it would happen... I saw it coming, and I accept it... I was not good enough to stay in the game, and I have received my dues. April and Barry are truly the supreme players, and I have nothing but high hopes for them... I hope Barry uses the advantage well, and I hope they can turn this game around...


Still in the RunningEdit

Stone Cold