"You Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee"
Season Survivor: Second Chances 3
Episode Number 13/14
Episode Chronology
Previous I'm Ready to Destroy Everyone
Next Another Day in Paradise

You Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Second Chances 3.


Reward Challenge: Mud Slinging
The castaways will compete alongside their loved ones for this challenge. The castaway will throw a mud-covered ball to their loved one, who must attempt to knock over five targets from a pedestal. First castaway to do this will win.
Reward: The winner (along with two other castaways of their choice) will get to spend the afternoon and the night with their loved one at the camp.
Winner: Tom

Immunity Challenge: Roots
The castaways would be quizzed about favorite moments from past seasons of Survivor. The first person to correctly answer four questions would win.
Winner: Phil


Day 34Edit

In the morning, C.C. went out fishing and came back with a ton of fish. Paige began to grow a bit jealous.

C.C. is basically the number one food provider all of a sudden. I thought that was my job. I guess she's trying to act like she's done something all this time so she has a case to make for the finals. Too little too late, sunshine.


Paige and Mileena went for a walk through the woods with Lucas, while Paige explained her plans to bring C.C. to the end with them. Mileena agreed, but suggested that Tom would also be an easy beat.

We are at that point where you need to make decisions based on who you can defeat in combat... C.C., easy. Tom, easy. Paige, not so easy... If I can manipulate Paige enough, maybe I can see to it that C.C. and Tom sit next to me in the end. Then Mileena wins, haha.


Barry consulted Mileena to make sure they were still on good terms. Mileena assured Barry that they were, but told him that Paige or Phil needed to go next.

The worst thing about Mileena is how demanding she is. She needs to have things her way or the highway. I'm not a follower, so I don't much appreciate her attitude with me. On the bright side, it will make her the perfect opponent to beat in the end.


C.C. did some talking with Phil, where they mentioned that voting Mileena out might be a good idea. When Barry heard the plan, he opposed it and suggested voting Paige instead.

Barry has some sort of connection to Mileena, anyone could see that. He's being awfully protective of her, and awfully snappy at Paige. I think Barry really is someone I need to keep an eye out for.


Phil whispered to Tom to watch out for Barry, only for Barry and C.C. to speak to Tom in the woods. Tom warned Barry that Phil had it out for him, which also worried C.C..

Barry and C.C. seem close, and they want Paige out. Which is understandable. But if the vibes I'm getting from Phil have anything to say, he wants Barry out. That's going to be tough to accomplish, since Barry has a few allies still here. I think it's time to break away from Phil once and for all.


Barry and Phil are starting to butt heads on whether Paige or Mileena is the bigger threat... Either or, they're both threats... Tom's opinion is going to matter a lot in this situation.


Paige approached Phil on the beach to ask him what he was thinking. Phil said that he would gladly vote Mileena before her, but Paige wasn't certain.

I know Mileena and I are both the targets in the eyes of the tribe, but which one of us is the bigger target? Let's face it, it's probably me. I would like to keep Mileena by my side, but if one of us needs to go, I need to make sure it's her.


Day 35Edit

The Thunder-Kill tribe met Luke for their next reward challenge, which looked very familiar. The contestants started to tear up when Luke revealed the twist and reward of the challenge; they would be competing alongside loved ones. The winner would get to bring their loved one back to camp to spend the night with the tribe.

Paige burst into tears when her father Ricky Knight came running in to embrace her, as she cried into his shoulder. Next to come out was Orianne Cevey, Phil's partner. The singer tried to hold back tears as he hugged and kissed his loved one. Following Orianne was Tom's wife Dana York, who barely got in before Tom had her in a tremendous hug. The two wept as they held one another. Following was C.C.'s partner and renowned Survivor legend Lelouch Lamperouge. C.C. charged to Lelouch and leaped onto him, giving him a huge kiss and hugging him tightly, tears filling her eyes. "It's good to be back." Lelouch stated, as Barry also anticipated his loved one. Sure enough, Moira Burton came running out as a tearful Barry collapsed to the ground in tears. Moira rushed to her father and kissed him, with Barry unable to stop crying at the sight of his beloved daughter. Luke cited this to be the single most emotional loved ones visit to a castaway he had ever seen. He then acknowledged the fact that C.C. and Barry were once the ones visiting Lelouch and Moira in the loved one's challenge in Survivor: Game Changers, and now the roles were swapped. C.C. and Barry could not calm down from the joy of seeing the ones they loved.

After a moment, Mileena stood alone. Luke then delivered tragic news to the ninja, that nobody that she knew agreed to come on the show and visit her, making her the first person in Survivor history to not have anyone visit them for a loved one's challenge. Mileena simply nodded, stating how she knew nobody would visit her, assuring her tribemates not to pity her.

I don't think anyone expected me to make it this far... It just hits me a little hard knowing that nobody cared enough to visit me out here... If anything, this is all the more initiative to win. I don't need loved ones. I am an independent woman.


With Mileena unable to participate, the challenge begun. Tom and Dana worked fast, taking out their first target early. Barry and Moira took down their first, but Tom and Dana knocked down their next. Paige and Ricky followed, with Phil and Orianne right behind. Tom and Dana knocked down their third, keeping the lead. C.C. and Lelouch, who had won the challenge together before, were plundering. Barry and Moira then took out their second, as did Phil and Orianne. Tom and Dana then took out another target, leaving one left for them. Barry and Moira then knocked out their third, but Paige and Ricky took out their second. Phil and Orianne then knocked out their third and fourth right after one another, putting them in a close match against Tom and Dana. Barry and Moira then knocked out their fourth, joining the match. Despite this, Tom and Dana took out their final target and won reward.

Tom and Dana embraced each other once again, kissing each other continually before Luke reminded them that they needed to choose two people to also bring their loved ones back to camp. Claiming that because Barry and Phil were behind him in the challenge, they deserved it the most. C.C. kissed Lelouch goodbye, as the former winner wished his loved one luck. Paige also kissed her father goodbye, as he reminded her to remain strong. With three loved ones in tow, the tribe returned to camp.

Who could separate that incredible relationship between Barry and his daughter? Not me. But I could not have Lelouch come to camp, no way. If he gave C.C. any kind of advice, we would all be done for. It was just a safe decision choosing Barry and Phil to bring their loved ones.


Back at camp; Barry, Phil, and Tom showed their loved ones around.

I could not believe that Tom chose to share this reward with me, but I'm not complaining. Having Moira out here was the greatest possible thing that could happen, and I feel this is the motivation I need to finish this.


Paige introduced the resident cat Lucas, which Orianne took a liking to.

They had quite a camp set up there. They even had their own cat, Lucas was his name? It was mind blowing to see this game in action, and actually be a part of it.


Barry and Moira talked things through, with Barry explaining what was going on in the tribe and how he intended to win for the family. Moira told her father that even if he didn't win, the fact that he went out there and endured so much, overcoming so many odds, he had already made the Burton family as proud of they could possibly be. The two happily hugged.

My father and I never really get along, but I would not take any other father over him. I can't believe everything he's told me, about Oodomari and the opposing alliance and just... Everything he's been through. I'm a proud daughter.


Tom and Dana talked, with Tom explaining his situation involving Phil. Dana warned Tom that the game was nearing its end soon. If he didn't make a move against Phil before it was too late, he wouldn't have a say in the game's outcome.

My Tom is really smart, so I hope he knows that he needs to get rid of Phil if he wants to win. I don't mean to tell him how to play the game, but he could sometimes use a little push.


Meanwhile, C.C. was a little broken up about not getting to spend more time with Lelouch.

Even though it was brief... Getting to see my Lelouch again was... amazing. I am a little saddened that he and I didn't get to spend the night together, but I know I will see him again when this is over... And I will join him among the winners of this game.


C.C. noticed Mileena pouting away from the others. The witch went to comfort the ninja, knowing that Mileena was secretly torn up about nobody visiting her. To cheer up her tribemate, C.C. gave Mileena a hug. Despite the surprise, Mileena returned it, her eyes starting to slightly wet.

I'm a tough woman... I just need to keep telling myself that. I know that I am not the most liked person in the world, but this is a wake-up call for me... I just-- *sniff* It's hard... It's not easy to be me... It really isn't... I come from a family that doesn't even like me... None of the friends I ever make stay alive long enough, and the ones that do end up going against me. I should have seen this coming... I don't deserve any loved ones.


Mileena started to cry, as C.C. held her passionately. C.C. consoled Mileena, telling her that everything would be alright. Through her tears, Mileena explained that her family never loved her, and how she is an enemy to the world. Everyone is out to get her all the time, and she wished that she could be loved like any regular person. Watching the others interact with their loved ones so passionately opened her eyes, and Mileena swore to try and be a better person once the games ended.

Mileena is a strong woman... There is no doubt that anyone who could open up like that and admit their faults in the given situation is a respectable person. My respect for Mileena has gone up considerably...


Day 36Edit

Overnight, Phil and Orianne cuddled in the shelter, receiving mockery from the others.

Phil and his girlfriend got totally super close in the shelter overnight. If I didn't know any better, I would say they were about to start making babies.


I'm a family man, what can I say? Having Orianne out here has been a real treat, and something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It's amazing how much you take for granted on a normal day. Family, friends, regular household benefits. Until they're taken away from you, you don't realize just how important they are.


A ship arrived early in the morning to take Dana, Orianne, and Moira away. They all said their final farewells to their loved ones as they boarded the ship and left the island.

There was no bigger confidence booster than having Moira come out here. Next time she sees me, I will be a rich man.


The Thunder-Kill members arrived for their next Immunity challenge, where Luke took the necklace back from Mileena and put it up for grabs. The challenge results can be seen here: Second Chances 3 Roots.

After a close game, Phil won Immunity. Luke placed the necklace around Phil's neck, reminding the other five that one of their adventures was about to come to an end.

Immunity could not have come at a better time. It's late in the game, and I trust next to no one. There's no question that Barry and Mileena are threats. One of them's gotta go.


Phil and Tom went for a casual walk to the waterhole, where Phil proposed voting Barry. Tom accepted, but had other ideas.

Phil won Immunity, of course. Just as I'm getting ready to betray him. So now I can either go along with his plan for one more vote, or I can go against it. Either way, it may not make much of a difference.


Tom talked to Paige about the vote, but Paige was also fond of the idea of voting Barry. When Tom proposed Mileena instead, Paige was taken aback.

I understand where Tom is coming from, but I don't like it. Mileena shouldn't go, I trust her. Plus, have a little heart. She clearly doesn't have a reliable family back at home, we must be the only true family she has. I'm not voting Mileena out.


Paige spoke with Mileena, telling her that Tom was after her. Paige told her not to worry, that they were going to vote Barry and then Tom after him. Mileena was not happy with putting off Tom's elimination.

Excuse me? You can't just tell me that Tom is after me and expect me to go after anyone else! My life is on the line here! I wanted to take Tom to the finals, but those days are over... You cross me, you die.


Mileena brought Barry and C.C. together, assuring them that they were voting Tom.

Guess who's the target tonight? You guessed it. Who else? Everyone wants the big old underdog out. Funny thing about that, I have no intention of going.


Paige told Tom that he needed to vote Barry, because Mileena had heard about his plans through Barry and C.C..

A secret never stays in this tribe. Dammit, I guess I'll be voting Barry tonight. This is the last time I will do what Phil wants.


Mileena approached Paige, telling the wrestler that she wanted Tom out instead. Paige argued that Barry was the bigger threat, but Mileena did not want to risk it.

Mileena is insistent on voting Tom, but I kinda already told everyone to vote Barry. Now I, the person trying to save Mileena, am forced to decide whether to vote with her or not.


At Tribal Council, Mileena expressed how tragic it was for her to not have a loved one visit her. Her tribemates were comforting though, before they got vicious. Phil mentioned how there were threats in the game, which Barry then called Phil out for lying to him and targeting him. Phil did not say anything in response, but Tom argued on behalf of Phil. With that, the voting commenced.

Once the votes were read, it became apparent that Tom and Phil stuck together to vote Barry. However, Paige sided with the others and voted Tom out. Tom's torch was snuffed as Phil buried his head in his hands. With Luke congratulating the final five on making the last few days of the game, the five surviving Thunder-Kill members returned to camp.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 16:
Tom (4 votes)
Barry, C.C., Mileena, & Paige
Barry (2 votes)
Phil & Tom

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

This vote-out will be... delicious.


Barry, you don't have to live like a refugee. Hopefully your gameplay takes you down tonight.


Final WordsEdit

Well I certainly did not see that coming. Good on them for pulling off a grade A blindside. Everyone left is really playing hard, and it's going to be tough to serve on the Jury and pick which one deserves it more than anyone else. They all deserve it, they took me out after all.


Still in the RunningEdit